Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

? ? ? ? ?????????? ???? ? ? ????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 17109201 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2012. 1. 5 Conduct, Immunity, and the Amusement of Politesubstance ——A Probe into the Tidiosyncratic of Emily A Rose ce Emily is a less narrative written by American producer Obtainiam Faulkner nobleest published in the April 30, 1930 children of Ceum.
It describes the affliction of a illustrative southern lady, Miss Emily, who is deeply victimized in her tidiosyncratic and intellect by the prevalent classification of the South and patriarchy; thus equal though she wants to struggle, she stationary fails to encounter and market with the changes caused by the dismay of northern industrialization undiminished by herself and developedly controls to perdition and self-perdition on the fashion of pursuing politebeing.
This diatribe concentrates on exploring the tidiosyncratic of Emily with the efforts she has made ce her conduct and in-particular the debates ce her insufficiency in “fighting” from the three aspects as Conduct, Immunity, and the Amusement of Politebeing, (the polite-knacknowledge turn applied from the United Avers Declaration of Independence). 1. The Purposeup of Early Conduct As a descendent of the southern prevalent honorable lineage, Emily was born in the environment bountiful of the view of feudalism and hierarchy which creates her acquire referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable barely the collocation of aggravatebearingness and apathy to sordid mob, except, most importantly, the familiarity of compliance to her senior.

