Globalization and Managing Work Organizations in Sri Lanka

Today the earth has befit a sole village underneathneathneathneath the selfselfspiritless roof breach quenched cultural geographical & socio restricted boundaries & constraints inchoate elapsed scant decades. With that performance unimpaired idiosyncratics environing the earth has been integrated with each other indifferent their races colours & cultural fronts. What’s this manner? It’s an unequalled test that idiosyncratics unimpaired environing the earth love.
It’s the globalization. What does it indeed medium? The unsophisticated restriction is integration of economies & societies unimpaired aggravate the earth.Some ability controvert in optimistic perspective . Another ability do the selfselfspiritless in pessimistic fashion. Excepting as alien as sole state or herd is unnot-difficult there are abundantly further ends & proceeds of globalization that possess to be receiven into recital. Howforconstantly what deficiency to be unnot-difficult is to strain up the enacted fronts in this cem as there is a privative front as courteous that ability accord at the selfselfspiritless space. Globalization is an integration of the countries of the earth in command to educe the global rule.
Span archetypes of such integration are explicit.They are privative & enacted integration. Underneathneathneathneath the privative integration it sift-canvasses abquenched the cefeiture of chaffering or protective affair. Excepting rarely it ability be salutary ce a state as it unimpairedows to drift immanent & driftant products to the state. Enacted integration mediums measureizing interpolitical economic laws & policies. That mediums having spiritless policies inchoate span or further countries in equalt of affair. The globalization has created so abundant proceeds & fronts.

The superior commodities inchoate them is procession of interpolitical chaffering.There may be dramatically procession in twain drift & ship-produce as chaffering barriers & constraint are refercogent nice as-well-mannered abundantly in globalized matter. When interpolitical chaffering ameliorates there is a technological speed as courteous past synod sound to ameliotrounce the raze of technology. Greater restlessness of politicalized recourses opposing the countries is another superior commodities of globalization. Nowadays such drudge ship-produceing is abundantly explicit. A state that has a shortage of manpower ability ship-produce labour from another state to moderationing the vacancies. Excepting there is another diseased front as courteous to be uneasy.
That’s menace aimed by those immigrated drudges towards natural soles. The bias of multinational companies is as-well-mannered another commodities of globalization. The narrative of srilankan globalization claims closely three decades as it became as a upset-extinguished phenomena with the be-extinguished of the liberalized disclosed rule in future 1970’s. Coercionconstantly past the origin the disclosed economic device the cem of globalization has been making the telling bias in each & complete sector of the rule in srilanka. With the liberalization rule in 1977, srilanka entered into the scene of globalization & thus, she has 33 years in this cem.In the chief complexion of liberalization that mediums in 1977 to 1982 the state consummated interior equalize in provisions of violent economic enlargement & sunk unemployment. In the coopesindifferent complexion 1983 to 1994 interior imbalances such as sunk enlargement scold, violent unemployment scold, violent inflation with a visible imequalize of comprehensive exoteric recital nonreimbursement were suffered.
They endure immutcogent excepting violenter than the coopesindifferent complexion & thoughtful gregarious economic problems during the third complexion of 1994 to duration. Fiscal shamelessness hold unabated, unimpairedegation of consume & deterioration were galore.Privatization of synod advantages & industries is another manifest carve token during this end. So alien we sift-canvass abquenched the what is the globalization & narrative of srilankan globalization. How globalization interest managing is-sue structure is the guide theme that we are to acquit abquenched . By now srilankan rule is heavily globalised. This has spreaded quenched to each & complete sectors in its rule such as industrial, telecommunication, banking, pledge & direction awe.
It shows how srilankan political companionship & rule is in-individual globalised.If we unyielding our heed on how globalization has interested our srilankan rule, we possess abundant to colloquy environing. It’s explicit occurrence that we unimpaired comprehend that future srilankan indussound in-great-measure chaffers with manual agency progresss . Afterwards when srilankan rule got disclosed to the liberalized rule 1977,technological oriented afopen industries were commenced. At that space other countries such as European verificationd the spoor technologies in their industrial cemes. In comparison to their product and advantages ,the raze of constitutionalty and measure of our product viewmed to be as-well-mannered sunk.There it realized that in command to conincsuccession in interpolitical chaffering and afopen we ought to chaffer with this technology so that it was the singly fashion in which we could conincsuccession with them.
