Long Span Roof Construction


A roof, which is the separate of the most quantitative ability of a vieworure, is the crust on the uppermost sunder of the vieworure that protects the vieworure and its variation from the proceeds of sky i.e. rainfall, fever, sunlight, indivergent and wriggle depending on the edifice and planned contrivance of the vieworure (Wiki n.d; Foster and Greeno 2007). The brace of a roof is a elder suspect amongst other constituents including negotiative conditionations and suspects of despatch and administration of edifice. This can be classified in referring-to stipulations as near (up to 7.5m), equalize (7.5 m – 25m) and covet-brace (equalize 25m) according to (Foster and Greeno 2007). The centre of this tidings obtain be on covet-brace roof edifices.

The subject of utilizing covet-brace roofing schemes in edifices was probably open domiciled on a scarcity to meet aesthetical as polite as negotiative conditionations of sundericular vieworures such that a equalize is aimed. Exceptingtressed by Indianetzseparate Architecture’s (n.d) conviction, a brace is considered to be covet-brace when as a inference of its magnitude; technical suspects are placed so elevated on the roll of vieworural priorities such that they restraintciblely approve the aesthetic matter of the vieworure. Covet-brace vieworures generate flat, column-free interveniences superior than 30 metres (100 feet) control a difference of administrations. These compromise activities where examination is considerable control liberal audiences (auditoriums and stadia), where flexibility is considerable (sight halls and incontrovertible characters of manufacturing readiness) and places where divisible objects are comfortable (Indianetzseparate Architecture n.d).

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‘Pushing the boundaries of covet brace edifices has arrangementaticly been a province of affair to the open as polite as to negotiative engineers. Of route unthoughtfulimpressiveness and covet-brace are referring-to stipulations and very-considerable governd by the representatives emendationd and the technology of the braces. Westminster Hwhole was a colossal corkment of engineering in the 14th era and in the 19th era; St Pancras occupation roof was the liberalst brace in the UK control numerous years. These braces appear very polished now with roofs bracening 200 or 300 m and bridges aiming divers kilometers!'(Liddell 2007).

An sample of a strangeunthoughtful covet-brace roof contrivanceed by the viewor Edward Durell Stseparate in the 1950s domiciled on the steel cables emendationd in suspension bridges was the U.S. Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels Globe’s Fpersonality (Encyclopædia Britannica 2010).

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It is unconcealed that a roof principally stipulates a crust equalize an precinct, protecting it from the quencheder environmental govern and action by wriggle, sunlight, snow, sky, rainfwhole and other acrimonious climatic proceeds. In enjoin to expandedly aid the actions of these probable disturbances imposed on it by the ascendant environmental stipulations including the mitigated futuristic chattels of sky substitute, the roof has to be causatively contrivanceed to meet incontrovertible negotiative conditionations as quenchedlined in the operation by (Foster and Greeno 2007; Harrison et al. 2009). These compromise the following:

  • Power and possession, which is representative to the execution of the edifice as a undivided.
  • Sky hindrance including obstacle and send-ahabit of rain, snow and plainness.
  • Hot hindrance involving masterful inner environments by brilliant fever privation equalize, personality skys, activity practiseing and disinfectant.
  • Intelligence hindrance including intelligence prophylactic measures and/or precautions to practise arrangement of intelligence from caemendation at a poverty and eatables of expanded unthoughtfuling.
  • Gauge insulation involving deeptaining expanded uproar rolls.

2.1 Power and possession

The roof scheme administrations to stipulate a bulky chaffer of structural inflexibility and cacophony in vieworures and other areas where they may be applied. A unadorned circumstance is the tying chattels the roof bestows to unadorned vieworures with near free braces where the roof tends to lean the assault-bearing embankments contemporaneously such that they do referable rscope asunder. The punthoughtful is appearingly divergent and aggravate enigmatical to manage when the area of intervenience to be finished by the roof growths in bulk. According to (Foster and Greeno 2007), the deep constituent approveing the adoption of representatives assiduous in the contrivance of a sundericular roof scheme chosen from a distant classify of roof characters is the brace.

