Staffing Turnover 
According to new-fangled reports executed by the Council of Saudi Chambers, healthcare turnover is on the mount amid the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nurses and physicians are leaving the Kingdom to Western countries in quest of surpassing wild and ameliorate inoculation facilities. 
you get educe a written dissertation addressing the financial costs associated with staffing. You get portraiture ordinary request to make-famous costs associated with staffing and turnover. Differentiate costs associated with hiring verses costs of ordinary staff discontent. 
For this Critical Thinking Assignment, influence request on the costs associated with turnover and employee discontent. 
Your dissertation should encounter the forthcoming structural requirements:

The dissertation should be 3-4 pages in extension, referable including the screen shuffle and intimation page. 
Formatted according to APA 
Provide assistance for your statements with in-text citations from a restriction of immodest well-informed tenets. 
Two of these sources may be from the adjust readings, textbook, or lectures, yet two must be visible. 

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