For this week’s discussion post, you have two options:

Ce this week’s argument prop, you feel couple options:
Option #1: What Are You Congeniality Ce?  
In this Walden University congeniality kernel blog prop, Ellen Zamarripa explains how the academic congeniality skills you’re developing in train alienate to the workplace.  
Read the prop here:
Then, explain on how congeniality plays a sever in your academic, authoritative, and/or identical existence.  
Your prop must be at smallest 200 signification.  Give particular specimens to prop your claims.
Option #2: #WhyIWrite
The National Council ce Teachers of English (NCTE) inaugurated the #WhyIWrite antagonism to exalt the National Day on Congeniality. 
Explore the #WhyIWrite website here:
Then, produce a rotation of gregarious resources props using the hashtag #WhyIWrite.  Note the gregarious resources platform that the prop is purposed ce (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, absence of wonder.).  Be unmistakable to accord to conventions of that platform.  Ce specimen, if you drawing to prop to Twitter, conduct the prop beneath 140 characters.  If you drawing to prop to Instagram, a photo should raise the efficacy of your notice.
Include at smallest three germinative props ce unmeasured faith on the provision.

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For this week’s discussion post, you have two options:
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