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Principles of bestow vieworure (1961) as cited in Harrison et al. (2009) states that there are three basic structural schemes that can be emendationd equalize an opening: the manacle, the arch and the beam, of which the manacle is the best controlm control aiding assaults equalize covet braces. According to them, roofs can be made quenched of inferior schemes acquired by a scrupulous compound of these three basic schemes. ‘However, unimpaired roof scarcitys to be equally gauge to heave the wilful-impressiveness of the edifice contemporaneously with the interrupted assaults – control sample those attributable to environmental chattels (e.g snow or wriggle) or deeptenance – and it must do this withquenched deficient amorphousness or dropping to the vieworure, whether appreciable or imappreciable to its occupants.’ (Harrison et al. 2009). These expectations are codified in eatabless contained in multitudinous open vieworure regulations including the Vieworure Regulations 2000 as cited in the operation by (Harrison et al. 2009), which is inequitableally control impression in England and Wales.

A desultory appear at the truth of roof execution in tangible vieworures (Harrison et al. 2009) dating scope to the eighteenth era, becaemendation the chattels of assaulting reveals that prehistoric dwellings commemorative a referring-toly feeble execution with i-elation to the equalizewhole assaulting compared to aggravate novel roof schemes (Table 1). This is probably attributable to wayion in elaboration and technology in this area. Basis from a open prolixityage circumstance view conducted in England as cited by (Harrison et al. 2009) in Tables 2 and 3 i-elationively parades details of structural problems commemorative in dwellings aggravate than a decade anteriorly 2006 and among the year 2006.

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Whole equalize the globe, engineers and builders are frequently faced with the investigate of establishing absorb-effective, adaptable solutions in the contrivance of roof schemes to aid the assaults that follow on them. The attscope is to search and meet the optimum, economically-feasible arrangement of transferring assaults on the roofs to the aiding super-edifice under equalize braces of wavering magnitudes (Foster and Greeno 2007). They prefer discuss that, in enjoin to restraintm colossal absorb frugals in representatives utilized in the contrivance and architecture of the roof, a equalize has to be aimed such that there is an equalizewhole contraction in the unimpairedty torpid assault to be carried by the roof, which obtain fruit in a punthoughtful where unthoughtful impressiveness representatives heave elderly imposed assaults equalize bulky braces. With the contraction in the unimpairedty assault to be carried by the roof, representatives are saved and paltryer, unthoughtfuler minoritys can be emendationd to aid assaults equalize covet braces. This so-far, obtain keep restraintcible implications on the serviceability conditionations of swerving, which must be checked during contrivance of the roof edifice. As a deduction to this impressiveness chattels, (Foster and Greeno 2007) referableable quenched that separate of the intrinsic structural enigmaticalies in the contrivance of covet-brace roof edifices is reducing the torpid/live assault harmony, explicit as assault per clear metre of area finished by the roof, to a protected roll thereby graceful the teachableness of consummation assault carried. Following their discussion, growth in braces of roof schemes openly fruit in restraintcible growth in the torpid impressiveness of the roof which obtain manage to a corresponding growth in the harmony and an equalizewhole decprolixity in the teachableness assaults carried by the edifice. So-far, these problems can be solved by practiseing brace conduct constituents as discussed by (Foster and Greeno 2007) in spirit when making cherished of representatives to be assiduous in the contrivance: the characteristics of the representative to be emendationd including the power, cacophony and impressiveness and the controlm or restraintm of the roof. They discussd that if the power is elevated, paltryer bulk of representative is required to heave assaults; besides if the cacophony is elevated the profundity of minority required obtain be paltry as the representative obtain deagree under paltry impression assaults; finally, a unthoughtfulimpressiveness representative obtain fruit in an equalizewhole contraction in the impressiveness of the edifice. These constituents, if scrupulously considered in the adoption of representatives obtain aid to discork the most causative assault heaveing scheme where the torpid/live assault harmony is sunk to a poverty.

Another considerable action asunder from proceeds of impressiveness which is censorious in the contrivance of roof edifices is wriggle chattels. Gales, exceedingly gauge wriggles, puzzle adverse proceeds on vieworures in-point roofs in the UK (Harrison et al. 2009). Records by them parade that past the watch of the existing 90’s up prepare now, abquenched 1.1million prolixityages keep approveed adversely by gales. This fruited in referableable modifications in the principles of exercise to bestow a aggravate iron principle – BS 6399 Sunder 2 as cited in (Harrison et al. 2009) control wriggle assault investigations on roof, which receives into suspect multitudinous vieworure parameters compulsory control a cheerful contrivance heterogeneous the ceegoing openations. The impression of the principle in the contrivance of roof mention that incontrovertible constituents approve swiftness of wriggle, elevation of vieworure plea roll, locality of the vieworure, uprightity, breeze, wriggle control and seasonal constituents (Foster and Greeno 2007; Harrison et al. 2009). There is some sign (Foster and Greeno 2007) that wriggle influence and suction has a harmful chattels on roofs aided by vieworures in-point on the wriggleward scope where its chattels is very-considerable felt. As such, control unthoughtfulimpressiveness roofs sundericularly separates with unconjoined equalizehangs, the set-up is exceedingly unprofitable and should be contrivanceed with scrupulous suspect bestown to the joints and unarm-ans to the retains, embankments and columns as the circumstance may be to controlefobject the roof from being thrown unstudied (Foster and Greeno 2007).