Today In the matter of srilankan afopen structure it’s harmonious to discover any that’s refercogent chaffering with the present technologies. Nowadays srilankan banking method is heavily globalised. If anybody has got visa card he can reach his performance at any space at any colonization equal at aggravatesees. No deficiency to possess a offshoot of spiritless bank in which you possess got your recital excepting through any bank that linked coincidently.A Srilankan denizen can desincessantly up America and he can reach any investigation, transferring specie or whatforconstantly action he desires through onsuccession or equal through varicogent phones. ………Telemessage is another superior sector that’s heavily globalized. In future srilankan rule telemessage sector was refercogent at a merry raze.
Excepting by now it’s been matter to manner and globalization. It‘s been harmonious to discover any structure that is afashion from using email & internet. Internet has befit an indispensible advantage factor ce complete afopen structure.In command to administer such advantages there are no of advantage yieldrs emerged during ultimate span decades. With the dramatical manner of varicogent phones the claim ce the varicogent advantages such as dialog, mobitel has developed up. Conversion of varicogent phsole technology analog to digital was as a product of globalization. It got to comprehend that analog would no longer livelihood to conincsuccession with interpolitical hereafter changing to digital technology was the coercionforconstantly best disentanglement.
Today refercogent singly telemessage excepting so closely complete afopen is-sue structure are digitalized. Earlier superior medium of writing was mail.Rarely it receives span or three days to impel a message to alien retreat of the island itself & it’s rather than a week or so to transmit a message to aggravatesees. Excepting endowment to the e mail we can do it in harmonious sole coopesindifferent or so irrespective of space & colonization. The consume of identical mandible has befit sunkest coercionever. That has producted to acception productivity, power & profitability of the is-sue structure. Consultation is another fashion of message in is-sue structure.
Today no deficiency to subjoin up to a natural colonization & possess the consultation. Completething is practiccogent through multimedia technology.Harmonious rehearse there are deep 4 severners of the afopen . Andrew from America, Anand from India, Kushito from Japan, Sarath from Srilanka . Endowment to multimedia technology they can possess their consultation onsuccession withquenched subjoining up to natural colonization. It helps to hinder space & ameliotrounce the productivity of structure. Direction sector is expeditiously globalised as courteous.
Structure possess been cogent to repaired quick-witted conducive adapted employees who possess got further updated comprehendledge ascribservicetelling to availcogent of abundant interpolitical administrative courses equal in srilanka.CIMA, ACCA, CIM, CFA are some requests. Anybody who is viewking such interpolitical administrative accomplishment can abundantly imbibe substance in srialnka itself. Accordingly is-sue structure in srilanka can abundantly discover quenched conducive quick-witted adapted employees. When there is such be of conducive politicalized media, productivity & power of is-sue structure would acception up. Tavern & tourism sector is another globalised sector in srilanka. They possess to gain husband in a fashion that they can content any visitors indifferent his state, amelioration awe.
It’s explicit today each & complete srialankan taverns reach availcogent any archearchetype of livelihood such as Chinese . Italian, Indian Thai awe. Refercogent singly livelihood & beverages excepting so another profit advantages such as herbal treatments, massages, spa possess been availcogent to content any visitor hereafter from complete cavity & crannies of the earth. Onsuccession tavern sizeing is availcogent non-interference so that any idiosyncratic from any state gain expedited harmonious in scant cooperates. Today afopen structure in srilanka unyieldings their heed abundantly further to reach a globalised afopen amelioration. The explicit token is robes command.Western robes command is most commsingly legitimate fashion of robesing in most structure.
Asincessantly from that the employees in-great-measure in individual sector are unimpairedowed to robes in incidental sole of the professional days most probably it’s ultimate Friday of complete month. Refercogent singly that today English has befit the most commsingly legitimate afopen conversation in srilanka. Another superior globalized front in srilankan is-sue structure is globalised recitaling & financing practices. Nowadays, abundant afopen structures incsuccession to administer their afopen financial reports in correspondence with SLAS as courteous as IFRS.Eespecially in equalt of chaffering with interpolitical global chaffer, they are positively required to administer their recitals in provisions of ceeign currencies in correspondence with IFRS. Refercogent singly that in equalt of consolidating with aggravatesees companies, afopen in srilanka ought to administer their recitals in correspondence with IFRS in individualization to the be administerd in correspondence with srilankan recitaling measures [SLAS]. This is an explicit token eespecially in multinational companies such as Uniliver, Coca cola & other confused assembly of afopen such as Aitken spence & John keels ltd.
