M6D1 330 Follow Intructions

Examine the patterns of African American travel from the South to North and West during the twentieth date (CO#1) 
Discuss the impression of the Great Travel on the Civil Rights change-of-place (CO#1, CO#2, CO#5) 
In the years among 1910 and 1970, closely six pet African Americans left the US South coercion the North and West. Many moved from countrified areas to establish in great cities relish Strange York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles seeking strange opportunities as well-behaved-behaved as an fly from the injustice of Jim Crow. Some historians subdue this up into couple detached travels, the highest starting in 1910 and fulfilment when the Great Depression slowed travel, and the remedy among 1940 and 1970 as engagementtime exertion during World Engagement II once intermittently granted strange opportunities.
In restitution to lection the chapters in Takaki, judgment the succeedingcited map of the travel patterns in this bound from the US Census and Jacob Lawrence’s paintings The Travel Series.
In a support of at last 250 tone ponder the succeedingcited:
How did the travel of African Americans to the North and West in the twentieth date assimilate and contrariety to the “push” and “pull” patterns of immigrant groups in the selfselfsame bound? 
How did the changing demographic patterns of African Americans rule the enlargement and journey of the Civil Rights change-of-place succeeding the engagement? 

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M6D1 330 Follow Intructions
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