Midterm for Information System

MIS EXAM – QUESTIONS 1) Clearing a strangelightlight consequence, fulfilling an ordain, and hiring a strangelightlight employee are specimens of duty modees. Answer: Penny False 2) A abundantly digital individualized amounts simply digital nature or corrections. Answer: Penny False 3) A duty design represents how a audience amounts, delivers, and sells a consequence or correction to invent mammon. Answer: Penny False 4) Instruction technology (IT) endures of complete the hardware that a individualized deficiencys to correction in ordain to close its duty exteriors, inasmuch-as instruction methods endure of complete the software and duty modees deficiencyed.
Answer: Penny False 5) Computers are simply disunite of an instruction method. Answer: Penny False 6) The size of instruction methods are skill, constructions, and instruction technology. Answer: Penny False 7) In ordain to comprehend how a part-amongicular duty individualized corrections instruction methods, you deficiency to apprehend referableforce abquenched the hierarchy and amelioration of the audience. Answer: Penny False 8) Duty modees are logically cognate functions curb accomplishing functions that feel been curbmally encoded by an construction. Answer: Penny False ) A completey disunite of skill obligation is supposititious result driven by strangelightlight apprehendledge and instruction. Answer: Penny False 10) Intranets completeow individualizeds to result abundantly with third-party suppliers and vendors. Answer: Penny False 11) An IT infraconstruction profits the platconstruct on which the individualized can establish its instruction methods. Answer: Penny False 12) The six main duty exteriors of instruction technology are strangelightlight consequences, corrections, and duty designs; customer and supplier friendliness; inception; competitive utility; operational brilliance; and A) reformd flexibility.
B) reformd redisconnection making. C) reformd duty performances. D) reformd copency. Answer: B 13) Which of the restraintthcoming choices may remand to competitive utility: (1) strangelightlight consequences, corrections, and duty designs; (2) charging close curb prefercogent consequences; (3) according to customers in penny opportunity? A) 1 simply B) 1 and 2 C) 2 and 3 D) 1, 2, and 3 Answer: D 14) The impel of retail banking to correction ATMs succeeding Citibank unveiled its primitive ATMs illustrates the correction of instruction methods to close which duty exterior? A) reformd copency B) customer and supplier friendliness C) inception D) competitive utility

Answer: C 15) The three activities in an instruction method that amount the instruction constructions correction to curb operations are A) instruction renovation, discovery, and decomposition. B) input, quenchedput, and feedback. C) input, modeing, and quenchedput. D) axioms decomposition, modeing, and feedback. Answer: C 16) Quenchedspread A) is feedback that has been modeed to invent meaningful instruction. B) is instruction that is repayed to embezzle members of the construction to succor them evaluate the inspread regulate. C) remands axioms to the crowd who get correction it or to the activities curb which it get be correctiond.
D) remands modeed instruction to the crowd who get correction it or to the activities curb which it get be correctiond. Answer: D 17) Converting bald axioms into a further meaningful curbm is named A) capturing. B) modeing. C) organizing. D) feedback. Answer: B 18) The indispenscogent coercionmal of assumptions, appreciates, and fashions of doing things that has been trustworthy by most of a audience’s members is named its A) amelioration. B) environment. C) temper. D) appreciates. Answer: A 19) The hardware and software correctiond to remand axioms in an construction is named A) axioms skill technology. B) networking and axioms skill technology.
C) axioms and telecommunications technology. D) networking and telecommunications technology. Answer: D 20) Networking and telecommunications technologies, parallel with computer hardware, software, axioms skill technology, and the crowd required to traverse and trodden them, coercionm an construction’s A) axioms skill environment. B) networked environment. C) IT infrastructure. D) instruction method. Answer: C 21) From a duty perspective, bald axioms is transformed methodatically during diversified regulates, transforming it into consumely instruction, in a mode named A) the instruction appreciate compact.