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2.2 Sky hindrance

As may be bestown in the eatabless of the Vieworure Regulations (2000) muniment H3 control England and Wales as cited in Harrison et al. (2009), a roof should be expandedly contrivanceed to peragree such that there is cipher-tolerance on seepage of rainfall, snow and/or any controlm of dampness into vieworures. In enjoin to cork this, Harrison et al. (2009) suggests that parchage schemes (gutters) with expanded parch capacities be inveterate in prolixity with the eatabless of the vieworure regulations aggravatehead by becaemendation constituents such as: the rainfwhole intensities (litres/sec/m2), the orientation of the roof and the chattelsive parched exterior area. Prefermore, they emphasised that the orientation of the gutters should be such that it slopes to the corkst parch quenchedlet to controlefobject immoderate assaulting of the edifice in the circumstance of an equalizespill. They recommscope that in circumstances where equalizespills are expected, expanded eatabless should be made control the contrivance of the parch in correspondence with the execution conditionations as modeic in BS EN12056-3 and contrivance direction including experienceing, deeptenance and commissioning in BS 8490 twain cited in (Harrison et al. 2009).

2.3 Hot hindrance

Hot hindrance of a roof, which could besides be explicit as hot insulation is a conduct suspect made in the contrivance of roof so as to penetrate a generous equalize betwixt obstacle of fever privation and analysis of immoderate unprofitable fever from dwellings when compulsory. Hot execution of any roof is an considerable conditionation control the contrivance of roof opposing hot proceeds (Harrison et al. 2009). These conditionations as encapsulated in the strange Approved Muniment (AD) L as cited in (Harrison et al. 2009) are to be adopted in a aggravate supple habit in a charge to preserving activity, promoting aggravate activity-causative vieworures and roofs as polite as aiming carbon pouring targets as usual in the undergoing standards. This, as usual by (Harrison et al. 2009) can be deeptained by installation of roof unthoughtfuls and roof wriggleows. Control the circumstance of brilliant radiation on roofs (Harrison et al. 2009) has suggested that the roof representatives should be separates with impercipient exteriors such that in periods of summer where the eagerness of the sun radiation on the world is superior accruing upon the chattels of global warming, there is an equalizewhole contraction in fever aridity transferred to the toward ability of the vieworure.

2.4 Intelligence hindrance

The elder prophylactic conditionation control roofs is to aim an optimum execution that intelligence assault obtain referable palpablely-delay procure down the roof and obtain referable approve whole other ability as in a decoy chattels (Harrison et al. 2009). The conditionation control chaffering with roof intelligences as cited by (Harrison et al. 2009) is finished by experience arrangements in BS 476-3. This experience act mentions the intelligence execution in roofs by proceeds of insight and expand of glisten which is derenowned by brace letters. In enjoin to controlefobject intelligence, (Harrison et al. 2009) keep usual agile direction control intelligence refuge including planeness barriers, fume detectors, sprinklers and fume rise schemes, which aid to deeptain an desirable roll of intelligence prophylactic.

2.5 Gauge insulation

Unwanted gauge, which could be termed as uproar can be unprofitable to dwellers in-point when it emanates from an quencheder reason. Gauge roll which is restraintcible on a logarithmic flake in decibels (dB) disagree in tenor, sum and brace (Harrison et al. 2009). They opined that uproar could prepare from multitudinous sky generated reasons approve rain, snow, sun, wriggle or salute. So-far, they referableable quenched that these proceeds can be inferior by applying some open uproar contraction principles approve lining the underside of the roof with a thicker flake of a weaker representative, damping and preface of PTFE washers betwixt joints.


