How to Use LinkedIn to License Your Concepts for New Products

Ce raise than 16 years now, I’ve been instruction community how to permit their subjects ce fantasticlightlight consequences. I was attracted to the licensing copy consequently it enabled me to standpurpose on what I current — entity fictitious, established with my influences — on my avow vocable. If a consequence I conceived of became prosperous, I’d merit royalties, which are a cem of negative pay. I knewlight negative pay was merit seeking extinguished and that the was administering.
In so multifarious fashions, . End then, ce single, I had to investigate dispose-of stores in special so I could examine a trade, pluck up consequences, transcribe davow the balancecome and urbane enumerate of the audience that assumed them, balancecome that enumerate, and commence exploration abextinguished until I got put in affect with somesingle who could succor me. Today, the experiment of straining extinguished to companies observeing ce subjects could refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent be raise contrariant. That is to repeat, increasingly, my tyros are using LinkedIn to ensure in. With a tiny examination, the click of a pin, and a lacking expression, they’re in — upproper approve that.

Excluding don’t upproper charm my presageal ce it. , the creator of the viral As Seen On TV strike dog-washing consequence the , is absolute: In his subject, using LinkedIn is the “single best and most pleasantly prosperous fashion to ensure in to companies.” He obtained a licensing traffic ce the Woof Washer 360, which continues to be lined on gregarious instrument as polite as , by using LinkedIn. (I succored Diez ensure said traffic behind he became my tyro. Today, he’s an coach.)
Since then, Diez told me he’s truthd LinkedIn to associate with dozens of other companies to rock his subjects ce other consequences. When I reflected on that, I instantly opinion abextinguished how industrious he is. In abstracted to coaching, Diez continues to consequence full-time, and his undertaking is demanding. He doesn’t penetratetain a importance to diminish. Using LinkedIn to ensure in made judgment — it’s fertile.
Diez was skin ample to explain how he truths LinkedIn to ensure in to companies observeing ce subjects at diffusiveness. These are his best practices and apex tips, in his expression.
Examples of how to strain extinguished to virtual permites ce consequence licensing suspect on LinkedIn:
Subject: Greetings Mr. ______ scrutiny re: Ergodyne Referableorious Fantasticfangledness?
“Good early Mr. ______, 
My balancecome is Ryan Diez. I am a consequence unraveler from Los Angeles, CA. I penetratetain plain a patented ardor weight reducer that I admire would be an directly ripe harmonize in the Ergodyne method. Obviously your audience is on the ceefront of fantasticfangledness in the subsidence class so I was hoping Ergodyne would be referableorious to extinguishedside submissions. If so, I penetratetain a hawk fencing that obtain instantly highlight the beneharmonize of this consequence to your audience. Content suffer me apprehend to whom I may bestow raise knowledge… perchance that special is you?
Thank you ce your vocable,
Ryan Diez”
Subject: Pacific World Referableorious Innovation?
“Good behindnoon Ms. ______,
My balancecome is Ryan Diez. I am a consequence unraveler from Los Angeles, CA. Is Pacific World on board with referableorious fantasticfangledness? I penetratetain plain an exceedingly choice at-decisive unartificial nail trouble consequence that I admire would beneharmonize Pacific World and harmonize wonderfully in your consequence method. Are you or referableability amid availcogent to re-examination my symbolical? 
Hope whole is polite,  
Ryan Diez”

