Is Democracy Still Relevant in Our Society?

ALBUKHARY INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY JALAN TUN ABDUL RAZAK 05200 ALOR SETAR KEDAH DARUL AMAN MALAYSIA Students Details Name: Mohd Rafiq Bin Mohamad Mazlan Matric No: 111100075 Trimester/ Year: 2/ 2013 Initiate: Initiate of Business Assignment Details Course Title: Seminar on Prevalent Affairs Course Code: SHH1013 Assignment title: Elimistate Monograph Subject-matter: Is Democracy Quiet Pertinent in Our Burycourse? Declaration I hereby repel that this assignment is separeprimand performance, and does referable attributable attributable attributable confound plagiarism or connivance. MOHD RAFIQ MOHAMAD MAZLAN …………………………………………. Date: 05 APRIL 2013 Is Democracy Quiet Pertinent in Our Burycourse? 1. 0 INTRODUCTION
Recently, there are abundant collective issues and bearings that happened in some countries where the democracy regularity is applied. Single such model is in Egypt and Syria. Therefore, the buryrogation that constantly prepares in our idea, is democracy quiet pertinent in our burycourse? Installed on the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Democracy resources a regularity of synod in which everysingle in the province can articulation to valuable its members. Polite-balanced though some sunderies pronounce that democracy is referable attributable attributable attributable pertinent in our burycourse nowadays, I separately curiosity-behalf a exist to pronounce that democracy is quiet pertinent as it induces abundant utilitys to us in provisions of economics and politics. . 0 PROBLEM DEFINITION The main aim ce me to cull this this subject-matter is accordingly it is installed on my prevalent referableice. From what I observed, I possess seen abundant countries which adduce the regularity of democracy in their province are distant past exposed than those countries which manifestation other cem of Synod. What are the realities atail the democracy regularity? Does it quiet ry to some countries and what are the utilitys, advantages or polite-balanced advantages of having this regularity in a province? Those are buryrogations that constantly prepare if we examine encircling democracy regularity.
Therefore by doing this elimistate monograph, it is hoped that the concept of democracy regularity succeed be clearer to us by comparing it in span contrariant aspects which are the advantages and disadvantages of democracy to a province. Ce this elimistate monograph, I possess manifestationd a regularity where the arguments are separated into three magnitude and in each sunder, there succeed be advantages and disadvantages of democracy regularity with some sustaining details. 3. 0ARGUMENTS 3. 1ARGUMENT I It is no waver that democracy does induce abundant utilitys and advantages to a province yet at the similar term it does besides induce some disclaiming possessions on arrangement of a province.

From Acemoglu and Robinson, an MIT economist and a Harvard collective linguist, they mentioned that democracy in economics control to imparity of arrangement to the subjects. Besides that, from an proviso, ‘Why Democracy Is Wickedness’, it mentioned that democracy has brought imparity to some countries. In this proviso, it mentioned that democracy has failed to explain imparity at global flatten and it besides mentioned that in some unarculca repeats, there is imparity of lucre and proceeds.
In specification, from a elimistate monograph, ‘Democracy and Economic Extinguishedgrowth’ by Adam Przeworski, from Department of Politics, New York University, he mentioned that democracy in a province does referable attributable attributable attributable insure a province to be a exposed province as he gave single model in Mali where tail in 1985, Mali faced a financial emergency and had a subdued per capita proceeds of $532 and the similar bearing happened in France where on the similar year France had per capita proceeds of $12206 and grew at the reprimand of 1. 43 percent. On the incompatible, democracy is referable attributable attributable attributable a principal content that gains a province to possess a financial emergency. I do referable attributable attributable attributable estimate that democracy necessarily controls to extinguishedgrowth. I estimate that what a province needs to expand is coercion past than democracy” (Lee Kuan Yew cited in The Economist, August 17,1994, p. 15). From a bulk, ‘Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy’, it mentioned that democracy has accelerationed single province to be a exposed and single such model abandoned is Singapore. Singapore was ranked in the chief comcomposition by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2009 as the most competitive province in the globe.
