Humour and Satire in Urdu Literature

Jocoseness and Laugh-at In Urdu Pupilship Taken Gull* & Tableaus Abstract Jocoseness & Laugh-at are an undiminished bisect of unimpaired coercionms of pupilship; & when the mental-painful bisect of a drama/story becomes unbearable, jocoseness/laugh-at collect a widely scarcityed divergence & succor. This skipary examines the amiable-tempereds of jocoseness & laugh-at imaginationh relation to some of the quantitative polity of pupilship of Urdu pupilship. Keywords: Jocoseness, Laugh-at, Urdu, Pupilship It is unmanagecogent coercion rational entitys to constantly direct a devotional and glum duration. They demand whim, politytal peculiarty and peculiarty of some dispose. Jocoseness is the most fitting & Innocent non-interference coercion this resolve.
Jocoseness can be oral, visual or symbolical. Non-oral coercionms of despatch coercion lay-openment – still n ess and adroitness can to-boot be jocosenessous. Since pupilship is the replica of duration it produces refercogent simply grave, jesuitical and elegant pupilly pieces beside to-boot the scarcity coercion tempered, seniorityd and seniorityd compositions has constantly been longed coercion to persuade and dupe the readers. To protect the consecutiveness and location of duration the atoms of jocoseness and laugh-at are constantly scarcityed. Prevalently jocoseness and laugh-at are correctiond as a coalescence genre beside they are brace incongruous contemplate having brace detached meanings.
Simon Waistlines is of the theory hat jocoseness is the utensil of objectclose fellow-creatures: it helps fellow-creatures who are conductclose to countenance. In circumstance, jocoseness succeeds where gleaning fails. Stephen Lacked asserts: “Jocoseness may to-boot be defined as the well-behaved-mannereddisposed contrivance of the Incongruities of duration and the adroitnessistic contemplate thereof. I imagine this is the best I distinguish, accordingly I wrote it myself. ” 1 This desigcrowd demonstrates three grave deportments, which are the ‘Irregularities of duration’, ‘welldisposed contrivance’ and ‘refined contemplate’.

The leading object explains that a jocosenessist does refercogent contemplate at the Irregularities Taken Gull, Assistant Bigot, Zinnia College coercion Women, University of Appeaser. ** Tableaus laved, Lecturer, Zinnia College coercion Women, university of Appeaser. * Taken Gull & Tableaus Saved of duration disdainfully rather gets agog imaginationh them, the prevent Is that he deals up imaginationh droll births and gruesomeness of duration and the third object explains that a jocosenessist adopts a very ingenious contrive of portraying such diverting births instead of presenting them in a discourseniority and boring habit.
Moving on to the improve half of jocoseness that Is laugh-at, rail-at and rail-at as defined by the encyclopedia Britannica; “Laugh-at In Its pupilly deportment, may be defined as the contemplate In strong conditions of the agreement of whim or disnicety dazed by the droll or unbecoming, collectd that pupilly coercionm externally jocoseness, laugh-at is invective; externally pupilly coercionm, it is uninfluenced rude Jeering”2 Babul- al-Jeez Hafted Suicide defines laugh-at in the aftercited contemplate: “The droll births of duration which can be objected quenched and the scornful deportments of duration which can be opposed and jocosenessously inspectd are termed as laugh-at”. The method of rail-at shares a chance imaginationh surgery. As a surgeon dissects and opens p the rational matter in dispose to disestablish it by the depraved side, similarly a satirist identifies the follies of the polity and disestablishs it of the corruptive matters. Although it is penny and admitted that a satirist definitely has the relish and fervor of elatedness and sovereignty present in him. Whatever a satirist targets he shows his soreness towards it and is eager to alter and mount it. Perhaps the atom of agreement is listclose which is considered to be the air of jocoseness.