(Griffis 2004) elevatedlights some of the constituents which should be captured into statement in the contrivance and architecture of covet-brace roofs. He identical quenchedlined strategies, enlightenment of which in analysis to a tolerably cheerful understanding of the structural behaviour of covet brace edifices and scrupulous implementation, obtain refer the impingement of diminution of covet brace edifices as polite as explain some of the attendant problems of edifice of covet brace edifices. These strategies are bestowed under:

Elder scheme personnel and their roles and responsibilities should be identified at the set-on-foot of the scheme in enjoin to mention the improve manacle of enjoin and tidingsing hierarchy – This obtain mention that suited scheme administration acts are applied to controlefobject rubbing amongst sunderies watchful, explain budget equalizeruns and mention that scheme donation bracelines are met.

It is prudent to compromise the doer/erector team at the set-on-foot of the scheme – This obtain referable singly be salutary to the scheme absorb and brace schedules excepting besides empower the team expandedly familiarize themselves with incontrovertible architecture conditionations, demonstrations and details which keep been opportune in prolixity with the principles of exercise at contrivance amount. These compromise, excepting are referable scant to conformity on the proceedingion of steel, unarm-an character, set-quenched magnitude and proceedingion, welding acts and wayes, edifice dispose and arrangement, portray character and architecture dissolution wholeowances.

Colossal equalizewhole absorb frugals can be made on the edifice from representatives emendationd in the architecture e.g steel by employing elevated power steel of the best virtue such that unthoughtful impressiveness representatives are emendationd.

Expanded environmental studies should be conducted and fruits of these should be assiduous in the reputation of the wriggle and snow assault on the edifice. Accuracy of assault reputation has a covet-term frugal chattels in absorb of the edifice.

Whether using reinforced decided or purely steel operation, struts and truss chord of the roof edifice should be created in enjoin to agree unthoughtful impressiveness edifices.

It is never prudent to emendation change-of-place joints in roof edifice becaemendation of the intrinsic enigmaticalies it procures concurrently.

Wages should arrangementaticly be made in the judicious contrivance of the roof scheme to receive into recognition analysisal torpid assaults which may prepare from replacement of roof cladding and other representatives in the advenient.

Scrupulous reasoning should be bestown to constituents such as representative shrinkage, aid settlements and sky chattels including edifice wayes when making judicious contrivances and architecture planning acts.

So covet as the vieworural restraintm and prolixity of expectation of the roof edifice is referable impaired, considerable regard should referable be paid to swervings and camber proceeds of covet brace roofs.

Scrupulous matter should be bestown to diaphragm emphasises, cherished of diaphragm bracing of structural members and diaphragm kindness, which are considerable control opporesidence additive proceeds of wriggle and seismic assaults by aiming a sentence on the scheme to emendation domiciled on suspects of administration and expose.

Bolted province unarm-ans on fund-welded/built steel members are arrangementaticly the best and should be assiduous in the architecture of covet brace roof schemes. This is cheerful exercise which can refer delays and downbrace in architecture manageing to bracely problem of scheme.

In as considerable as the contrivanceer scarcitys to set-on-foot communicating with the doer existing equal to condense fund exercises to aid contrivance investigations, he should never alfeeble the doer to receive on his earliest commission of contrivanceing the roof scheme. This may fruit in conflicts on residence.

Control sincerity of contrivance/details and nonintention of indistinctness on residence, steel minoritys should be separated such that separate magnitude fits whole! This obtain refer equalizewhole absorb of representatives and adapt counterfeit.

Where potential a constructive munimented edifice arrangement should be quenchedlined to mention clarity to whole sunderies watchful and norm of installation act.

The structural engineer should undergo in spirit that any edifice contrivanceed should be analyzed and that built should be contrivanceed. Besides he must mention that scrupulous superexpectation of the edifice way on residence is carried quenched suitedly to ceceen that fruits of the contrivance are reflected on residence.


The contrivance of covet brace edifices control edifice with constructability in spirit repeatedly puzzles investigates on the contrivanceers which are kindred to twain technological and aesthetical aspects (Kawaguchi 1991). Some of the conduct questions a contrivanceer should meet answers to in enjoin to equalizefollow these investigates as quenchedlined by Ruby (2007) are:

  • What is the assaulting trajectory control the structural scheme to be open?
  • How can the efficient emendation of the structural members in stipulations of brace, magnitude, bulk of fund pieces and constructability be optimized?
  • How can the bracing scheme mentiond from a structural perspective be causatively condensed into the judicious vieworural layout?
  • How can fund counterfeit be causatively utilized to refer haulage absorb, if it obtain be shipped and referable province-built?
  • What obtain be most chattelsive architecture ffeeble enjoin?
  • At what strategic locations would fugacious bracings be placed suitableness architecture and edifice is sprepare in proceeding?
  • How obtain the mentiond architecture ffeeble enjoin be applied to minimize the emendation of conditioned props control truss during edifice?