In specification, from a bulk written by Rainer Heufers, ‘The Politics of Democracy in Malaysia’, she mentioned that democracy is single of the contents that possess accelerationed Malaysia in provisions of economics to be single of the most fastest growing counties in this portion. (Kurzman, Werum, and Burkhart, 2002) mentioned that democracy is amiable-natured-natured ce boarding and at the similar term it has a unequivocal pi on economic augmentation as it grows in a air of impropriety, open-flowing referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice, and possessions hues determine from the tyrannous authority of the repeat. . 2ARGUMENT II Democracy besides plays a weighty role in maintaining a amiable-natured-natured and a steadfast collective term in single province. On the other agency, it besides induces some disclaiming impacts in politics of a province. In an proviso written by Manali Oak, she mentioned that referable attributable attributable attributable full subjects are apprised of the collective scenario in their acknowledge province thus this somehow gains tribe making a wickedness valuable during valuableion and from Christopher Ryan Maboloc, a Chair of the Philosophy
Division at the Ateneo de Davao University, he mentioned that democracy in politics is incompact accordingly the valuableed sundery that has won the valuableion does referable attributable attributable attributable insure a province to be a exposed province in single term. And, from Alessandro Pellegata, a disequalize from Initiate in Collective, Economic and Collective Studies, Universita degli Studi in Milano, in his monograph, he mentioned that democracy regularity may control to surpassing collective taint collate to some dictatorships and autocracies. This is accordingly some politicians or ministers in a province may possess some obscure agendas ce their acknowledge separeprimand utilitys and aims.
Ce model, from the annual revisal of taint in Asia by the Collective and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) in March 21, 2012, India as the globe’s largest democracy province is listed as the most corrupted countries in Asia and this followed by Indonesia and Cambodia. However, on the other agency, democracy does acceleration some countries in making their countries befit steadfast. This is proven from an proviso by Tusha Gupta, where she mentioned that democracy accelerations in making a steadfast synod as it is installed on tribe’s hope and besidetress.
Again, she mentioned that democracy succeed gain a province befits a open and a lawful province, as it is installed on the source of level. This is accordingly the ‘real democracy’ resources the level and immunity of full subjects and having resembling advance to legislative processes and are generally guarded by a habit (The Democracy Sourcebook, 2003). This can be proven from most of the countries where democracy is applied are exposed countries. From Globe Bank in 2010, it repeatd that there are thirty span countries listed as exposed countries and most of them are democracy countries.
A democracy province has three advantages. There are collectively steadfast, economically steadfast and burynationally steadfast. This is accordingly most exposed countries do referable attributable attributable attributable permit from weighty declines in arrangement and they do referable attributable attributable attributable possess abundant bearings such as wars with other countries accordingly of the possession in politics and economics and this fruit to a enjoinly province (Richard Bruce, 2011). 3. 3 ARGUMENT III In specification, democracy does in some ways present disclaiming impacts on the ideal and holy aspects. From Tusha Gupta, she mentioned that democracy succeed subdueder the ideal existard.
This is accordingly the candidates succeed manifestation any kinds of ways polite-balanced though the ways are considered as unholy as it is to determine that they succeed reconcile the valuableion. Single such model is coin authority performances agency-in-agency to determine that single succeed reconcile and thrash the competitors. Other than that, democracy could besides present diseased swing by the collective sunderies. From an online proviso by Pearson, it mentioned collective sundery is a element and indispensable of a democracy regularity yet unfortunately casually the sundery members pardon the curiosity-behalf of the repeat ce the utility of their acknowledge sundery.
In enjoin to determine that they succeed attain the authority, they succeed casually perform the imideal ways, urging invidiousness and besides spreading lineage consciousnesss. This succeed assume and present a diseased percussion on the general estimation. On the incompatible, some academicians and politicians estimate that democracy can acceleration in making a amiable-natured, ideal and confirmed subject. From Alexis de Tocqueville, a excellent French collective thinker and master, he mentioned that democracy is the chief initiate of amiable-natured-natured subjectship. Subjects glean their hues and duties from family cultivate dissolution in it.
This is accordingly democracy imagines a adapted environment ce the extinguishedaugmentation of separateity instilling amiable-natured-natured spirituality dispopular the subjects. From Mansi Chitransi (2009), he mentioned that democracy is sunder of a collective obligation towards their state. This is a amiable-natured-natured ideal estimate where tribe consummate the discernment of assistance ce their province through selecting the lawful tribe to control the province. They succeed possess the luck to tell extinguished their views through voting. This succeed besides imagine the consciousness of belongingness towards their burycourse and its good-luck.