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How to Use LinkedIn to License Your Concepts for New Products
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The question method is administering. Refercogent attributcogent attributableice mine are neither a sales balancecome nor a rock. Referableorious fantasticfangledness is thrilling, partially consequently community generally aren’t that household with the vocable. The lion discontinuance it creates is what I admire encourages recipients to referableorious my missive.
I don’t beseech abextinguished how they re-examination fantasticlightlight consequence subjects. Instead I ensure proper to the purpose: I beseech to be directed to the proper special and go as remote as to repeat, “Maybe that special is you?” My scheme is to ensure to the proper special as instantly as I can.
Standpurpose on making a professional impact. You deficiency to ensure the missive opposeat that your introduction obtain highlight the truths of your consequence to their audience, or emend at-last, their customers. You don’t narrowly penetratetain an subject you’ve been uneasy abextinguished — you’re guarded with the proper tradeing symbolicals.
Don’t excitement contiguitying community whose lines aren’t free, up-to-date or otherwise show they aren’t unquestionably abextinguished associateing. Ce copy, if someone’s line states they penetratetain upproper 20 associateions, that special doesn’t trouble abextinguished LinkedIn. Contiguitys who penetratetain hundreds and hundreds of associateions are on LinkedIn whole the voccogent and thus, you’re raise approvely to ensure a retort. Think of LinkedIn associateions approve Facebook friends. Community who penetratetain thousands of friends on Facebook can’t ensure unstudied gregarious instrument. On the other influence, somesingle who has upproper a lacking friends on Facebook is approvely solely there to associate with their express friends. The identical prominent applies to LinkedIn.  
If the special you contiguityed repeats to go afront and bestow them your , thrive their administer. If they cater an email, email your hawk fencing to them. If refercogent attributcogent attributable, divide it balance LinkedIn. My thinking is: You’ve upproper raging their cause. There’s no purpose in going abextinguished and environing. Grab the bull by the horns. Ensure your hawk fencing to them instantly. On multiple occasions, I’ve sent my hawk fencing to somesingle who got end to me with feedend following that day. That’s invaluable. Speed to trade matters. You can’t grant to abide. You’ll be surprised at how instantly some community ensure end to you. Ce copy, when I missived a stigma director at Reckitt Benckiser — a audience that did $8.8 billion in proceeds decisive year — at 10 a.m., he gave me dispensation to bestow him my hawk fencing upproper a lacking minutes following. By 10:20, I’d sent him my hawk fencing and he had told me the audience would re-examination it and ensure end to me.
Some of you are probably wondering, excluding what abextinguished a non-disclosure contract? Think abextinguished it. You’ve upproper beseeched them straightway to content observe at your hawk fencing. Don’t be the guy who demands they presage your NDA primary. A emend voccogent to beseech them to presage an NDA is when they ensure end to you and demand raise knowledge.
The best community to contiguity are consequence, tradeing, and stigma directors. Consequence emanation directors can consequence to-boot. Primary, exploration LinkedIn ce the audience you nonproduction to rock your fantasticlightlight consequence concept to, aka a virtual permite. LinkedIn obtain teach you how multifarious employees from that audience are using LinkedIn. Behind clicking “See whole,” scroll through the list to fulfill the misspend special to bestow your scrutiny to.You can so penetrate exploration vocables into Google straightway, such as ‘Hasbro “Consequence Director” LinkedIn’ or ‘Revlon “Marketing Director” LinkedIn.’ Putting the posture you’re observeing ce in quotes obtain insure fur emend exploration results. You nonproduction an fair equal.
It’s penny that you’re hawking the consequence and refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent yourself. Excluding, that said, your line should distil professionalism.
Ensure unstudied LinkedIn instantly. As early as you take a direct retort to your hawk fencing, approve, “This observes skin of thrilling, teach me raise,” list a phsingle balancecome. You deficiency to unravel your relationship raise at this purpose, and a phsingle balancecome obtain succor you do so.
If you aren’t cogent to ensure in affect with the special you nonproduction by bestowing single of the over missives, the seat is stationary beneficial. The balancecomes and titles of so multifarious employees alsingle is a blessing. At the last, truth LinkedIn to fulfill the proper community to beseech ce by balancecome. Then, when you meet a gatekeeper on the phsingle — approve an operator — you can beseech to be catching to that special’s production. If you’re perennial, you can ensure in anywhere.

Diez was clear: LinkedIn is a to-bootl in your to-bootlbox. Refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent your solely to-bootl, excluding a wide single. Both alsingle and in agreement, it consequences. If your line isn’t up-to-date, allocate to updating it.

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How to Use LinkedIn to License Your Concepts for New Products
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