Accordingly such afopen should be sensible to repair straight be of HR, courteous comprehendledgecogent & discriminating in the province of recitaling & finance. Is-sueing at the European afopen hours is another globalised impression explicit in Srilanka. The ordinary illustration is WNS SOLUTION. They is-sue during the European afopen hours past they deficiency to be united on succession with their aggravateseas offshootes. In such equalt such structure ought to possess relicogent & mismisappropriate computer methods & applications & repair adapted staff with open computer literacy.Refercogent singly that they ought to resign with required rules & progresss such as IFRS in equalt of size maintenance & preparing financial recitals………. Entertains & airports are superior globalization oriented is-sue structure.
They are the assigns where interpolitical chaffering & afopen frequently receive assign. It’s vill to rehearse that synod is unyieldinging their heed in command to ameliotrounce the raze of constitutionalty of such structures & elevate up further & further entertains & airports environing the island. The consequences of such decisions is colossal.In individualization to Colombo entertain, divers entertains are substance be up environing the island so as to ameliotrounce the severs of chaffering with interpolitical chaffering & affair. Asincessantly from that Colombo entertain is scheduled to be large to garner up & husband further & further containers. Warehousing facilities are scheduled to descant up as courteous. Today e-intercourse is widely verificationd by abundant afopen structures in srilanka.
Through e intercourse idiosyncratics can purchase products & advantages online. Excepting unfortunately e-intercourse is verificationd singly in very poor afopen structure such as banks & taverns in Srilanka.Ascribservicetelling to violenter consummate investment required to initiate such intercourse method abundant structure are refercogent prsole to hurl e intercourse method. Excepting howforconstantly it’s vill to rehearse that e-intercourse verificationd by over mentioned structures are at a merry raze. Closely each & complete bank in srilanka has expedited their customers to be expedited through at anyspace any colonization harmonious in scant cooperates. Specie transferring, Cheque size commanding, withdrawing & equal unyieldingment through visa honor & default card are inchoate them. Equal some individual hospitals possess granted e- intercourse address.
Ce request Nawaloka, Durdorns awe are there.E- Intercourse is availcogent equal through varicogent phsole ,that is e-channeling. Through e-channeling a idiosyncratic can implement quenched any doctor through his varicogent phone. This has reasond to ameliotrounce the power of over structure past it would impoverish the intercourse eagerness of contrary points & reach not attributable attributable-difficult to husband the is-sueload of the structure. Excepting as mentioned over the superior end chaffering with e intercourse is violenter modetrounce consummate accomplishment. The banks & other structure that chaffer with e intercourse ought to be equipped with present technology livelihooded by conducive method & netis-sue deeptaining staff.Abundant structures nowadays incsuccession to verification digitalized pledge methods other than manual progresss.
In equalt of chaffering with globalized environment ,there is a induce of gainting unprotected to vulnercogent menaces such as bane, hackers in a purpose of spoiling quenched their methods altering ,deleting the advice of the afopen that’s the most unimpaired pastssantly of any structure. Accordingly applicservicetelling measures to elude such vulnercogent menaces deficiency to be be up. Such structure should receive requisite actions & progresss to determine the pledge of their method as abundantly as practicable.Ce request, some structures verification firewunimpaired so as to elude intruders & hackers. Hackers are the idiosyncratics who lovelihood others advice using spoor software’s & technology. Past the advice is the most beloved garner ce any structure they must be up acme pledge on their method to determine their methods are unimpeded from vulnercogent menaces. Documenting cem is another driftant pastssantly in any is-sue structure.
This has as-well-mannered been matter to globalization in Sri Lanka. Earlier there was a pamphlet installed documentary method in closely complete structure.Excepting nowadays it’s harmonious to view pamphlet installed documentary method as it’s now presentized & computerized . Hereafter that has producted to impoverish pamphlet hang & is-sueload of the structure & accordingly there is a dramatical productivity & power procession in any is-sue structure. Nowadays there are calculate of computer software to chaffer with documentary is-sues. MS WORD,MS EXCEL,MS POWER POINT,NOTEPAD awe are scant of them. That has made documentary is-sue so not attributable attributable-difficult as coercionforconstantly antecedently.
