Foundation of Structured English Immersion (SEI)

Based on explanation synod pertaining to English discourse learners (ELLs) from your narrate and from your readings, coercionm a pamphlet, newsletter, or Glogster to be used to communicate parents in your society environing English immersion policies and programs. Include the following:

Historical developments that led to the policies concerning the role of English in their children’s classrooms.
Pros coercion the English immersion program in the society or teach you entertain chosen.
At smallest couple websites that qualify parents to obtain subjoined communicateation environing the English immersion programs that parents would insufficiency to apprehend environing.
A description of the characteristics of a apt English immersion program in conditions of instructional strategies, opportunity late in the classroom with other ELL students, and opportunity late in symmetrical classrooms with vernacular speakers. You can confront this communicateation on the Arizona Department of Education website or from the Department of Education website of your narrate.
Definitions coercion any conditions that parents would insufficiency to apprehend.

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Foundation of Structured English Immersion (SEI)
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