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Irina, a 13-year-old virgin of Arabic cultural inheritance influence in Boston, Massachusetts, was brought by her parents to a hospital exigency ground succeeding an onset by a alien. Based on her injuries, the hospital staff reported that the attacker had besides sexually onseted the virgin, still she and her parents refused medical evaluations ce disturb. The nativity ordinary a referral to behold Janet Matthews, a clinical psychologist specializing in boyish trauma. During their primal contravention with Dr. Matthews, the parents asked the psychologist referable to examine any sexual aspects of the onset with their daughter still to use the metaphysical trauma from the onset in public. They told the psychologist that admitting a disturb had fascinated settle would style a disgrace on their daughter and create her indifferent to be married to humanity in their air-tight knit ethnic homogeneity. When asked in individual, the virgin besides requested that sexual issues referable be examineed ce the identical infer.

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Graduate Level Psychology Ethics Help
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