Race, Dispose, Gender, and Sexuality Fintegral 2010 WGST 304/SOCY 304/ POLI 305/AFRO 398R Section 001 Meeting Times: TTH 9:30-10:45AM Location:Currell College 203 Instructor: Dr. Sharon Lee White Phone: 777-4007(Delight concession communication) E-Mail: [email protected] sc. edu Impromptuice Hours: By assignment barely Succession Description: This multidisciplinary succession is urgentional to study unadorned and contemporary aspects of continuity, collective dispose, gender, and sexuality.Focusing on the intersection of continuity, dispose, gender and sexual orientation, this succession procure study how the concurrence of these identities fashion the lives of living-souls, institutions, and communion as a undivided. We procure besides study the uncertain size of franchise, stratification, and hardship and opposition as well-behaved-behaved as racism, sexism, disposeism, heterosexism and the overintegral systemic constitution of these and other “isms.
” Succession Externals/Learning Outcomes: 1. Students should be operative to explain an intellect of the intersection of continuity, collective dispose, gender, and sexual orientation. . Students should be operative to explain an intellect of how the concurrence of the over identities resign multifarious consequences restraint living-souls, institutions, and communion as a undivided. 3. Students should be operative to examine the theories encircling the origins of these intersections and the structures and restraintces that maintain them and stabilitate their being. 4.
Students procure explain intellect of heterogeneousness by gender, continuity, collective dispose, and sexuality. Required Texts: 1. David M.Newman, Identities & Inequalities: Exploring the Intersection of Continuity, Dispose Gender, and Sexuality, (McGraw Hill, 2007). Availoperative at the Russell Hointerpretation Bookstore 2. Articles Provided by the Instructor (Posted on Blackboard) 3. Films procure be shown throughout the semester to praise the lections and/or image the themes examineed in lectures and lections.

Succession Requirements and Grading Scale: |Assignments |Total Points | |Four (4) Exams.Each Exam procure compute 100 points |400 | |1 Reflection/Reaction Paper* |100 | |Final Writing Assignment* |100 | |Final Exam |100 | |TOTAL |700 | *See attachment to Syllabus Your Final Track procure be Determined as Prospers: Total Points |Numerical Track |Note Track | |662-700 |95-100 |A | |627-661 |90-94 |B+ | |592-626 |85-89 |B | |557-591 |80-84 |C+ | |522-556 |75-79 |C | |487-421 |70-74 |D+ | |452-486 |65-69 |D | |451 and underneath |64 and underneath |F | Apparatus and other Responsibilities: This is a collaborative dispose with marrow on examineion. Participation and apparatus are requisite if we are to be causative. With this in creed, delight be reminded that University prudence integralows me to emanate your succession track by single referablee or over if you ignore over than 10% (3 restraint TTH) of our scheduled dispose meetings and trip you restraint ignoreing over that 25% (7 restraint TTH).There is no contrariety among an “excused” and “unexcused” lack, save in extenuating term. Restraint a over total explication, delight associate to The College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Student Bulletin. • I procure grant integral written communications to students through Blackboard.
Delight execute unquestioning that you curb it frequently. • It is your allegiance to celebrate up with lections and assignments if you are listless. Delight do referable pray me restraint examineion referablees that you ignoreed consequently of lack or hesitation. You may, ultimately, pray me to vindicate anything that you did referable discern from any of the lectures. I strongly recommend that you earn to comprehend and exchange adjunction knowledge with your disposemates. Integral assignments are imputable at the preface of the dispose on the imputable continuance. I procure referable recognize deceased assignments.
• No execute-up exams procure be fond. They procure be posted to Blackboard restraint at lowest three (3) days. • Delight be advised that cell phones, I-pods, Mp3 Players, and other electronic devices should be churlish impromptu during dispose. You may interpretation a computer to transfer referablees, ultimately, if you are observed surfing the entrap, curbing e-mail, controleseeing. , you procure be prayed to concession and be referableable listless restraint the day. Likewise, if you are caught text-messaging, or lection materials referable kindred to this dispose (newspapers, magazines, controleseeing. ) you procure be prayed to concession and be referableable listless.
Students with disabilities and/or particular needs should referableify me instantly restraint countenance with any compulsory arrangements and/or accommodations • Integral students are expected to prosper the Carolina Creed. Plagiarism procure referable be tolerated. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing, you procure admit an F restraint the succession. Delight unravel your Carolina Community Bulletin restraint the restriction and over knowledge on plagiarism. A Particular Referablee: Some materials that we secure in this dispose may summon your idiosyncratic creed and may be truly incongruous from what you or I honor. Imputable to the sentient constitution of some of the topics, it is leading that we fathom to stop external.Most leadingly, it is my urgent to execute this dispose a “safe space” restraint reverential self-expression and casually you or your disposemates may distribute idiosyncratic knowledge pertaining to our examineion.
I pray that we celebrate such disclosures intimate. Succession Schedule restraint WGST 304/SOCY 304/ POLI 305/AFRO 398R Fintegral 2010 *Delight be advised that I modesty the direct to substitute the syllabus at anytime during the semester. If I invent it compulsory to do so, I procure execute an trial to afford you reasonoperative referableice of the changes. Delight after to dispose unhesitating to examine lections on the assigned continuance/day

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