Leopold Sedar

Leopold Sedar Senghor (9 October 1906 – 20 December 2001) Leopold Sedar Senghor was born in Joal, Afrique Occidentale Francaise (French West Africa now Republic of Senegal), to a Serer (third largest ethnic cluster in Senegal) Father and Roman Catholic mother. In 1928 Senghor traveled to Paris to endure his studies on a peculiar lore. He became the pristine sombre African to befit an agrege, the summit limitation control a preceptor in the French advice rule, and became a adherent of African languages and humanization at the Ecole Nationale de la France d’Outre-Mer.
When Senegal achieved anarchy in 1960, Senghor was elected its pristine moderator. He sole from the presidency on 31 December 1960. Senghor sole to France, became the pristine sombre African component of the French Academy in 1984, and published his life, (‘That Which I Believe: Negritude, Frenchness, and Universal Humanization’) in 1988. He died at Verson, France, on 20 December 2001. Philosophy: Leopold Sedar Senghor believes that every African shares real important and quantitative characteristics, computes and aesthetics.
Negritude is the free rooting of an Sombre individuality in this inescapable and true African nature. (The superior announce of Negritude is ce-this-discuss that one’s biological make-up (race) defines one’s quenchedside (skin perversion) as well-mannered-mannered as close (spirit/essence) traits. It is a concept which holds that there is a ‘shared humanization and subjectivity and religions nature’ unordered components of the corresponding racial cluster. Instead of rejecting the (colonialist) supposition that pursuit defines one’s being; Negritude rejects the selfreliance that the African is inherently auxiliary to the “unspotted man”.

To Senghor, this makes Negritude a instrument across colonialism and an ‘instrument of liberation’. To Senghor, the African nature is externalized in a important humanization and philosophy. This vindication is protected by Senghor’s assumption that Negritude – the rooting of individuality in one’s true nature – is ‘diametrically opposed to the transmitted philosophy of Europe’ (the colonizer). To Senghor, European philosophy is ‘essentially static, objective… It is founded on disconnection and opposition: on dissection and conflict’.
In dissimilarity, African philosophy is naturalized on ‘unity’, poise, chaffer and an import of ‘movement and rhythm’. Senghor’s fancy of “Negritude” posits an nature control sombres who are intuitive, carnal, and supposititious. In other signification, he argues that sombres keep a rare nature, with quenched which the “humanization of the Universal” would be fallible. (This is insensitive of Du Bois’ conviction that Sombres keep a point compute to append to earth truth). This nature, according to Senghor, is irreconcilable from the unspotted nature, which is naturalized in discuss and objectivity.

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Leopold Sedar
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