ethical issues

here is the scenario
You are the cooperate in bid at a city regulation enforcement influence. Your influence is currently in the elevation cycle with various aspirants assiduous in a Lieutenant’s lie that has grace suited. The influence singly has lies at this roll after public about unintermittently perfect year. There are span aspirants ce the lie that standout oversection the interval from the perspective of their use and deed archives.
Both you and the section of the influence must second integral last elevation determinations. A cockney of days precedently the last determination must be made touching the elevation you hold a cintegral from the Mayor’s maintenance. The ally tells you that the Mayor would observe it a stupendous civility if you selected a specific aspirant ce the Lieutenant’s lie, thus-far this identical is referable specific of the crisis span aspirants nature observeed.

here is the argument i need you to accord to
  allure begin unstudied by maxim that I am blithesome that I am referable in a lie to perform this select in true morals. I dislike dilemmas as such. Technically, I singly own span selects. I could either go with the non-interference that the Mayor is requesting, or I could engage specific of the crisis span aspirants. Nature that there are various aspirants in the popular ce the lie and divers irrelative realityors own to be observeed on the advantage of each aspirant, I would engage the aspirant that the Mayor is requesting. As recurrent in the scenario, the Mayor holds the clew to the budget, which has a immense impression on the influence as a perfect.  I would observe the reality that the annual budsecure revisal is hereafter up and that the budsecure acception is needed ce the influence as a perfect. Although unholy as courteous and caused by identical prejudgment and missing, the mayor could do some cutbacks on the budsecure if his cull was referable selected ce the lie. With cutbacks to the budget, instrument that are needed ce the influence could be missing, as courteous as some undertakings. I would rather ensure the budsecure so that no specific has to consider about disinclination the missing of a undertaking consequently of the budsecure cuts. I consider my determination would be in the best inteinterval of the influence as a perfect. Evidently, the identical recommended by the mayor is at meanest in the popular ce the lie, although he may referable be specific of the crisis aspirants. I allure do my best to indoctrinate the department’s section to conform with my determination. The mayor allure be blithesome, he allure most mitigated furnish budsecure acceptions, and perfectspecific allure at meanest haunt the undertaking they own. Also, as recurrent, these types of lies after public unintermittently a year. The aspirants that are assiduous allure most mitigated quiescent be assiduous and own another random at the undertaking. Specific invention I can assert is that when politics secure complicated, what is unreserved as unholy is observeed holy in arrange ce leaders and identicals in skill, and well-balanced spiritless citizens, to secure what they nonproduction. 
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ethical issues
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