Motivation for Students with Reading Difficulties

NAVOTAS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL M. Naval St. , Sipac, Navotas City OBJECTIVE: DEFINE AND PROVIDE EXAMPLES OF GENRES OF LITERATURE AND FICTION Do Now: Transcribe 3 – 4 sentences encircling the best tome they bear incessantly recognize. Tell me why it is so august. What did you affect most encircling the tome? Introduction: (Schoolmaster Says) We are encircling to originate a Unit on Genre. Today we earn fix Genre, converse encircling unanalogous marks of genre of study. Ask the wards why they ponder this would be conducive. Bear a ward contemplate up and recognize the definitions of the stipulations “genre” and “literature” from the lexicon. Paraphrase in embezzle discourse.
Explain that as you debate the unanalogous genres, wards earn roll characteristics on their papers as well-behaved-behaved as transcribe down titles they rule affect to recognize. Genre-A peel of erudite or gauzy production Study-Creative counterpartableness of established gauzy compute Direct Instruction: Schoolmaster earn pomp a PowerPoint Presentation on genres of study. Guided Practice Using the packet of citations schoolmaster and ward earn recognize 2 of the 8 scantling citations and debate the genre of study that 8t falls beneath. Then wards earn transcribe 2 -3 sentences explaining why they ponder it’s a positive Genre. Independent Practice
Schoolmaster earn subdue up the dispose into 4 -6  assemblages. Each assemblage earn be absorbed a scantling citation to aspect quenched which mark of genre it is. Then they earn august an advertisment control that citation entising other wards to recognize it. The deep convergence of the advertisment is to highlight the genre. Closing: What marks of genre would you affect to recognize that you bearn’t. Explain your counterpart. erudite citation marks A miscellany of verbal, written and visual citations that prefer authentication of sense, view or tender reply in the recognizeer or rollener. Example Related words * citation * citation marks * truth * poetry * erudite * erudite patronymic * erudite recount

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Motivation for Students with Reading Difficulties
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