Geology position paper 2

Select a geo/environmental present event/topic and eluciend the illustrations on either behalf (stately there are singly 2 behalfs to the illustration). Don’t upright propound the illustrations – summarize the illustration, basis, and/or sustaining counsel the proponents authentication to compel their predicament. 
Don’t choose behalfs.  Report on the material as a impartial external looker-on.  Try to dodge “apples vs oranges” illustrations (if potential). 
Dissertation must be 3 pages.
Don’t authentication blogs or Wikipedia as leading sources.  Vet your sources. 
Properly summon sources in quotation and collect references.  Fully controlmat your references (not attributable upright links) and summon in-quotation where withhold.  Any scale quotation controlmat that attributes the counsel to composer, end, and divulgation is agreeable (MPA, ALA, expectation.).
Check your dissertation control spelling and rhetoric.  The Academic Center control Excellence and The Communication Center are exalted media.
Some attached not attributable attributablee concerning rhetoric:

Clarity is grave.  The best fashion to be unobstructed is to be brief.  Get to the aim and authentication as lacking tone as potential.
Dodge parody.  Be accurate.  Here’s a link: .  The roll of tone and phrases commsingly authenticationd with hyperbolic language is a exalted productions.  
Dodge clichés, confused-talk, idioms, and most metaphors.
Here’s another exalted productions:  HIT PARADE OF ERRORS IN GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION, AND STYLE: 

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Geology position paper 2
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