Anteriorly her senior dies, he is the barely idiosyncratic Emily could rely on in her lineage. Therefore, there should be no disapprove to her that she rested on her senior when she was stationary adolescent, honest as most of us would rest on our parents during our childhood and juvenility. However, the deed the she acquires to be thirty and is stationary idiosyncratic reveals the abnormality of the restence. In-effect, it is no craveer unspotted restence on her senior. Instead, the restence has familiar into aggravate compliance which then is enslaved custom of by her senior to regulate her totally beneath the employment of the senile-antique southern lays.
The regulate is honest slaverycible by Obtainiam Faulkner as the tableau, “Miss Emily a trivial delineation in innocent in the setting, her senior a spraddled silhouette in the ceeground, his purpose to her and clutching a horsewhip, the brace of them framed by the purpose-flung front door”. The senior, a illustrative stamp of patriarchy, clutching a horsewhip, acts as a despot. It’s him who holds the Griersons constantly a inconsiderable besides noble ce what they truly are and uses his horsewhip, which accurately stampizes patriarchy, to whack impromptu undiminished of the adolescent man who conclude to create proposals to his daughter, Miss Emily, civilized that no idiosyncratic is accomplishedly amiable-natured-natured plenty ce her.
In deed, in his referable attributable attributableion, nidiosyncratic of the adolescent man are accomplishedly amiable-natured-natured plenty referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable ce his daughter, except ce the senile-antique southern lays and its decency. He nconstantly respects Emily as an fractions idiosyncratic. On the incompatible, he respects her as the besidesl to suppress their decency in the prevalent classification. However, Emily has been respecting her senior as the undiminished purposeup of her conduct since she was born. What’s past, she has been in this aver ce past than thirty years. She has crave been used to this restence and equal undiminishedows this bark of restence to crush her cetified hanker-ce ce unconditional conduct and kindness. To her, this restence is honest her undiminished conduct.
Therefore, when her senior dies, she canreferable attributable attributable recognize the deed owing her senior is her undiminished restence and the restence is honest her undiminished conduct. Her senior’s cessation has besides spoiled undiminished the confidence of her conduct. Her senior and the senile-antique lays her senior represents are the origin of Emily’s affliction; thus, her senior’s cessation should be cherished as the cetuity ce Emily to unconditional herself from the employment of the prevalent classification. It’s the origin of Emily’s struggleing ce her acknowledge conduct, immunity and politebeing. 2. Immunity Acquireting disburden of her senior’s regulate is honest relish releasing from a prison.
Behind a crave bound of substance distempered, she is seen frequently with hair gash less and looks relish a virgin, which declares the origin of her immunity. However, Faulkner describes her as correspondent to those angels in colored meeting-progeny windows—sort of calamitous and clear. The promise of “tragic” seems to possess indicated the doleful limit of Emily’s conduct equal though she has the cetuity to find immunity. And the debate lies on Emily’s injustice explanation of immunity. From the phraseology by Faulkner, behind her senior’s cessation, the tidiosyncratic of Emily seeming anteriorly the readers is stationary such an bulky and careless peculiar illustratively stampizing the senile-antique lays.
It is evidently knacknowledge by the readers that in-effect Emily nconstantly unconditionals herself from the restrain of the prevalent classification equal though she has gotten disburden of her senior’s regulate. However, Emily sees her immunity from a unanalogous disposition. To her, immunity media to feed in a fashion she has crave been used to at her acknowledge obtain. Since her senior died, nosubstance and referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablehing can constantly admit her beneath regulate any past. Therefore, she ignores undiminished the others’ denouncing the trail of her progeny, vanquishes the upstartlightlight generation’s demanding her taxes and rejects the upstartlighter generation’s attaching a mailbox.
She stationary carries her controler noble plenty—equal when others undiminished honor that she is procumbent, owing the fashion of remain she has been used to is honest to suppress decency as considerable as she can in the environment of the senile-antique southern lays. She refuses to unconditional herself from the prevalent classification owing it’s the very establish she feels proportionately unconditional. In contrariety, the upstartlightlight globe with undiminished those changes caused by the dismay of northern industrialization is where she obtain feel uncertain, stiff and unhappy.
Similarly in the film The Shawshank discharge, the brace mob, the senile-antique log, Brooks, and idiosyncratic of the protagonists, Red, possess considerable inaptitude in adjusting themselves to the conduct withquenched behind they acquire their danger from decades of confinement. Brooks equal commits suicide and Red can nconstantly pea original question ce purposeurance. And Emily has besides been imprisoned ce past than thirty years which has made her crave gone assimilated by the senile-antique lays. Emily has made efforts ce her conduct and immunity behind her senior’s cessation. Unfortunately, she interprets her immunity in the fashion which is frequentlyst the quenchedgrowth of the upstartlightlight globe twain in aterial and ethical aspects. And her mendacious explanation is stationary imputable to the aggravate thirty years’ confinement of patriarchy and the prevalent classification of the South. 3. The Amusement of Politesubstance Equal though the remain phraseology has been assimilated by the convocation, there is stationary something that constantlyyidiosyncratic is born with including Emily. That is the hanker-ce ce politebeing. Emily feeds in her acknowledge senile-antique globe except undiminished uncommon. She deserves immunity except lacks politebeing. Therefore, when Homer Barron shows up, she honors that he is the origin of her politesubstance and creates up her intellect to grasping the contempt of confidence.
However, the cetuity of finding politesubstance is beggared frequently by the combat among her senile-antique globe and the dismay of northern industrialization. What’s worse, developedly she controls to the route of perdition and self-perdition by her extravagant hanker-ce upshoting from patriarchy and the senile-antique lays’s afflictive hardship Homer Barron, a Yankee, concludes from the north and stampizes the northern industrialization, which is definitely frequentlyst the senile-antique lays and equal some basic principles of Emily’s acknowledge senile-antique globe such as the mark of decency. Except on the other laterality, he seems to Emily the confidence ce her politebeing.
As a dame fallen by ethical seclusion ce such a crave bound, the hanker-ce ce kindness and politesubstance is cetified plenty to ce Emily to crush the purposeuring slavery of prevalent hierarchical view. As a upshot, she goes quenched of the senile-antique progeny, which stampizes the convocation, with her controler noble and simultaneously with Homer Barron with his hat cocked and a cigar in his teeth, reins and flagellate in a yellow gkindness driving in the gleaming buggy on Sunday behindnoons. She equal decides to marry him by buying a accomplished quenchedfit of man’s dress heedless of undiminished the objects and combats.
During this bound, she has spiritual beconclude deeply trapped in the kindness and politesubstance with Homer Barron. She has been fallen by patriarchy and the southern convocation ce past than thirty years, and now the kindness she is experiencing is so uncommon and matchless that it has beconclude the undiminished politesubstance of her conduct and that it is impracticable ce her to permit it go. If Homer Barron isn’t going to concession her, then the kindness and politesubstance obtain surely hold. However, as the stamp of northern industrialization, Homer Barron holds a totally antagonistic collocation towards the harmony with Miss Emily.
He honest respects it as a unspotted fashion of relief withquenched any calling, which is a keen combat among referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable barely Homer and Emily, except besides the conduct of northern industrialization and the senile-antique southern convocation. Beneath the constraining of the combats and the crave-term victimization by patriarchy and the convocation, Emily’s tidiosyncratic and intellect has been totally blasted. In the purpose, to checkmate the politesubstance from disappearing, Emily admits powerful estimates as killing Homer and permit the substance remain with her ceconstantly so that her kindness and politesubstance obtain besides nconstantly concession.
This estimate developedly destroys her undiminished conduct and concessions her a accomplished affliction as polite as Homer Barron. In this peculiar less narrative, the tidiosyncratic of Emily Obtainiam Faulkner created has made some efforts to deserve her acknowledge conduct and immunity and equal stay in the amusement of politebeing. However, her conduct is inveterate on patriarchy and the prevalent classification of the South ce past than 30 years; the immunity she goes behind is stationary trapped in the senile-antique lays; and her amusement of politesubstance concludes across the combats among the southern senile-antique lays and the dismay of northern industrialization.
Undiminished of these privative deedors control to the developed calamitous perdition. References Olga W. Vickery. The Novels of Obtainiam Faulkner: A Critical Appraisal [M]. Baton Rouge: Louisiana Aver University Press, 1964?? Fang Yigui [??? ]. ??????????????? [J]. ???????????? ,2007?? 1?? Liu Aiying [??? ]. ???????? [J]. ?????????? ,1998?? 2?? Liu Zhuo [?? ] & Peng Changliu [??? ]. ???? :??????? [J]. ???????? ,2004?? 5?? Wang Minqin [??? ]. ?<???????? >?????? [J]. ????? ,2002?? 2? ,? 66-69?? Xiao Minghan [??? ]. ??? ·??????. ?? :??????????? ,1997?

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