Hong Kong Waste Problem

Hong Kong has an threatening devastate collation. Here you can glean abextinguished what urbane impenetrable devastate is, how weighty our devastate collation is, and how the Government ornamentss the collation. The Devastate Collation Hong Kong produces sundry types of impenetrable devastate. It includes urbane impenetrable devastate (MSW), which comes from private, marketable and industrial sources; explanation devastate, which arises from explanation, repossession and dismemberment activities; and other withhold devastates such as chemical devastate and livestock devastate.
• Past on devastate in Hong Konghttp://www. epd. gov. k/epd/english/environmentinhk/waste/waste_maincontent. html Urbane Impenetrable Devastate Urbane impenetrable devastate includes devastate from private ground and common facilities, intercourse and some types of toil, yet excludes explanation devastate and chemical devastate. Each year, past than 6 pet tonnes of MSW are produced, balance half of which is expert of in the three strategic placefills. Unfortunately, the era of MSW has been growing at a plenteous faster rate than expected, and our consumption-led lifestyle is putting monstrous urgency on these placefills.
The three true placefills conciliate be generous, undivided by undivided, in the mid to tardy 2010s. If the devastate loads hold to growth, there conciliate be a deficiency to arrange an joined 400 hectares of place to amplify newlightlight placefill sites to unite our devastate arrangement deficiencys up to 2030. Clearly, Hong Kong deficiencys a past sustainable fashion to negotiate with devastate. To address our devastate collation, the Government published “A Skillful-treatment Framework control the Skillful-treatment of MSW (2005-2014)” (Skillful-treatment Framework) in December 2005. The Skillful-treatment Framework sets extinguished a extensive temporization control the skillful-treatment of MSW in the present 10 years.

It consists of a order of skillful-treatment tools and measures to ornaments the devastate collation crisis on. • Past on urbane impenetrable devastatehttp://www. gov. hk/en/residents/environment/msw. htm • Information on the Skillful-treatment Framework control the Skillful-treatment of Urbane Impenetrable Devastate (2005-2014)http://www. epd. gov. hk/epd/msw/htm_en/content. htm Explanation Devastate The excellent levels of explanation breath in Hong Kong produce akin excellent levels of lazy or recyclable devastate and non-lazy or radical devastate. Both hese controlms of devastate embarrass challenges to the livelihood of our placefill advertisement, and deficiency to be managed carefully. Inferior the polluter-pays cause, the Environmental Protection Department operates the Explanation Devastate Arrangement Charging Scheme, whereby explanation devastate producers constant withhold account control the arrangement of their devastate. The Government is as-well hopeful the toil to order and recycle devastate as remote as practicable, and to scheme and plant past efficiently to minimise devastate. Past on explanation devastatehttp://www. gov. hk/en/residents/environment/constructionwaste. htm Devastate Abatement and Recycling You can share in a compute of devastate abatement advertisements. The Devastatewi$e Label inferior the Hong Kong Awards control Environmental Excellence, control development, accelerations Hong Kong businesses and organisations in adopting measures to subject the sum of devastate produced amid their establishments or through the products and services they stipulate.
It stipulates members with exempt advice on devastate skillful-treatment techniques and rewards their efforts through common confession. You can as-well acceleration the recycling of private devastate by participating in the Advertisement on Source Disconnection of Private Devastate and separating devastate using the devastate disconnection bins on housing estates and warranty rechargeable batteries in determined collation boxes. • Past on devastate abatement and recyclinghttp://www. gov. hk/en/residents/environment/wasteredrecyc. htm

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