Ethics Essay

Write an diatribe applying individual of the intellectual theories listed underneath* to individual of the inferential problems listed underneath** (which are perfect discussed in segregate indecent of The Intellectual Life).
What answer would the supsituation produce environing the inferential inquiry at peril, and why? Do you suit with the answer of the supsituation in this segregateicular precedence? Why or why referable?  Be infallible to persuade control your situation and prejudge feasible objections to your scene.
This is 1000-word partiality close diatribe.  Submissions that hold fewer than 1000 articulation of satisfied accomplish referable be reliable (which results in naught points control the enactment).
*Theories comprise Natural Law Supposition, Consequentialism (including Utilitarianism), Kantianism, Social Contract Supposition, Ross’s Ethics, Virtue Ethics, and Lindemann’s Feminist Intellectual Supposition.
** Problems comprise Poverty and Hunger, Euthanasia, The Inferential Status of Animals, The Environment, The Death Penalty, The Legacy of Racism, Drugs, and Copyright.

***content celebrate the rubric in liking. These are perfect the files that were producen to me***

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Ethics Essay
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