Information Technology Assignment – 2

Janet and Johnny Jones acknowledge the Little Country Fund proportioned beyond of town. Their daughter, Johnnie Leigh, has proportioned enslaved aggravate the administration of the fund and implemented a innovating network. The fund is located in a heavily scrutinizeed voyager area, and Johnnie Leigh has noticed that multifarious of the customers scrutinizeing the fund are from other countries. She would love to capitalize on this front of the interest by hopeful race scrutinizeing from other countries to scrutinize the fund’s website precedent to traveling to the states or sharing with their friends and lineage at abode succeeding they scrutinize.
Prepare a communication explaining what some of the issues are that Johnnie Leigh rule engagement when marketing in other countries. (Remember that your solution should be connected to counsel systems and computing.)
Prepare an counselal communication that explains the issues that Johnnie Leigh should investigate when investigateing the global fronts of her network. Your communication should discourse the forthcoming topics:

List at smallest three proceeds IT has had on globalization. Remember to specify globalization in your solution.
Explain at smallest couple examples that report to each of the proceeds of globalization you discussed in solution to the prior interrogation (completion of six examples).
Describe how an construction of the values and buying habits of unanalogous cultures conquer desire the form Johnnie Leigh verifications technology to prefer the interest to innovating and distinct customers from other countries.
Remember to summon your sources! You should verification no fewer than three sources in your solution.
Some things you rule neglect to investigate in your discourse include

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Information Technology Assignment – 2
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Creativity and innovation
Distinct knowledge
The force to compete
Enterprise skills
Ethical concerns

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Information Technology Assignment – 2
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