If it happened today, would the Stephen Lawrence case be policed differently?

Stephen Adjudicationrence was a London teenager who was killed in 1993 when he was 18, in a racist assault communicationedly carried extinguished by a crew of snowy youths. The predicament piqued approved censure of the police, as courteous as the Crown Prosecution Service. This consider presentation to assess whether, had the predicament occurred today, 20 years after, it would own been policed in a opposed practice to the practice it was handled in 1993. The consider assesses this by reviewing a calculate of sources including constitutional predicaments and academic textbooks and journals.
The contrast to the predicament is examined, in provisions of racism and its discard balance the years, settlement policies, the emergence of gregarious media and the immoral uprightness scheme. Legislation is a point centre, and the Immoral and Disappoint Act 1998 and other appropriate Acts are discussed.
Against this contrast, the paper argues that the Stephen Adjudicationrence predicament would own been policed opposedly had it occurred today. This discussion is made in a calculate of practices, including motive of a congruous scenario in R v Rogers in 2007. The consider traces the problems in the predicament to a closing of agreement of racism and meagre skills at an institutional roll among the police.The consider to-boot shows how the police pose towards institutional racism has been transformed, and how communion has radical to the degree that race are ample past knowledgeable abextinguished the adjudication and their rights.Other influential factors are to-boot discussed.

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Title: If it happened today would the Stephen Adjudicationrence predicament be policed opposed?
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If it happened today, would the Stephen Lawrence case be policed differently?
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