B) the IT appreciate compact. C) instruction modeing. D) feedback. Answer: A 22) The consumes curb individualizeds unoccupied on a global flake feel been drastically subdued by A) networking technology. B) endowments in structupenny complementary nature. C) the Internet. D) the sfrequently of digital unmeasured. Answer: C 23) Which of the restraintthcoming are guide corporate nature? A) psychological nature, kernel copencies, and financial and rational nature B) consequenceion technologies and duty modees curb sales, employmenting, and finance C) apprehendledge and the individualized’s substantial nature, such as nature or corrections D) opportunity and apprehendledge
Answer: A 25) Balanceevolution or underevolution of nature and corrections, misallocation of instrument, and inadequate acceptance opportunitys are the results of a individualized’s having A) inadequate kinsmenhips with suppliers. B) inadequate kinsmenhips with customers. C) inadequate instruction. D) a remainder of instruction. Answer: C 25) A individualized that must endow in strangelightlight instruction methods capabilities in ordain to submit with federal parliament can be said to be endowing to close which duty exterior? A) customer friendliness B) operational brilliance C) inception D) reformd reporting Answer: C 6) Operational skill is constitutional curb troddening the day-to-day operations of the duty and ce-this-reason deficiencys occurrence-raze instruction. Answer: Penny False 27) You would correction an MIS to succor individualize whether to establish-unconcealed a strangelightlight consequence troddenion. Answer: Penny False 28) Occurrence modeing methods are most commsimply correctiond by the superior skill raze of an construction. Answer: Penny False 29) A occurrence modeing method is a computerized method that performs and proceedingss the daily custom occurrences requiresidence to induce duty. Answer: Penny False 0) Skill instruction methods typically living noncustom redisconnection making. Answer: Penny False 31) Administrative methods that living duty modees unordered a sole administrative class, such as rational instrument, are nature phased quenched in patronseniority of cross-administrative methods. Answer: Penny False 32) Troddenrs deficiency TPSs to mentor the foundation of inner operations and the individualized’s kinsmen with the exterior environment. Answer: Penny False 33) Resolution-living methods succor troddenrs establish resolutions that are matchless, ahead changing, and refercogent abundantly specified in measure.
Answer: Penny False 34) Resolution-living methods correction inner instruction as polite as instruction from exterior rises. Answer: Penny False 35) ESSs are intentional to suffice-ce the averseniority skill of the construction. Answer: Penny False 36) ESSs are intentional to thicken axioms abquenched exterior postulates, except they too dbald summarized instruction from inner MIS and DSS. Answer: Penny False 37) Enterpsfrequently methods frequently comprise occurrences with customers and vendors. Answer: Penny False 38) Supply compact skill methods are further exteriorly oriented than enterpsfrequently methods.
Answer: Penny False 39) Which of the restraintthcoming is an specimen of a cross-administrative duty mode? A) warranting customers B) creating a strangelightlight consequence C) assembling a consequence D) constanting creditors Answer: B 40) Which cem of method would you correction to modify a consequenceion catalogue if a guide supplier was sreduced in delivering nature? A) ESS B) TPS C) MIS D) DSS Answer: B 41) To mentor the foundation of inner operations and the individualized’s kinsmen with the exterior environment, troddenrs deficiency ________ methods. A) resolution-living B) apprehendledge C) occurrence modeing D) skill instruction Answer: C 2) Which methods are typically a elder rise of axioms curb other methods? A) occurrence modeing methods B) skill instruction methods C) patronageer living methods D) resolution-living methods Answer: A 43) Which cem of method would you correction to individualize the five suppliers with the surpass proceedings in delivering nature on opportunity? A) ESS B) TPS C) MIS D) DSS Answer: C 44) A relocation curb method that reports summaries on the complete tender, house-hunting, and residence financing consumes curb employees in complete audience divisions would fcomplete into the enjoin of A) apprehendledge skill methods.
B) occurrence modeing methods. C) patronageer living methods. D) skill instruction methods. Answer: D 45) The promise “skill instruction methods” designates a part-amongicular enjoin of instruction methods serving A) integrated axioms modeing throughquenched the individualized. B) occurrence mode reporting. C) employees with ondirection adit to unadorned proceedingss. D) averseniority skill characters. Answer: D 46) Non-typical duty problems with causes and possessions that are ahead changing are typically touchd by which cem of instruction method ? A) MIS B) TPS C) ESS
D) DSS Answer: D 47)________ methods are in-particular conducive to situations in which the enjoin curb arriving at a disconnection may refercogent be abundantly explaind in measure. A) Skill instruction B) Occurrence modeing C) Resolution-living D) Apprehendledge skill Answer: C 48) Which cem of method would you correction to curbecast the reconstant on endowment if you correctiond strangelightlight suppliers with reform bestowal trail proceedingss? A) ESS B) TPS C) MIS D) DSS Answer: D 49) ESS are part-amongicularally intentional to suffice-ce which raze of the construction? A) operational B) end-user C) averseniority skill
D) superior skill Answer: D 50) Patronageer living methods are instruction methods that living the A) long-range planning activities of superior skill. B) apprehendledge and axioms resulters in an construction. C) resolution-making and administrative activities of averseniority troddenrs. D) day-to-day modees of consequenceion. Answer: A 51) Which cem of method would you correction to individualize what diverges in your supplier’s toil get interest your individualized the most in five years? A) ESS B) TPS C) MIS D) DSS Answer: A 52) What is the most main character of an enterpsfrequently impression?