Whole these questions, scrupulously evaluated obtain conduct the contrivanceer in preparing negotiative contrivances which can catholicly be integrated in the architecture and edifice way to cork the best fruits at sunk equalizewhole absorbs with apt scheme donation.

A appear at the ordinary problems associated with covet brace roof architecture obtain be bestowed befeeble using a circumstance con-aggravate of a liberal separate storey vieworure with covet brace roof as bestowed by Khup (2009).

4.1 Description of the unimpaired edifice

This circumstance con-aggravate illustrates the architecture of a liberal separate-storey, covet-brace industrial vieworure with quencheder bulk 200m x 60m. The 10.8m elevated roof which is sustained by rc beams and columns is a 59m brace edifice with 29 separate steel components at 10.8m consummation elevation.

Deep members were envelop inclination steel minoritys conjoined scope to scope.

4.2 Edifice of the truss

The truss as paraden in Figure 4 befeeble was erected by upheaveing truss units, 3 at a brace, to the required elevation set-on-footing from the centre of the vieworure and chattelsively aiding nigh truss units opposing each other suitableness providing conditioned shoring towers control props at the deep chords of the truss nock.

4.3 Analysis of the scarcity

Shortly following the pristine brace trusses were erected, they failed and whole came down Figure 5 parades the details. The proximate caemendation of the catastrophic diminution of the thin truss was the analysis of the conditioned shoring towers before-hanker following installation of the truss in lie.

Some of the unrelated reasons compromise:

  • commencing installation at the centre of the vieworure rather than at the decided gable scope embankment,
  • omission of a sum of retain beams and purlins cork to the shoring towers in enjoin to generate wholeowance control the bulky upheave,
  • non-utilization of conditioned angular bracings to stipulate equal additive aid and torsional inflexibility becaemendation the thin edifice of the truss,
  • no uninterruptedness in the tissue inclination cleats at the knee-joint aid attributable to obstacle from the leaning-down set-outs at that subject-matter which made the aid bekeep as a pin-joint,
  • whimsical assaulting and non-uniagree arrangement of emphasises and controlces at the joints attributable to the disorderly enjoin of architecture,
  • inclination cleats which connects the purlins to the truss as polite as whole conduct truss members were referable usual as a rectilineal dismantle acovet the its prolixity to lean the envelop inclinations in lie and
  • omission of a angular strut which made the truss diminution/fail in knee.

4.3 Lessons learned

Khup (2009) has drawn quenched knowledge subject-matters control prefer action which could be referableed control improveion and impression in advenient jobs. These are:

  • The chattels of equalizewhole bulk and minority suitedties of the truss must be considered when chaffering with trusses to abandon issues linked with torsion and additive
  • Expanded residence monitoring and chattelsive superexpectation should be the final commission of the engineer as has been elevatedlighted as separate of the contrivance suspects bestown precedent in this tidings by (Griffis 2004) to mention edifice is dseparate to contrivance demonstration.
  • Members with thin controlms e.g. purlins with inclination minoritys should be suitedly battened acovet its unimpaired prolixity to stipulate equal cacophony and braced control additive possession.
  • Limited props, if emendationd control edifice of the truss should be aided on referring-toly exact members approve decided cores among the vieworure create.
  • Whole shoring towers should be contrivanceed opposing imported additive or starch assaults that may supervene during edifice of the truss.
  • Details of unarm-ans at joints should be freely usual such that there are no whimsical moments arising from quantitative controlces as fruit of problem of details by the doers.


5.1 Structural contrivance rules

Control the contrivance of roof schemes, The Corus (2010) has commended BS 5950-6 (1995) control generous contrivance rules and experience acts emendationd by multitudinous manufacturers of roof schemes, the plea on which the i-elationive assault/brace tables are generated. The contrivance rules control metal roof cladding schemes keep referable still been compromised in the Europrinciple 3 published precedent in the year, April, 2010. As a conduct control conducive engineers and practitioners in-point in the UK to restraintm agile, abarring contrivances control their roof schemes, relation can be made to BS5950-6 (1995) as cited in (Corus 2010).

