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The disconnection of bloom caution operation gateways, specially  Healthcaution Operation Application Integration Gateways (HEAIP) are  changing the cem in which bloom caution is substance delivered. These gateways  propose an distasteful decentralization of the bloom caution introduction process  that is now extending into the eHome start.
To buttress this argument, quest the Internet ce  information on enterpise gateway skillful-treatment, such as can be build at the  following Web sites:
In this Argument:

Identify some of the superior components of operation gateways.
What appraise do operation gateways propose a bloom caution  introduction construction in stipulations of technical buttress, upgrades, and  maintenance?
How do the costs, straightforward and heterogeneous, of operation gateways recount to non-gateway domiciled applications?
How do HEAIPs qualify abundant lamina integrated HIS applications?
What factors effectiveness bring an construction to run to  adopt a HEAIP access? What factors effectiveness convoy it aform from this  solution?

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Enterprise Portals
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