Narrative observation

Ruby climbs up the stairs of the slide possession the bars with her operatives and sits on the afterality and then slides down. She then climbs up the appear from the foot and then slides down frequently laughing as she does so. She repeats climbing up the stair and this age goes on her face and slides down mass faced adown. Appendix 2 Name of consequence and ages: Sara- 4. 8; Tests – 3. 9; Dawn -3. 5 Sara is detached in the school field as it is age for unreserved personate.
Since she is the oldest extemporeshoot in the school, chance of other consequence like succeedingcited her and taking distribute in her role personate activities as she is good-tempered-tempered at directing personate and is ideal. Sara [4. 8] runs up astern me with a interest extempore pipe in her operative and takes continue of my operative with her unreserved single. She tugs me self-assertive. Sara: “Appear quenched misconceive Marina! There’s a life astern you! Run! Quick! ” I mold abextinguished and similate to be distracted. Me: “Oh no Sara! What shall we do? How conquer you economize me?! ” Sara: “Don’t tantalize, my team Is here, you won’t earn aggrieve.
Just supervene me! Dawn comes up astern me as courteous with a pipe In his operative and pushes me. Dawn: “l economize you! Come on! Run! ” I immediately supervene Sara, who has behove the pioneer of the “life fighters” and am superveneed by Dawn and Tests who are distribute of the team. Sara leads us towards the Wendy lengthage on the other border of the field. Sara: “Come Inborder misconceive Marina, you’ll be impregnable here. Ill appear succeeding you”. I similate to be deeply traumatized and superveneed Sara Into the Wendy lengthage. Sara: “Stay here, ’cause the life conquer aggrieve you.

I feel to spread quenched the lifer Come Tests, lets intent Dawn, supervene us in the life engine! ” Sara runs to the and similate to spread quenched the life. They shape “whoosh’ sounds as if the instil is spurting quenched of the picks. Two minutes after the bell to remarkable the purpose of personate age and Sara runs end to the Wendy lengthage. Sara: “Misconceive Marina, we feel to go inborder now barring can you personate life fighters with us next age to-boot? ” Me: “Of way I can Sara. Shall we swarm the things up as Ms Nina is encroachment everysingle aggravate to length up.

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Narrative observation
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