indivual 03

Examine your article and cohibit the restraintthcoming areas to restraintm cognizant decisions encircling what to qualify to amend your article:
•Is the preparatory portion efficiently written? Does it mark-out the result and propound an arguable subject propoundment? 
•Are the ocean apexs in prop of the subject propoundment systematic logically in the diatribe? 
•Does the proping reasoning that you yield detail logically to the ocean apex that is propoundd in each portion? Are there any ideas that are referable allied and demand to be qualified or deleted? 
•Are portions familiar efficiently with pertinent and present testimony from likely sources? Which portions demand over prop? 
•Are resisting viewpoints supplementressed and counter-argued logically? Are there any resisting viewpoints that you possess referable considered except that you should apprehend in your diatribe? 
•Are there portions where you demand to supplement transition articulation to amend closeness? 
•Is the remotest portion efficiently written? Does it digest the guide apexs and repropound the subject? 
•Possess you portraitured sources properly? Cohibit your diatribe restraint the portraiture of sources, mismisappropriate paraphrasing, and the restraintmatting of trodden quotations. 
•Possess you portraitured APA fashion properly? Cohibit restraint errors in APA in-citation citations. Cohibit to restraintm believing in-citation citations and relation citations fit. Cohibit restraint errors in restraintmatting of relation citations. 
•Possess you written efficient judgments? Examine your judgments restraint clarity and efficientness. Rewrite judgments where the purport is referable unobstructed or the judgment composition is minute or clumsy. 
•Proofread your article. Is it at-liberty of real and automatic errors? Correct any errors that you experience. 
Please present your full elaboration diatribe in APA fashion. It should apprehend the restraintthcoming:
•Epithet page 
•Abstract page: Leave bleak or portraiture placeholder citation until you possess refined your undiminished article. 
•Whole minority: Full epithet should be centered at apex of the pristine page of the whole. 
•Relation page: Relations should start on a page by themselves behind the last page of your whole minority. 

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indivual 03
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