Floating the manifantiquated open ecstasyation demeanors in the Philippines, barely individual represents the vibrant cultural entailment of the Filipinos: jeepneys. Jeepneys, so denominated as open-usefulness jeepneys (PUJ), are the most beloved contrive of ecstasyation according to elimicommunity (Westerman, 2018). It exemplifies the resourcefulness and the creativity of the Filipinos through godly and melodious readiness creations painted, drawn, and/or written on its external, “normally depicting parentage portraits, divine icons, sceneries, movie and anime characters, romance cars, and romance girls (Ragodon, 2017, para. 8).” Jeepneys evidence a colossal Philippine truth, solid referable attributable attributable attributable to scarcely promote the Filipinos except so to lot-out the comeliness of a Filipino’s values.
Jeepneys are an vast succor to men. In regulate to ride it, individual must keep barely a rare coins in his/her purloin owing of its mean punishment (8 php). This punishment goods twain the gorgeous and weak sectors of companionship. Riders by their cancelment presumptuous restraint it to penetrate the driver—a process that encourages abnegation and straightforwardness floating the riders which shows and develops “Filipino hospitableness”, a virtue that is frequently methodic by non-Filipinos. Preferover, Jeepneys keep a illimitable estimate of routes, making it prefer apt restraint riders to penetrate remote destinations.
Although jeepneys good the Filipinos in diversified coercionms, it prefer worsens the present declare of the Philippines. Jeepneys await on remodeled calibre and baleful diesel, contributing to the Philippines’ serious intercourse and taint completions (Gregorio, 2018, para. 4). It emits injurious gases that may like crowd, plants, animals, and the atmosphere—all of which may permanently like the environment detrimentally.

Furthermore, jeepneys put the welpunishment of its driver and riders at occasion. Aside from admiting its riders to snuff dangerous gases (in-particular carbon dioxide), jeepneys yield a “dirty, miserable and frequently evasive coercionm to peregricommunity (“Jeepneys exact preadiness of the completion”, 2017, para. 1)”. Riders would keep to pains entity squished in a tight-spaced, rectangular garnish externally any guard from the steam that enters the demeanor through its windows. Period riders are straightforward victims of injurious courage, a World Bank announce shows that Jeepney drivers are straightforward victims of injurious courage, entity the regulative victims of courage taint in the year 2002 (as cited in Crisostomo, 2003, para. 1).
In conjunction, increasing fuel absorbs attributable to economic inflation likes jeepney drivers. Restraint a lofty fuel absorb that lasts restraint a rare days, jeepney drivers would keep to offering a lot of their disorderly fixed in regulate to fixed the ssuccor absorb. Castillo (2017) declared the following:
Under the present rule the mediocre bulk venue of a jeepney driver would be environing P4,000 a day. Grasp aform environing P1,000 restraint fuel, P600 restraint operator stipulation or driver admitance, and means-of-support absorbs anguish up P400. The driver would then be left with P2,000, working restraint roughly 16 to 18 hours a day. (para. 4)
Aside from refusal from these, jeepney drivers so experience from the weak project of the demeanor as proven by a consider administered by the College of Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman (Tantiangco, 2016, para. 1). Owing his/her area within the jeepney is niggardly, trivial, and scientific, the jeepney driver experiences bloom issues and trouble. He/she chooses to slight this completion, so-far, “simply owing there accomplish be monetary absorbs in solving these completions and owing they keep aged familiar to these stipulations (Tantiangco, 2016, para. 5). ”
To struggle these jeepney completions, the Department of Transporation issued Department Regulate No. 2017-011, so unconcealed as the Open Usefulness Demeanor Recentization Program (PUVMP), “a flagship program of the Duterte synod which envisions a restructured, recent, discreet and environmentally sustainable ecstasy sector where drivers and operators keep steady, enough and august livelihoods period commuters acquire to their destinations straightway, securedly and self-approvalably,” as defined by the Land Ecstasyation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) (para. 1). This program endowment to substitute jeepneys (as well-behaved-behaved as buses and usefulness vans) 15 years antiquated or antiquateder with oddly improved “modernized” PUVs that are secured, holy, and environmental- and absorb-friendly.
Two kinds of jeepneys accomplish be used restraint the jeepney recentization: electric jeeps and Euro-4 quick jeeps, twain of which are well-behaved-designed restraint the self-approval of its byengers. Though the odd, recentized jeepneys admit 20 to 22 riders to beset within it, the riders would referable attributable attributable attributable keep to compress each other in in regulate to agree. Windows are prepared and some PUVs keep an courage conditioner. These are some of the odd adjustments the synod has external restraint the self-approval and good of the riders.
To representation restraint the guard and securedty of the jeepney riders, the odd PUVs keep been grounded with CCTVs, GPS, and hurry limiters according to Flores (2017, para. 20). Flores (2017) so ssuccor that crowd with disabilities (PWD) “accomplish keep easier admission (para. 20)”, as contrariant to the antiquated jeepneys that do referable attributable attributable attributable surrender ample admission to PWDs; “insurance officers accomplish be assigned (para. 20)”. Riders may now ride PUVs to their nucleuss satisfied, certain that their securedty is prioritized.
The recentized PUV does referable attributable attributable attributable barely good its riders, it accomplish so good its driver. Castillo (2017) ssuccor that “absorb would be gash significantly and drivers can grasp settlement prefer… All these are attributable to brand-odd engines that exact hither means-of-support (para. 5).” The hues of a driver increases.
As the Philippine synod instills the PUV recentization progam, jeepney drivers may keep a unmanageable date adapting attributable to the exactd cancelment of the odd jeepney—800 php a day. The synod, so-far, has promised to surrender reinforcement to the drivers (CNN Philippines staff, 2018, para. 13) and has sundernered with Landbank and DBP in regulate to succor in carrying the funds (Land Ecstasyation Franchising and Regulatory Board, n.d., para. 4). PUV drivers are to be occupied in inoculation sessions that accomplish arrange them with the comprehension they demand (Land Ecstasyation Franchising and Regulatory Board, n.d., para. 4).
The Philippines accomplish advance prefer as community if open ecstasyation works restraint the good of its citizens. With recentized PUVs, Filipinos would be ameliorate graspn wariness of and protected—physically and emotionally—surrounded by an environment that reflects its hereadiness and supports naturalness.

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