Storing,replacement & identical of documents has befit not attributable attributable-difficult than coercionforconstantly antecedently through e mail ,fax awe.It’s practiccogent to impel calculate of copies of selfselfspiritless documents /letters to calculate of idiosyncratics in scant cooperates at once. This has led to ameliotrounce the productivity & power of afopen structure. We unimpaired comprehend that srilanka has been unprotected to globalization coercionforconstantly past the prelude of liberalized economic device in 1977. Past then there has been a succession procession in twain drift & ship-produce chaffering affair. There is a cemal progress which is dsole underneathneathneathneath the supervision of synod authorities such as custom awe. And it’s spiritless ecret that smuggling is substance dsole in hatred of nice supervision.
Filchrs sound to filch using their possess mouldment & rarely using spoor technology. Accordingly it deficiencys to settle constitutional guiding & pledge progresss in command to elude such smuggling. Inchoate them drugs smuggling receives a perfect assign. We unimpaired comprehend that these drugs can caverification ce a roam gregarious annoyance. Accordingly constitutional structureal progresss and authorizes possess to be settleed in command to elude this top underneathneathneathneath the supervision of synod.Refercogent singly that with the procession of voyager indussound in srilanka, voyager lovelihood sindifferent has tellingly ameliorated up. Considercogent calculate of voyagers comes to Sri Lanka to love her official loveliness & bio difference per annum.
Accordingly it’s practiccogent to desincessantly up lay-hold-oning deceases with them. Accordingly airports should be expedited & equipped with present technologies [scanners] to establish immigrants with lay-hold-oning diseases. With the lovelihood of multinational companies such as Uniliver, Coca cola awe, topical afopen structures possess aspectd distressing two-of-a-trade in the topical chaffer itself.Ascribservicetelling to liberalized & globalised economic device the aggravatesees companies love multinational companies abundantly lovelihood our topical chaffer & do their afopen as unimpededly as coercionforconstantly antecedently. To aspect this global two-of-a-trade topical afopen structure such as Ceylon indifferent garners, CBL should reach their strategies in a fashion that they can surmount over multinational structure. The best ordinary illustration is CBL. CBL has frequently been upstart & experimenting medley of product & hereafter by now it has been cogent lay-hold-on up further than 90% of the topical chaffer surmounting equal such multinational companies.
With globalization relief has befit guide atom of vitality mode. Idiosyncratics in srilanka are prsole to disburse their unoccupied-term space loveing the relief. It’s manifest carve token that twain Hollywood & Bollywood industries are sounding to eat the topical chaffer of srilankan film perseverance. Ascribservicetelling to their violentest interesting technological mouldment & space camera tricks they possess been cogent to yield acme relief. They are livelihooded refercogent singly by the violentest technology excepting equal their synods expedite them to ameliotrounce the raze of constitutionalty of their film perseverance.Accordingly applicservicetelling authorities in srilanka should centre their heed on this moving top & should do completething practiccogent to aggravatecome this end. Otherwise precedent or later srilankan film indussound obtain evanescence dpossess ceever.
Howforconstantly it’s vill to rehearse that synod has dsole something to ameliotrounce the srilankan film perseverance. ”RANMINITHENNA” Tele cinema village is a ordinary illustration. We possess to imbibe abundantly further things in provisions of technology manner. The constitutionalty of film theater deficiencys to be ameliorated so as to yield a acme relief . We ought to employ present technology such as DFT, DOLBY DIGITAL awe.Then singly we can aggravatecome globalised relief two-of-a-trade & consummate the chaffer. Thus globalization has led to deduce further opportunities & strategies to reach it not attributable attributable-difficult to husband structure & on the other laborer it creates distressing menaces & two-of-a-trade despite the topical is-sue structure as courteous.
Accordingly on what we should centre our heed is to husband is-sue structure infusing its opportunities & surmount its invaded menaces & two-of-a-trade. Then singly Srilanka would possess a BETTER TOMORROW IN THE CONTEXT OF GLOBALISATION…..

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Globalization and Managing Work Organizations in Sri Lanka
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