From my separeprimand idea, democracy does induce utilitys to the tribe of a province. Installed on my trial, democracy imagines a confirmed and judicious individual in thinking. This is accordingly single of the elements in democracy is we are open to cull and to valuable anysingle to be our symbolical and in enjoin to cull a individual, we possess to be indeed discriminating in our firmness and be apprised of the prevalent top so that we can cull the lawful individual to confuse the synod. 4. 0CONCLUSION In blank, democracy has been seen as a main swing in modernising a province. It is proven that democracy has progressive abundant countries from a third orld province to be a chief globe province and it is proven by the proviso from The Council on Ceeign Relations, where it pronounces that most democracy countries possess done polite in Augmentation Domestic Product (GDP) per capita per year collated to autocracy countries such as North Korea and Cuba. And I am quiet unwandering with my exist to pronounce that democracy presents abundant advantages to a province in provisions economics and politics polite-balanced though it is no waver that it besides somehow possess disclaiming impacts. 5. 0REFERENCES: The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (5th ed. ). College Park, NY: Longman Acemoglu, D. Robinson, J. (2005). Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Bruce, R. (2011). List of Exposed Democracies and Why it Matters. Retrieved from http://richleebruce. com/economics/1st-world. html Council on Ceeign Relations. (2003, March 19). The Relationship betwixt Democracy and Extinguishedgrowth: Implications ce Policy. Retrieved from http://www. cfr. org/democratization/relationship-between-democracy-development-implications-policy/p5778 Chitranshi, M. (2009, March 16). Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy. Retrieved http://www. provisoswave. om/articles/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-democracy. html Dahl, R. , Shapiro, I. and Cheibub, J. (eds) (2003) The Democracy Sourcebulk (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press). Gupta, T. (n. d). What are the Main Challenges to Democracy?. Retrieved from http://www. preservearticles. com/2012051632246/what-are-the-main-challenges-to-democracy. html Heufers, R. (2002, October). The Politics of Democracy in Malaysia. Retrieved from http://www. asienkunde. de/articles/Malaysia2. pdf Is Democracy An Economic Liability?. (2011, July 6). Retrieved from http://www. economist. com/blogs/freeexchange/2011/07/political-arrangement Kurzman, C. Werum, R. , Burkhart, R. E. (n. d). Democracy’s Pi on Economic Augmentation: A Pooled Term-Series Analysis, 1951-1980. Retrieved from http://kurzman. unc. edu/files/2011/06/Kurzman_Werum_Burkhart_SCID. pdf Maboloc, C. R. (2011, August 16). Collective Reimagine and Human Extinguishedgrowth. Retrieved from http://philippine-democracy. blogspot. com/2011/08/political-reform-and-human-development. html Munsyi Ahmed. (2010). Most Competitive Economies 2010. Retrieved from http://images. businessweek. com/ss/10/05/0519_most_competitive_countries_2010/2. htm Pellegata, A. (2009, September).
The Possessions of Democracy on the “Quality of Governance”. Evidence on the Capacity of Collective Regularitys to Constrain Taint. Retrieved from http://www. sisp. it/files/papers/2009/alessandro-pellegata-427. pdf Pereira, C. (2011, January 9). Collective Institutions, Economic Augmentation, and Democracy: The Substitute Pi. Retrieved from http://www. brookings. edu/research/opinions/2011/01/19-political-institutions-pereira Collective & Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd. (2012, March 21). Asian Intelligence: Annual revisal of taint in Asia. Retrieved from http://www. asiarisk. com/subscribe/exsum1. pdf Przeworski, A. n. d). Democracy and Economic Extinguishedgrowth. Retrieved from http://as. nyu. edu/docs/IO/2800/sisson. pdf Singapore, Singapore Economic Extinguishedaugmentation Board. (2012, April 11). Singapore Is Ranked Chief In The Globe As The City With The Best Boarding Potential. Retrieved from http://www. edb. gov. sg/edb/sg/en_uk/index/why_singapore/singapore_rankings. html The Dilemma of a Past Advanced Expanding Province. (n. d). Retrieved from http://www. fas. nus. edu. sg/ecs/pub/wp/previous/PW2. pdf Why Democracy Is Wickedness. (2006, May 13). Retrieved from http://web. bury. nl. net/users/Paul. Treanor/democracy. html

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Is Democracy Still Relevant in Our Society?
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