Intelligent Lighting Control Using Android Application

  • Divya Srinivasan, N.R.Raajan, Jayakumar V.K, Manonmani P


In this desize where vigorousness is the explanation, habitual arrangements are preferred aggravate manual undivideds. An grave contact of vigorous technology is efficient essential-quality utilization, which is the need of the hour. Essential-quality decline can be minimized by changeing extempore inconsiderables when they are referable required, optimizing inconsiderableing planes to aid achievementers and by quenchedside uncooked technology. Undivided inmultifold practice to classify carbon mark is the manner of a inconsiderableing moderate arrangement which delivers inconsiderable as per the requirements and cesake needless wastage. In this essay, a inconsiderableing moderate arrangement using an android contact has been incomplete. Android is undivided of the widely reasond not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious commencement fickle platcreate and the reasonr shameful is growing faster day by day. As aggravate commonalty are using vigorous phones, moderateling inconsiderable using an android contact is cheaper, easier and absorb efficacious.

Keywords: Inconsiderable moderate, Arduino consultation, GSM/GPRS module, Recruitment consultation, Android contact

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Intelligent Lighting Control Using Android Application
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Reducing essential-quality decline and increasing reasonr ease entertain regularly been deep objectives of any sharp architecture in today’s scenario. Meeting these brace demands is a multifold discharge. This essay exhibits an efficacious practice to classify essential-quality utilization and extension reasonr ease. In this essay, Arduino, a microguide is reasond. It is an not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious-commencement embedded platcreate where undivided can transcribe programs and operate it using hardware. Arduinos entertain the cece to opinion the environment by earnting input from unanalogous sensors and it can moderate its dressing by moderateling inconsiderable, motors etc. The despatch betwixt a vigorous phundivided and microguide is symmetrical through a GSM/GPRS module. A GSM/GPRS module is similar as that of the natural fickle phundivided and it needs a SIM card to unite. It does the lesson of a natural fickle phone. This expression of despatch is named Relength to Relength (M2M) despatch. What it media is that twain wired and wireless arrangements are recognized to interact with other stratagems. It enables the issue of grounds betwixt records and finally betwixt anthropologicals and records. Irrespective of the affection of the grounds or record, instruction issues in the similar practice, which is starts from a relength .Then it passes aggravate a netachievement and then through a checkpoint or importation to a arrangement where it can be evaluated and acted upon. The lean of the M2M hardware is to contribute an interface betwixt the relength and the network. This essay deals with this M2M despatch. Achievement to be dundivided by the object reasonr is very incomplex. Wireless despatch makes anthropological conduct easier and incomplexr. And especially with fickle, anything is minute and reachable. The obstruct diagram of the inconsummate arrangement is shhold in whit 1.

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Intelligent Lighting Control Using Android Application
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Whit 1.General Obstruct Diagram


GSM modems are abundantly approve GSM stratagems which succors in providing GSM dischargeality according to our needs. A consummate phundivided can be built using a GSM modem except that would be a destroy of grave instrument approve term, which is of the substance, and currency, accordingly a phundivided would achievement quenched to be aggravate absorb efficacious. DTMF can succor us moderate remotely, except DTMF (Dual Tundivided Multi Frequency signaling) in the aspects of monitoring has its hold limitations.In these instances GSM modems can indeed be succorful. GSM modems can delineate a explanation role in projects which requires Remote Monitoring and Moderate. In this practice Relength to Relength despatch can be symmetrical. Pre-defined charges can be reasond to moderate GSM modems by bestowing them serially. These pre-defined charges are knhold as AT charges. In this essay the standpoint is on messaging singly. AT charges besides knhold as theHayes charges, is a restricted charge languageactually plain ce theHayesSmartmodem. The charge established comprises of a rotation of defective passage strings that attach simultaneously to impart consummate charges ce operations approve dialing of mass, flatter size and the required parameter varys of the relationship network. The Hayes charge established is undivided of the most commsingly reasond and is adapted in solid variations.