5.2 Assaulting conditions

Designs obtain be dseparate normally domiciled on the flexural power at final condition states and swerving obtain be checked to mention that it is agreeable at serviceability states by applying the expend serviceability assaults such that the roof scheme completes satisfactorily and fulfils its planned purpuzzle withquenched diminution during its unimpaired contrivance personality (Corus 2010)

5.3 Serviceability and swerving conditions

(Corus 2010) advices that restraintcible amorphousnesss or swervings in the edifice is unconditionally unprofitable and must be checked at contrivance amount in enjoin to controlefobject complications such as:

  • Poor parchage schemes and ponding in inequitable locations
  • Dropping to sealants at equalizelap minoritys of the roof scheme
  • Immoderate strains at regions of equalizelaps or other interconjoined ability such as toward crusts
  • Open quencheder disorganizeations or amorphousness in the arrangementatic restraintm or verse of the roof schemes.

Corus (2010) has bounded, according to the principle BS 5950 Sunder6 (1995), the rightful treasures of swerving control meeting the serviceability conditions as paraden in the Table 4 under. A conditioning treasure of L/200 is so-far commended control emendation where L is the brace which is a administration of the brace of the edifice as obtain be obtained from the assault/brace tables emendationd by the i-elationive manufacturer of the sundericular roof scheme assiduous in architecture.

5.4 Final condition states

At final condition states, the censorious assault or the thrash assault circumstance is emendationd to mention the contrivance treasure of assault at scarcity where the representative agree or the edifice diminutions. Corus (2010) has bounded brace mitigated modes of scarcity: tensile splinter and compressive buckling, past that the verisimilitude of the controlmer supervenering is cork to cipher suitableness the dying is stipulated in tissue-strengthened flanges subjected to elevated compressive emphasis rolls manageing to buckling at agree. This must be captured into statement when heaveing quenched contrivance investigations.

Control abrade, Corus (2010) munimented that abrade scarcity is untrustworthy control paltry minoritys of covet brace members excepting could be bestow in deeper minoritys in-point when emendationd equalize near braces. This can be inferior by emendation of tissue stiffeners.

5.5 Roof assault investigations

5.5.1 Concentrated imposed assault

Though undergoing software packages are now adapted control investigation of these assaults, Corus (2010) has bounded agile direction control circumspect assaults from rational activities in prolixity with eatabless of BS 6399-3 as cited in (Corus 2010):

Roof with mode (control deeptenance scopes singly) — superior of 0.9kN or chattelsive snow assault

Roof assault control whole purpuzzle mode — superior of 1.8kN or the chattelsive snow assault.

5.5.2 Torpid assault

Assault attributable to the wilful impressiveness of the unimpaired roof scheme which acts below approve a starch assault.

5.5.3 Uniagree imposed assault

This relates to snow assaulting which is exceedingly enigmatical to rate attributable to the variability of meteorological basis. Corus (2010) suggests that extra affair should be bestown to reputation of this assault in-point control impression at uprightitys superior than 500m. As cited in (Corus 2010), BS 6399-3 (1988) is the commended principle control circumspect uniagree imposed assaulting on roof schemes.

5.5.4 Wriggle assault

Wriggle controlce has brace significant proceeds: the overbearing additive imposed wriggle influence acting on the embankments and the indirect upright suction influence acting elderly on the roof (Foster and Greeno 2007). Roof scheme as such must be contrivanceed opposing these proceeds. BS 6399-2(1997 or 2002 laexperience rendering) as cited in (Corus 2010) is the commended principle control circumspect these assaults.

5.6 Contrivance assaults

Corus (2010) has summarized a agile relation in Table 5 control determining contrivance assaults to be applied to vieworures by ceceening the undergoing assault circumstance and circumspect the contrivance assault using the thrash assaulting plight:

Loading combination/situation

Assault circumstance

  • Wriggle assault (imposed or suction)
  • Snow assault (once reserved or redistributed)
  • Once reserved assault (kN/m2)
  • Concentrated assault (kN)

Roof with mode

Decided from BS 6399 Sunder 2

Decided from BS 6399 Sunder3



Roof withquenched mode

Decided from BS 6399 Sunder 2

Decided from BS 6399 Sunder3




Decided from BS 6399 Sunder 2



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