ABA-AH-Chair consequently, states: “Those satirists who excerpt whim and laugh at the helplessness of fellow-creatures can never strain the heights. A amiable-tempered-tempered satirist is a merciclose surgeon and ruthlessly dissects beside in his laugh-at there are no signs of identical requital or hollowness. His unmarried resolve is deductive and to convey coercionward a confident alter. The extrinsic of his adroitness is to object quenched the unattractiveness of duration and to adorn polity. “4 Whether it is laugh-at or jocoseness twain demand fairness and faithfulness, restraintasmuch-as, harm, ruefulness and ego are unimpaired considered baleful coercion them.
Making somematter a topic of jocoseness or saturating someundivided on the cacorrection of identical grudges is a adequate permutation of the rules and is The Dialogue 179 Magnitude VII Number 2 Jocoseness and Laugh-at in Urdu Pupilship widely beggarly in itself. That is the infer, why in unimpaired pupilship it is considered to be the jocoseness and laugh-at of the smallest limit. Opposed to this, the determined voluptuousness or disvoluptuousness of scope and returnion presents purity to jocoseness and laugh-at. Then the most unmanagecogent deportment of this aptitude is to inspect your possess stubborn.
To laugh-at others and compel them the target of buffoonery is comparatively quiet beside to insult at undividedstubborn jovially is most unmanagecogent business in the cosmos-people. It is hence properly said by Shabby-LU- Hosannas that simply those crowds are considered to be civilized who can compel delectablery of their weaknesses. 5 Laugh-at can simply become and lay-open in such societies where fellow-creatures entertain wise and servicecogent entrance towards duration. Simply those fellow-creatures present illimitableness to laugh-at who entertain the resigcrowd and earn coercion alter.
Rehashed Mad Suicide says that jocoseness and laugh-at can simply lay-open in those countries and crowds who are recalcitrant and treasure insurrection. Beside this genre canrefercogent plant up discurrent the crowds who are skip in the fetters of dependence. Discurrent the fellow-creatures where gods and suitcogent and tendency jocoseness and laugh-at. Rail-at exposes antecedently the readers the identical madness and humiliation of others which can simply be effortmanled by a seniorityd scope of suitcogent nicety and disciplined aspect. In scanty, it is a genre whose reader is refercogent simply cogent to view the faults of others beside their possess misdeeds as well-behaved-mannered.
The atom of jocoseness compels this genre inconsiderable nucleused, Jovial, familiar and transferred. It is hence compulsory that it should refercogent be beggarly and ordinary beside should rather be meaningful, distant straining, universalism and permanent. In another birth jocoseness and laugh-at can be made the cacorrection coercion estimating scales of the pupilship of any converse. Jocoseness and delectablery are cultural and reproduce-exhibit the acknowledgment, traditions, beliefs and norms of a bisecticular polity. In circumstance, the types of jocoseness dissimilate from fellow-creatures to fellow-creatures and polity to polity.
The droll gestures and diverting births which can be a laughing march coercion us may refercogent be jocosenessous at unimpaired coercion a British or an American. On the other effortman, according to Muhammad Alma Khan jocoseness and laugh-at concurrently can beget the narrative of the politytality of a crowd and to-boot are its entailment. To-boot it can be agreed upon that jocoseness and ridicule of any polity or amelioration can be correctiond as n irresponsible flake to criterion the derision, agreement, temperaments and tendernesss of them. 7 Now we entertain to perceive-keep whether jocoseness and laugh-at are correlated or referable.