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Intelligent Lighting Control Using Android Application
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Some basic charges which are required to transact basic telephony operations are mentioned under


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Intelligent Lighting Control Using Android Application
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  • Established Intimation Expression as Passage –AT+CMGF=1
  • Established Intimation Destination Enumerate & Expression Intimation –AT+CMGS=”+91XXXXXXXXXX”

When this charge is entered, there is a responsive of the GSM modem ultimate wherein the intimation to be sent is expressiond. After the intimation in entered, Ctrl+Z is pressed to departure ultimate responsive. Once complete the balancehead steps are followed, the intimation procure be sent to the reasonr by the GSM modem.

In individualization to the balancehead charges, a established of sequential intimations procure be sent by the GSM modem when an SMS or Flatter is accepted. Some of the intimations are mentioned under.

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Intelligent Lighting Control Using Android Application
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Incoming SMS

Incoming SMS returns a intimation

+CMTI: “SM”, 23

Perreason SMS

To perreason the incoming SMS, the charge reasond isAT+CMGR=Xwhere the enumerate is X which is reaustere at the object of the+CMTI quenchedput balancehead. Ce specimen it is 23

The SMS is accepted in the subjoined practice

+CMGR: “REC UNREAD”,”+91XXXXXXXXXX”,”phonebook entry”, “Date, Term”

Intimation Passage

The balancehead established of instruction is abundance ce to achievement with the GSM modem.

Using Arduino IDE, order is written to hold intimation from GSM modem and the intimation is courseed in the moderateler. Inconsiderable is switched on or extempore singly when the incoming intimation matches with the string written in the program.

The Arduino Uno is a moderateler consultation shamefuld on theATmega328. It has 14 I/O nonentitys (6 of which can contribute PWM o/p)-Digital, a 16MHzceramic resonator, a USB relationship, analog I/P-6, a rule length, an In Circuit Serial Programming(ICSP) header and a reestablished exceptton. The restrictedations of Arduino Uno rev3 are shhold in consultation 1.

Consultation 1: Arduino Uno Restrictedations

Microguide Reasond


Recommended Operating Voltage


Recommended I/P Voltage


Limiting I/P Voltage


I/O Nonentitys-Digital

14 (6 of which can contribute PWM o/p)

I/P Nonentitys-Analog


Current (DC) in each I/O Nonentity

40 mA

Current (DC) ce 3.3Volts Nonentity

50 mA

Clock Speed



1 KB (ATmega328)

Flash Memory

32 KB (ATmega328) of which Bootloader reasons 0.5KB


2 KB (ATmega328)

In individualization to the balancehead, abandoned discharges are adapted ce some of the nonentitys:

Serial: 1 (TX-Transmission) and 0 (RX-Reception). It is reasond to hold and bestow TTL (Transistor -Transistor Logic) serial grounds. The nonentitys are linked to the equipollent nonentitys of theATmega8U2USB-to-TTL Serial morsel.

Exterior Breaks: 2 and 3.These brace nonentitys can be prepared to prepare an break when any of the mentioned instances happens –a reprieved appraise occurs, a progress or rallying face, a appraise vary.

PWM: 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11.Contribute 8-bit PWM quenchedput with theanalogwrite() discharge.

SPI: 10 (SS), 11 (MOSI), 12 (MISO), 13 (SCK).These nonentitys foundation SPI despatch using theSPI library.

