Geography Coursework – Methodology – Centre Of Leeds’ CBD

Restraint my geography plan I visited Leeds to sound and disscreen the economic capital of the CBD of Leeds. I needed to gather assign representation axioms as this would succor me defy the principal of my hypotheses which is the nigher to the capital of the CBD, the higher the erections as I estimateed the exaltations of erections in my area on the geography scene extemporeend and with the amassions axioms of the erection exaltation of the undiminished CBD. To-boot I would keep needed to estimate the pedestrian stream as this would succor me defy the prevent of my hypotheses which is there earn be a loftier capacity of pedestrians nigher the capital of the CBD .The axioms gatherion area was nigh the capital of Leeds CBD as I gathered my axioms environing Briggate as the plane of the Leeds CBD is nigh the high appointment erections.
< a map to appearance the erections that our amassion had estimateed in our balance B2 and appearances sumed balance >
The couple pieces of single axioms that I gathered was:

1. intercourse estimate
2. Environmental class tribute
The couple pieces of amassion axioms we gathered was:
1. Pedestrian stream
2. Assign representation
3. Erection exaltation
The single preventary axioms that I earn be gathering is:
1. Assign values
The composition of the day was that we were going to cleave the day into couple halves. We gathered the amassion axioms in the dawning and the single axioms in the followingnoon so we had considerable spent occasion to gather our single axioms.
Assembly axioms
Restraint our amassion axioms we cleave the CBD into grid balances and couple race were chargeable on intermissionraint archivesing the erection exaltation and assign representation intermissionraint the erections in the ardent area and to do immodest pedestrian streams and we did the pedestrians stream beyond the Town Hentire on Westgate.
We did this so we could screen spent area and control-this-infer the axioms gatherion techniques had to be the similar throughextinguished the undiminished year.
Restraint the amassion axioms we fitted the Pedestrian stream in a actual area at immodest unanalogous occasions to-boot we fitted of the erection exaltation of the erections in my amassions balance and instituted undeviating following we got extinguished extempore the coach. To-boot we did assign representation of the erections intermissionraint this we fitted what feature representation a erection would be.
We set-down scholarship on a map of Leeds that sod intermissionraint stamp of the erection e.g. a=commerce, b =administration expectation.
Entire the axioms in the Amassion Axioms was to be shared among entire the amassions.
< The metaphor on the left to appearances my balance which was B2 and the metaphor on the straight appearances the erection we had to defy>
Erection Exaltation
To gather axioms intermissionraint erection exaltation I worked with a sharer and we estimateed the sum of windows of each erection in our grid and representationd this as the exaltation, we did this becarepresentation we didn’t keep the occasion or equipment to appraise the fair exaltations. We then gathered the undiminished of the year’s axioms and keep a cheerful sum of erections from each grid to visit where the foremost erections are to-boot the Erection Exaltation was fairly unconstrained at occasions as you had to estimate the floors on the beyond of the erections, excepting there were problems estimateing the erection exaltation as we tallyd referable to estimate the cellars, excepting some erections on slopes had cellars at the end and premise floors at the face of the erections and we did referable tally to estimate these aswell.
Pedestrian stream
We noconsultation extinguished immodest tops on our maps selfselfsame aloof asunder and took estimates of race who by us. One of our span estimateed straight to left and the other estimateed left to straight so we could efficiently archives everyone. We went to the Town Hentire on Westgate and we estimateed the sum of pedestrians who were walking either in or extinguished of the CBD. We sentiment this was an poetical to do our pedestrian estimate as we were nigh the plane of the CBD, so it was an poetical assign to estimate the sum of pedestrians walking in and extinguished of the CBD.
Assign Representation
Restraint this we representationd the premise floor assign representation of each erection on our maps; we had actual categories and we set-down them in the ones which best fitted the assign representation. We did this becarepresentation the categories gave an fancy of the stamp of assign and what it was representationd intermissionraint. We then gathered them with the intermission of the year’s axioms on a axiomsbase to visit the unanalogous assign representations environing the CBD. We had assiduous in the assign representation of the erections in a consultation which has entire the sum of the erections. I reflect that the well of categories that class extinguished the erections was the straight well becarepresentation if there were spent categories it would keep made it spent entangled to organise the Assign representation on GIS, if there was hither categories then it would keep made it difficult to organise the unanalogous stamps of erections in the categories. Luckily we had successfully had no problems classifying the erections into unanalogous categories.
Single axioms
Restraint single axioms I gathered inexperienced axioms intermissionraint the couple options I chose. I did this by going rotund Leeds CBD and archivesing the axioms. In the prevent divorce of the day we did Single Axioms. I did 10 environmental class tributes and I did 2 intercourse estimates as they took 5 minutes each and the environmental class tributes were vague environing the Leeds CBD.
<Showing the undiminished map of Leeds CBD>
Environmental class overlook
I did numerous of these entire environing the CBD of Leeds as I had effected 10 environmental class tributes and I had effected numerous of these nigh the capital of the CBD as my ventilation is to disscreen the capital of the CBD of Leeds. I did numerous of the environmental class tributes environing the capital of the CBD (which I reflect it is nigh or on Briggate) and I did the intermission of the environmental class tribute sheets environing the planes of the CBD. The infer I did the overlook in unanalogous areas of the CBD was to visit the unlikeness of the class of the environment throughextinguished the CBD of Leeds. I to-boot sentiment that this overlook was dignified as the capital of the CBD is reputed to keep the best class of environment in the undiminished CBD of Leeds. As the consultation appearances this is referable gentleman and the cleanest area is in Gourmet Pizzeria, St Paul’s Street.
< Appearances the Class of environmental overlook I representationd>
Intercourse estimate
Our amassion did the Intercourse estimate in a industrious dregs. We did our intercourse on Bishopgate Street, near Leeds Train post. The infer of us choosing the dregs was becarepresentation it was at the plane of the CBD aim the intercourse that we had estimateed had been going in and extinguished of the CBD. We did 3 intercourse estimates at unanalogous occasions excepting at the similar dregs as we wanted to visit the shift of the intercourse stream throughextinguished the day. In our intercourse estimate we had estimateed entire the vehicles that came byed the thoroughfare, cars, buses, taxis e.t.c. The most well of intercourse that had end spent our top (the foremost sum of vehicles an hour) was at 2.30 pm and there was 1524 Vehicles an hour.

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Geography Coursework – Methodology – Centre Of Leeds’ CBD
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