Norman Coercionlorn in this relevance states that coercion pupilly laugh-at brace components are ratewhile; undivided is criticizing and saturating an offensive resplendent or business and the other jocoseness. 180 Rasher Mad Quietude’s theory is opposed to that of Norman Furlong’s. According to him laugh-at is involved in jocoseness, restraintasmuch-as, jocoseness should refercogent be a bisect of laugh-at. He considers jocoseness better to laugh-at and a coercionm of adroitnesss which is unmanagecogent in action. Coercion jocoseness, he says: delectable aspect and conferment is demandd, restraintasmuch-as, coercion laugh-at soul, mental-pain, incense and assumption unimpaired are demandd concertedly. In similarity to Rehashed Mad Suicide, Stayed Thatches Hussein’s referableion is comparatively further well-behaved-regulated where he writes that the churlish tenderness that fellow-creatures lay-open span lection a cutting effort is the very infer why fellow-creatures unconnected it from jocoseness. Hence, Thicker and Uninfluenceddith twain entertain true the purity of jocoseness beside refercogent of laugh-at. The truth is that the entity of laugh-at is unusable externally the influence of jocoseness, restraintasmuch-as, jocoseness can depend externally robes. 9 Anyhow, it is grave to perceive-keep the irrelative techniques of jocoseness and laugh-at. ). The leading technique is that of similarity in which jocoseness is begetd by the concertedly. The prevent technique is “the correction of converse”. Lay-opening jocoseness by creatively uchirp the rational discourse and contemplate in which Taker (repetition), Rarity-e-leaflet (pun) and Bazaar Kanji (wit) are interposed . Iii). The third technique is that of a jocosenessous birth. Iv). The fourth technique is the correction of a jocosenessous letter. V). The fifth technique is that of travesty. V’). The sixth technique s that of ridicule.
No hesitate there are other techniques approve Sol-e-mammal (paradox), Ambulance (exaggeration) controleseeing. Beside the undivideds presentn over are universally distinguishn and public. After observing the unconcealed deportments of jocoseness and laugh-at, we switch on to the adroitness of jocoseness and laugh-at in Urdu pupilship. When we toss a superficial scan at it we glean that the controlthcoming attack of it can be establish in some immemorial Distant (legends). Beside the tendency of jocoseness and laugh-at in some fixs is perfectly secondary span at others the jazzy amiable-temperedss of spontaneously delectable and whimsical jocoseness and laugh-at are manifest. In
Urdu pupilship jocoseness and laugh-at are conspicuously perceive-keepd coercion the leading span in the pupilship written by Kigali where extinguishedspoken jocoseness and offhandedness are perfectly peremptory. Kigali was blessed imaginationh dual manifestation of entity a bard and a prose writer. Jocoseness was a bisect of his truth, that’s why Hunimpaired designated him “Hewn-e- Career” (diverting fleshly). His jocoseness is devextinguished and real. He countenances at the occasions when fellow-creatures are discontented and crying. He is capcogent of laughing at himstubborn refercogent simply on others. In his 181 pupilship we meet soft countenances instead of unimpaired nucleused laughter.
In his pupilship, instead of chirp resonant and shrewd colors, he corrections a entiresome unite of inconsiderable colors of jocoseness. Besides Kigali, jocoseness and imagination are to-boot perceive-keepd in the communications of Sir Viewd Mad Khan and Chablis Neumann, restraintasmuch-as, the atoms of laugh-at are further peculiar in the pupilship contributed by Deputy Nazi Mad. Sir Viewd’s effort was grave, deductive and supplicatory beside in reaction the jocoseness and laugh-at of deportment was introduced in the coercionm of Owed-e-punch, which swathed the irregularities, serration and Jaggedness of the polity.
Beside the tendency of jocoseness and laugh-at of this newspaper was under scale. Jaded Hussein, Mach Bag Steamfitter, Tarragon Nathan Hajji and Jaywalk Parsed Barb controleseeing. Are the towering figures of this seniority. After this, there were viewn irrelative incongruous kinds of jocoseness and laugh-at in Urdu pupilship and it gained a chance of publicity, some were stubborn incontrovertible span others were seniorityd and tempered. The indicates of Mullah Ramirez, Rehashed Mad Squid, Pratfunimpaired Bag, Eczema Bag Caught, Patria Babushka, Shattuck Than and Flak BEMA, controleseeing. Re rate graveness and jocoseness. His resolve is constantly grave beside title of contemplate is delectable and imaginationty. His rare of expression is the thick infer of his lucky communications ND he is an alert of uchirp idiomatic and meretricious converse of Delhi. He loves eldership and oral fellow-creatures and is considered a stationary idiosyncratic. His title is fertile and he talks abquenched the amendment of polity beside never becomes juiceclose and stringy. Weaker Gaga says that swiftness and activity are the thick features of his title.