A) increasing press of communicating B) enabling duty characters and departments to distribute instruction C) enabling a audience to result collaboratively with customers and suppliers D) enabling consume-effective e-duty modees Answer: B 53) ________ are intentional to living construction-distant mode coordination and integration. A) Resolution-living methods B) Skill instruction methods C) CRM methods D) Enterpsfrequently impressions Answer: D 54) Enterpsfrequently methods are too apprehendn as ________ methods. A) rerise planning B) enterpsfrequently rerise planning C) enterpsfrequently living
D)skill instruction Answer: B 55) ________ methods are intentional to succor individualizeds trodden their kinsmenhips with their customers. A) CRM B) MIS C) CLE D) CLU Answer: A 56) Which cems of methods thicken the appliccogent apprehendledge and test in the individualized to establish it availcogent to reform duty modees and skill redisconnection making? A) TPS B) extranets C) KMS D) CRM Answer: C 57) Which of the restraintthcoming cems of method succors accelerate the career of instruction betwixt the individualized and its suppliers and customers? A) intranet B) extranet C) KMS D) TPS Answer: B 8) Which of the restraintthcoming is refercogent individual of the fifteen categories of collaborative software tools? A) perfect sharing B) fact scheduling C) snowy siege D) extranets Answer: D 59) You result curb a exceedingly governtunate advertiser that is proper abquenched to dilate nationally. Of greatest signification get be finding a fashion to garner and scatter their clients’ ever updated branding guides, which comprise multiple shadow perfects and passseniority documents, to complete of the individualized’s branches. What method get best suffice-ce these deficiencys? A) an intranet with KMS capabilities B) an extranet with KMS capabilities
C) a TPS with KMS capabilities D) a CRM Answer: B 60) You feel been remunerated by a worlddistant non-profit enjoyment to utensil a method to touch their donations. The method must be cogent to touch and proceedings telephone, sms, and Internet donations, profit up-to-the-minute reports, and invent exceedingly customizcogent mailing lists. In individualization, fact fundraisers deficiency to be cogent to undeviatingly adit a donor’s instruction and narrative. Which of the restraintthcoming methods get best converge these deficiencys? A) TPS B) TPS with DSS capabilities C) TPS with MIS capabilities D) TPS with ESS capabilities Answer: C 1) The interenjoyment betwixt instruction methods and constructions is influenced A) largely by the redisconnection making of average- and superior-managers. B) by numerous factors, including construction, politics, amelioration, and environment. C) by couple main microeconomic curbces: excellent and strive. D) largely by the construction’s duty modees and amelioration. Answer: B 62) An construction is a A) steadfast, curbmal collective construction that conducts instrument from the environment and modees them to amount quenchedputs. B) curbmal, constitutional existence with inner administrations and enjoins that must obstruct by codes. C) collation of collective elements.
D) B and C E) A, B, and C Answer: E 63) How does the technical conception of constructions fcomplete inadequate of comprehending the unmeasured applications of instruction methods in a individualized? A) It sees instruction methods as a fashion to restore the inputs and quenchedputs of the construction. B) It sees excellent and strive as first consequenceion factors. C) It sees the inputs and quenchedputs, strive and excellent, as nature infinitely flabby. D) It sees the construction as a collective construction alike to a tool. Answer: C 64) Complete of the restraintthcoming are elder portions of constructions that application the correction of instruction methods EXCEPT curb A) duty modees
B) environments C) goals D) enjoyment consumes Answer: D 65) Duty modees are collations of A) incomplete performances and deportments. B) curbmalized and documented performances. C) customs. D) suitables and privileges. Answer: C 66) The consumes incurred when a individualized buys on the employmentsettle what it canrefercogent establish itself are referred to as A) switching consumes. B) occurrence consumes. C) procurement. D) enjoyment consumes. Answer: B 67) Which of the restraintthcoming statements is NOT penny abquenched instruction technology’s applications on duty individualizeds? A) It succors individualizeds dilate in complete.
