Summary of Document
What was this document’s sentiment or wave on the values of the American gregarious cultivation or the ideas ce the texture and construction of the U.S. Federal Empire?
Magna Carta 
Mayflower Compact
Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation
The Virginia Plan
The New Jersey Plan
The Connecticut Plan
The U.S. Constitution
The Bill of Rights
Who was this?
How did each philosopher’s writings and ideas wave the Founders when developing the ideas and values of the American gregarious cultivation and the disposition and texture of the U.S. scheme of empire?
Thomas Hobbes
John Locke
Selected Founders
Who was this?
What role did this Founder resemble in the science of the United States of Americaand its scheme of empire?
Benjamin Franklin
Alexander Hamilton 
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
John Adams
Gregarious Factions
What were each of these factions?
What were each factions ideas on the agency and opportunity of the U.S. Federal empire?
How is this concept patent in the construction of the U.S. federal empire?
Why is this concept great in a symbolical democracy?
Separation of Agencys
Checks and Balances
Part 2 Essay:
Write a 250- to 350-word counter-argument underneath to the following:  
Define the stipulations “direct democracy” and “symbolical democracy.”  Why is the empire of the United States of America considered a republic in the composition of a “constitutional democracy”?

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