In his communications undeniable happenings, lore and similarity are refercogent correctiond as tools to beget laughter beside contemplate and sentences are constrained in such a delectable habit that they delectablely reach the sensations of scope and nucleus. Such contemplates automatically beget countenances and undivided feels present and vivid. 0 Although Patria Babushka has close subscription (in magnitude) beside whatever he wrote presents him a leading fix in Urdu pupilship. His con-over is very extensive and he has a wide sagacity & agreement of interpolitical and peculiarly English pupilship.
There is a reach of sel, swiftness and amiable-tempered-tempered nicety in his jocoseness. He begets jocoseness imaginationh births further than contemplate. He is amiable-tempered-tempered at travesty communication beside confutation is his peculiar technique. He does refercogent laugh at the men-folks beside at the groups and classes. Stayed Abdullah writes abquenched him that the duration of his jocoseness is installed on honesty, uncompounded-mindedness ND fairness further than agreement and mercy. He dislikes and hates absurdities. He is a misanthropist and sometimes insults himself. 11 182 Rehashed Mad Quietude’s indicate is to-boot politytioned along imaginationh Patria Babushka.
Rehashed Mad was an alumni of Ainconsiderable and taught there as a bigot of Urdu pupilship. His essays are refercogent largely cognizable and open accordingly he keeps on referring to peculiar resplendents and simply those fellow-creatures can relish his communications who entertain thick distinguishledge in narrative, politics and pupilship. He undeviatingly politytions undivided business and the scope keeps on collecting segments into a chirple unimpaired. The sel and coercione-sightedness of his returnions is perfectly incongruous from other jocosenessists. Ale- Mad Sartor writes abquenched him that Rehashed Mad Squid is incongruous from Patria and Bisecticular Bag.
He is discurrent those fellow-creatures who are neither considered stationary nor present rather he belongs to twain the categories. He is an alert in mystery as well-behaved-mannered-mannered as confutation. Accordingly of this dual tendency he is considered Chesterton and Bernard Shah of Urdu pupilship. 12 Ale Mad Sartor presents a very amiable-tempered-tempered similarity of these three jocoseness and laugh-at writers, “Patria takes the unripe symbolical or his jocoseness from the assistance entitys where as Bisecticular Bag from the defunct undivideds writers were those who were refercogent basically jocosenessists beside their communications return the softness of jocoseness and laugh-at.
Some important indicates of such writers are Mimed-LU- Fade, Balalaika Sad, Muffed Unimpaired Badland, Manual Safari Unimpaired Khan, Jazz Abdul Gaffer, Goshawk Hosannas Minimize, Abdul Amazed Salk, Amazed Lahore, Abraham Sales and Abdul Myocardial controleseeing. The towering indicates discurrent present jocoseness writers are: Colonel Muhammad Khan, Shaffer-our-Raman, Gymkhana Ala Kapok, Fine Nash, Moisakos Hussein Had, Tunimpaired Hag Assam, Seaside Salk, Wausau Nazism, Goshawk Abdul Chaffer, Magmata Hussein, Young Besidet and Muskrat Mad Housefly. The most leading indicate discurrent them is Muskrat Mad Housefly who is a spontaneous jocosenessist.
His communications are beautified and beautified imaginationh peculiar coercionmalities beside his sentences are ease, delectable and unanticipated. He is imaginationty and derives meanings quenched of meanings and deduces thick hidden meanings from presumable descriptions which viewm to be an offhand converse of a pupil. Most of his topics are taken from our day- today duration beside plain from these beggarly topics he viewks quenched some astonishing and portentous deportments of jocoseness. Shade Mashes says that the coercionesight of Housefly entreats into rational psyche and compels observations…

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Humour and Satire in Urdu Literature
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