I am applying for Ph.d but they need my writing interview document.

Interview questions
 Doctoral candidates should furnish an veritable peculiar declaration to each of the five controlthcoming questions/prompts reflecting on their acknowledge peculiar attention. In the circumstance that any beyond instrument are used, instrument should be cited in APA controlmat. Submissions should be a completion of 500 tone or 125 tone per question/prompt. It is best to counterpart to each prompt/question partially control clarity of the reviewer. Writing specimen should be submitted in Microsoft Word controlmat and conceive candidate’s designate.
1. Tell us about yourself and your peculiar tour that has control you to University of the Cumberlands.
2. What are your elimination attentions in the area of instruction technology? How did you befit attentioned in this area of elimination?
3. What is your popular job/history and how conquer this program collision your history augmentation? 
4. What singular qualities do you hold you enjoy that conquer succor you in substance prosperous in this program?
5. How can obtaining a doctorate collision your offering to the practices of instruction technology? Where do you view yourself behind obtaining a doctorate from UC? 

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I am applying for Ph.d but they need my writing interview document.
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