LED: 13.There is an LED, which is in-built, is linked to the nonentity (digital) 13. If the nonentity has a HIGH appraise then it’s in ON declare, if it has a LOW appraise it’s in OFF declare

The Arduino UNO has the capforce to unite with a computer, another Arduino, or other moderatelers. Themicroguide reasond in this essay contributes UART TT Logic (5Volts) serial despatch, which is obtainable in nonentitys (digital) 1 (TX) and 0 (RX).In anATmega16U2on the consultation serial despatch is dundivided aggravate USB and appears as a substantial despatch haven. In the instance when ATmega16U2 is reasond, exterior drivers are referable required and the USB COM drivers (standard) are reasond.The Arduino software besides includes moderates which completeow passage shamefuld grounds to be sent and accepted. The Rx (Receive) and Tx (Transmit)LEDsexhibit procure ignore when grounds is substance sent from USB to serial morsel or to any other ultimate. Aserial libraryin the cem of a software exhibit in Arduino permits serial despatch on any of the nonentitys (digital) of Uno. The Arduino software IDE is reasond to configure the Arduino Uno. TheATmega328on the Arduino Uno comes preburned with abootloaderwhich completeows orders to be uploaded to the consultation withquenched the reason of a programmer who has expertise in hardware programming. Despatch is potential through the reason of STK500protocol. The bootloader can be bypassed and the moderateler is programmed using the ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming)


  1. The SIM Card is inserted into the GSM modem.
  2. The Tx (Transmit) nonentity of the GSM modem is conjoined to nonentity (digital) 3 of the Arduino.
  3. The Rx (Receive) nonentity of the GSM modem is conjoined to nonentity (digital) 4 of the Arduino.
  4. The Gnd(Ground) nonentity of the GSM modem is conjoined to the Gnd(Ground) nonentity of theArduino.
  5. The GSM modem reasons an exterior 12Volts DC Adaptor as rule commencement (The+5Volts from inner commencement of Arduino is referable enough).
  6. It is made apprehending that the netachievement LED flashes with a 2s failure and referable 1s failure. 2s failure media it is conjoined to network, 1s failure media referable incapable to with to network.

Once the relationships are impartn and the order is uploaded to the Arduino consultation, the string which is impartn in the order is sent as a intimation, GSM procure hold the intimation and it procure sobject it to Arduino which in change procure course the intimation and the selfsame action procure assume situate. If enumerate of inconsiderables is counted, then ce each inconsiderable some string has to be impartn in the coding. Instead of bestowing each intimation, crop of an android contact reasonr affectionate. Through an android app, intimation can be impartn. Since the GSM SIM900A is a GSM/GPRS module, moderate inconsiderables through android app are besides potential. Authorization can besides be impartn. It procure contribute restricted mode commonalty to moderate inconsiderables.

The face object of the Android app looks approve as shhold in whit 2 and whit 3.

Whit 2.Android App Password Screen Whit 3.Android App Reasonr Interface

Using the swipe icon in the face panel, the inconsiderables can be changeed on/extempore using this android app. Besides singly the reasonrs who apprehend the password can moderate the inconsiderables. Enumerate of inconsiderables which can be moderateled depends on the enumerate of havens the moderateler has. The moderateler quenchedput is impartn to recruitment consultations and the quenchedput of the recruitment consultation is impartn to switches. In this practice an android contact and inconsiderable is a ultimate stratagem. Besides an admin is created and he/she procure earn the intimation that who is moderateling the inconsiderable. In this practice, warranty can be improved.


Needless inconsiderableing is undivided of the perfect reasons ce essential-quality wastage. The most efficacious and easeable practice to contract this is to change extempore inconsiderables when they aren’t required. Inconsiderableing moderate arrangements can reason factors such as tenure, adapted dayinconsiderable and term of day, thus providing cecible essential-quality and absorb savings, a important plane of flexibility and moderate ce architecture holders and adventitious ease ce occupants. With increasing reasonr ease, essential-quality can be saved to a larger size. Besides warranty is tightened with adapted admin hues. Wireless arrangements classify the work, absorbs and wiring requirements of inconsiderableing moderate when compared to transmitted arrangements. In defective, wireless networking can introduce in a fantastic lifetime of vigorouser inconsiderableing moderate arrangements which classify essential-quality utilization and enknowing a uncookeder universe.


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