B) It succors individualizeds inferior the consume of employment disuniteicipation. C) It succors contract inner skill consumes. D) It succors contract occurrence consumes. Answer: A 68) According to enjoyment supposition, the individualized is conceptioned as a(n) A) unified, profit-maximizing existence. B) function curbce construction that must accord to ahead changing environments. C) entrepreneurial pursue. D) “nexus of contracts” unordered self-interested mob. Answer: D 69) The ________ design is correctiond to represent the interenjoyment of exterior curbces that interest an construction’s manoeuvre and coercionce to cope.
A) netresult economics B) competitive curbces C) competitive utility D) call-govern curb Answer: B 70) Which of the restraintthcoming industries has a reduced interspace to memorandum? A) automotive B) computer chip C) restaurant D) temperdirection Answer: C 71) Which of the restraintthcoming is NOT individual of the competitive curbces? A) suppliers B) other competitors C) exterior environment D) customers Answer: C 72) A manufacturer of deep-sea oil rigs may be inaudibleest unquiet abquenched this employmentsettle curbce. A) consequence differentiation B) transmitted competitors C) reduced compute of suppliers D) strangelightlight employment entrants Answer: D 3) A individualized can exertion important curb balance its suppliers by having A) further suppliers. B) lackinger suppliers. C) global suppliers. D) national suppliers. Answer: A 74) The indecent elder cems of competitive manoeuvre are A) reduced-consume remandership; resettle consequences and corrections; customers; and suppliers. B) reduced-consume remandership; consequence differentiation; convergence on employment niche; and customer and supplier friendliness. C) strangelightlight employment entrants; resettle consequences and corrections; customers; and suppliers. D) reduced-consume remandership; strangelightlight employment entrants; consequence differentiation; and convergence on employment niche.
Answer: B 75) When a individualized profits a specialized consequence or correction curb a scant target employment reform than competitors, they are using a ________ manoeuvre. A) consequence differentiation B) employment niche C) heap customization D) mode copency Answer: B 76) ________ is the coercionce to exhibit individually tailored consequences or corrections using the alike consequenceion instrument as complete consequenceion. A) Heap customization B) Complete customization C) Magnitude customization D) Dimension customization Answer: A 77) Hilton Hotels’ correction of customer instruction software to warrant the most rofitcogent customers to trodden corrections to is an specimen of using instruction methods to A) confirm customer friendliness. B) fauthentication their correction. C) convergence on employment niche. D) acception copency. Answer: C 78) An instruction method can encogent a audience to convergence on a employment niche through A) obscure diverge curbecasting. B) tailoring consequences to the client. C) intensive consequence diverge decomposition. D) intensive customer axioms decomposition. Answer: D 79) Upon which of the restraintthcoming industries has the Internet as a complete been a disruptive technology? A) beak constantments B) temper travel
C) books D) penny restrainttune Answer: B 80) Internet technology A) establishs it referable attributable attributable-up-hill curb rivals to cope on expense remaining. B) imposes a expressive consume of memorandum, ascribable to infraconstruction requirements. C) acceptions the contrariety betwixt competitors becacorrection of the distant availforce of instruction. D) establishs it referable attributable attributable-up-hill to support operational utilitys. Answer: A 81) The Internet fosters the bargaining coercionce of customers by A) creating strangelightlight opportunities curb establishing constant customer bases. B) making further consequences conducive. C) making instruction availcogent to completeone. D) inferioring occurrence consumes.
Answer: C 82) A substantial audience A) corrections the capabilities of other companies withquenched nature physically tied to those companies. B) corrections Internet technology to practise a substantial garnerfront. C) corrections Internet technology to practise a networked nationality of correctionrs. D) profits actually Internet-driven corrections, or substantial consequences. Answer: A 83) The indecent guide technical diverges constitutional curb present immaterial stresses cognate to instruction technology are (1) doubling of computer coercionce complete 18 months, (2) axioms decomposition measures, (3) depressed axioms storseniority consumes, and (4) ________.
A) measures in wireclose networking B) interdiplomatic standards curb axioms refuge C) networking measures and the Internet D) acceptiond readiness in perfect sharing and servile Answer: C 84) The correction of computers to merge axioms from multiple rises and invent electronic dossiers of constructive instruction on mob is named A) profiling. B) phishing. C) spamming. D) targeting. Answer: A 85) Accepting the immanent consumes, duties, and obligations curb the resolutions you establish is referred to as A) obligation. B) accountability. C) obligation. D) ascribable mode. Answer: A 6) The portion of collective methods in which a organization of codes is in regulartle that permits mob to recbalance the restitution dindividual to them by other actors, methods, or constructions is referred to as A) accountability. B) obligation. C) ascribable mode. D) obligation. Answer: D 87) The portion of collective institutions that instrument mechanisms are in regulartle to individualize obligation curb an enjoyment is named A) ascribable mode. B) accountability. C) the courts of urge. D) the coercionensic method. Answer: B 88) Which of the restraintthcoming is refercogent individual of the five steps discussed in the section as a mode curb analyzing an immaterial outcome?
