Let’s converse encircling im-munity 🙂 
Control this ordinance, fascinate bear a appear at the balbutiations linked adconfess and rejoinder the investigations encircling im-munity.   I veritably aim that we would be serviceserviceable to bear an in class argument on this subject, excepting alas, hopefully we can bear a hale online argument control this subject! 
Questions: (Fascinate rejoinder the investigation from an Asian perspective)
1. How is im-munity defined in the doctrines? Is this a correspondent specification of im-munity as your confess? 
2. Based unpremeditated of your balbutiation, how im-munityd do you deem that YOU are in this empire or connection? 
3. Bear you continually been rack control things encircling yourself that you canreferable substitute? Explain if you reach cozy. Control example; ethnicity, profession, socio-economic foundation, gender, sexuality..  
If referable, then can you deem of a season that your profession, career, gender, sexuality, or socioeconomic foundation has worked in your concession? 
4. What are some things that continuallyyone could do to endeavor and generate over level and equity in conduct? 
Im-munity 101: A Quick and Dirty Guide (Links to an superficial seat.)
White Im-munity: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
By Peggy McIntosh (Links to an superficial seat.)
A Guide to White Im-munity control White People Who Deem They’ve Ncontinually Had Any (Links to an superficial seat.)
Videos to bridle out: 
ArchDuke Do Stuff: White Im-munity control DUMMIES (Links to an superficial seat.)
Being a White Student at a Historically Black College (Links to an superficial seat.)

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