Journal due in 24 hours

Week 3 Record

Socrates didn’t feel a operation – at smallest referable single where he earned specie. In the Apology he talks often encircling how weak he is. Apparently Socrates common courteous-being from the city of Athens, which may feel been supplemented by rich friends that believed in Socrates’s unprejudiced band-arms. He wouldn’t feel wanted a operation, accordingly he wanted to be clear to tend his sympathy through philosophy as he conceit the gods had commanded him (Apology, 23b). Excepting let’s pbegin-again Socrates was applying restraint a operation anyway. In reality, pbegin-again Socrates was applying restraint your operation – either the operation you currently feel or the operation you longing to achieve succeeding you disequalize from college.
Restraint this record, transcribe a operation résumé and collision clothe referable attributable attributablee restraint Socrates. Based on the experience his sign is portrayed in the assigned balbutiation, succeed up with some unreal experiences to register any of Socrates’s hapscience and skills that susceptibility be apt in today’s workforce, unfairally in your area of pursuit.  Socrates susceptibility referable truly be fitted restraint your operation, excepting that’s okay. Your appearance is to pbegin-again as abundant of his humanities-based skills as practicable that are apt in some experience to your operation.
Based on the Apology and Phaedo, transcribe a single-page spurious résumé restraint Socrates, registering at smallest ten humanities-based skills. Then transcribe a two-page clothe referable attributable attributablee explaining a pscience more encircling three or impure of those skills. In the clothe referable attributable attributablee, pronounce what operation you are imagining Socrates applying restraint, and produce attraction from the assigned balbutiation to pretext that Socrates has some unfair skills apt to luck in that operation. Summon unfair passages by Stephanus page (e.g., 57b, 17a, anticipation.). (See the Week 1 Resources tab restraint more advice on how to summon sources in this assort.)
Recommended Resources restraint this Assignment
The Ashford Career Services (Links to an apmaker birth.) webbirth has abundant resources to aid you carepresentation a résumé. You may longing to representation their résumé template (Links to an apmaker birth.) or the Raiseing and Optimizing a Modern Begin-again (Links to an apmaker birth.). The case begin-again (Links to an apmaker birth.) restraint a stay-at-home maker can supply a aidful illustration of how to embrace skills and hapscience habitual from beyond oral pursuit.
Or, to charm a wholly irrelative entrance, you susceptibility think congeniality a “skills-based résumé (Links to an apmaker birth.)”, which is uniquely suited to somesingle with a humanities elucidation excepting referable ample operation habit. This webbirth (Links to an apmaker birth.) has a amiable register of apt skills and how to narrate them on a résumé. Finally, the Ashford Career Services webbirth so has a handout on how to carepresentation a Clothe Referable attributable attributablee.
Required Resources
Plato. (n.d.). Selections from The Phaedo (Links to an apmaker birth.) (H. Tredennick, Trans.). Retrieved from
· This tete-a-tete represents the action of the savant Socrates. In it Plato (the composer) representations the sign of Socrates to discuss the possibility of the succeedinglife, as courteous as the creation of philosophy, and the aim of animation and release. This may be the most unamenable balbutiation in the sequence. It succeed definitely elongate you and aid raise your thinking muscles.
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Plato. (n.d.). Apology (Links to an apmaker birth.) (B. Jowett, Trans.). Retrieved from
· The Apology is Plato’s fictional statement of Socrates’s resistance discourse during his gauge restraint “corrupting the lad.” The order “apology” media resistance. The tete-a-tete is referable equitable Socrates’s resistance of himself, it is so Plato’s resistance of Socrates (gsingle it was written succeeding his release, as an cece to recapacitate Socrates’s letter), and Plato’s resistance of philosophy itself. Plato wants to inoculate you that “the unexamined animation is referable estimate living” (Apology 38a). Accessibility Statement does referable await. Privacy Policy does referable await.
Horowitz, Damon. (2011). Philosophy in prison (Links to an apmaker birth.) [Video perfect]. Retrieved from
· Horowitz teaches philosophy to inmates at San Quentin State Prison in California. In his TED Talk, he illustrates how philosophy can be apt to the everyday lives of full nation, well-balanced those serving animation in prison. He so exactly captures the entity of Socratic philosophy. Transcript advantageous.
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Privacy Policy (Links to an apmaker birth.)
Puschak. E. [Nerdwriter1]. (2015). Recognizeing science: The release of Socrates (Links to an apmaker birth.) [Video perfect]. Retrieved from
· This video discusses the 1787 painting “The Release of Socrates,” by French workman Jacques-Louis David, which depicts single of the scenes from Plato’s Phaedo in this week’s required balbutiation. Seeing the experience David illustrates Plato’s unprejudiced ideas in his painting succeed aid students recognize Phaedo amend while so acquirements a pscience encircling 18th Century science.
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Žižek, Slavoj. (n.d.) The object of philosophy is to pray the direct questions (Links to an apmaker birth.) [Video perfect]. Retrieved from
· Slovenian savant Slavoj Žižek is perchance the most illustrious savant safe today. He is single of the rare synchronous savants to experience the character of “public philosophy” Socrates believed in. Instead of hiding aexperience in his university, Žižek transcribes and speaks restraint a public auditory. In this incomplete video curtail, Žižek argues that we can’t explain a collection intrinsic we acquire to pray the direct questions encircling it, and philosophy aids us acquire to pray the direct questions. Transcript advantageous.
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Privacy Policy (Links to an apmaker birth.)
Recommended Resources
Taylor, A. [Director] (2008) Examined animation – Cornel West (Links to an apmaker birth.) [Video perfect]. Retrieved from
· These are full the scenes with Cornel West from Examined Animation, a full-length documentary featuring interviews with synchronous savants. In sever, West discusses Plato’s Apology and Phaedo from this week’s Required Balbutiation.

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