A) Assign obligation. B) Warrant the stakeholders. C) Warrant the options you can reasonably conduct. D) Warrant and perspicuously represent the postulates. Answer: A 89) The immaterial “no detached lunch” administration states that A) if an enjoyment canrefercogent be conductn often, then it is refercogent suitable to be conductn at any opportunity. B) individual should conduct the enjoyment that amounts the inaudibleest injury or incurs the inaudibleest consume. C) individual can spread appreciates in adjust ordain and comprehend the consequences of diversified courses of enjoyment. D) completething is owned by someindividual else, and that the senioritynt wants amercement curb this result. Answer: D 0) European secrecy refuge is ________ than in the United States. A) close wild B) close licogent to codes C) abundant close aaastringent D) abundant further aaastringent Answer: D 91) The Internet has made the refuge of psychological nature A) further up-hill, becacorrection of the bankruptcy of enforccogent regulations. B) easier, becacorrection of the proliferation of supposititious and administrative software. C) further up-hill, becacorrection of the readiness of servile and transmitting digitized instrument. D) easier, becacorrection of the coercionce to trail correctionr deportment and scrutinizes to Web residences and perfect-sharing corrections.
Answer: C 92) When a cookie is inventd during a Web residence scrutinize, it is garnerd A) on the Web residence computer. B) on the scrutinizeor’s computer. C) on the ISP’s computer. D) in a Web troddenory. Answer: B 93) The Ondirection Secrecy Completeiance A) encourages self-regulation to clear a coercionmal of secrecy guidelines curb its members. B) preserves correctionr secrecy during interactions with Web residences. C) has recurrent technical guidelines curb ensuring secrecy. D) is a council enjoyment masterful the correction of customer instruction. Answer: A 4) Psychological nature can best be representd as A) insubstantial nature inventd by mob or corporations. B) the countenance of an insubstantial fancy. C) matchclose supposititious result or fancys. D) substantial or insubstantial nature inventd from a matchclose fancy. Answer: A 95) A backwardness of employment concealed refuge curb software is that A) it does refercogent preserve abutting servile the underlying fancys astern the software. B) it is up-hill to assimilate individual share of software to another. C) it is up-hill to prfact the fancys in the result from declineing into the social estate.
D) lacking software programs halt actually matchclose elements. Answer: C 96) The restraintce of ambiguous refuge is that it A) spreads the restraintce of code astern copyright. B) completeows refuge from Internet filching of fancys spread curbth socially. C) is referable attributable attributable-up-hill to explain. D) grants a preoccupancy on underlying concepts and fancys. Answer: D 97) Individual of the up-hillies of ambiguous refuge is A) that simply the underlying fancys are preserveed. B) digital instrument canrefercogent be ambiguoused. C) thwarting the fancys from declineing into social estate. D) the years of protraction to accept it. Answer: D 8) In public, it is very up-hill to halt software amountrs licogent curb their software consequences when those consequences are considered to be A) disunite of a tool. B) alike to books. C) corrections. D) finished countenances. Answer: B 99) The most spiritless rise of duty method scarcity is A) software bugs. B) software errors. C) hardware or facilities scarcitys. D) axioms character. Answer: D 100) Couple of the three pre-eminent rises of inadequate method exploit are A) software bugs and errors and quencheddated standards. B) hardware or dexterity scarcitys and malware.
C) hardware or dexterity scarcitys and inadequate inspread axioms character. D) inadequate inspread axioms character and inadequate integration with impart methods. Answer: C 101) The performance of spamming has been growing becacorrection A) telephindividual wooing is no longer constitutional. B) it is cheerful advertising performance and brings in numerous strangelightlight customers. C) it succors constant curb the Internet. D) it is so low-priced and can grasp so numerous crowd. Answer: D 102) Which of the five well-conducted size of the instruction seniority does spamming foster? A) character of existence B) method character C) accountforce and curb D) instruction suitables and obligations Answer: A

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