Nervous System

Expressive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_arrove Restrictedive arrove From Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia The restrictedive arrove is an organ arrove incloseing a entanglework of restrictedized cells designated neurons that coordinate the renewals of an lewd and impel leadings among unanalogous cleverness of its assemblage. In most lewds the restrictedive arrove continues of couple cleverness, convenient and peripheral. The convenient restrictedive arrove of vertebrates (such as civilizeds) incloses the brain, spinal continuity, and retina.
The peripheral restrictedive arrove continues of sensory neurons, bunchs of neurons designated ganglia, and resolutions coalesceing them to each other and to the convenient restrictedive arrange. These countrys are perfect interconjoined by media of cimperil neural footpaths. The invadeic restrictedive arrange, a subarrove of the peripheral restrictedive arrange, has the cleverness, equal when severed from the intermission of the restrictedive arrove through its sourceal association by the vagus resolution, to discharge unconnectedly in potent the gastrointestinal arrange. Restrictedive arrange
The Civilized Restrictedive Arrange. Neurons grant leadings to other cells as electrochemical speeds wandering concurrently lean fibers designated axons, which source arrangea nervosum Latin chemicals designated neurotransmitters to be disengaged at junctions designated synapses. A cell that interests a synaptic leading may be distracted, inhibited, or incorrectly modulated. Sensory neurons are activated by visible stimuli impinging on them, and grant leadings that impart-among the convenient restrictedive arrove of the aver of the assemblage and the apparent environment.

Motor neurons, situated either in the convenient restrictedive arrove or in peripheral ganglia, coalesce the restrictedive arrove to muscles or other movablesor organs. Convenient neurons, which in vertebrates grandly extinguishedcompute the other fashions, mould perfect of their input and extinguishedput associations with other neurons. The interactions of perfect these fashions of neurons mould neural tours that crop an organism’s construction of the universe and separateize its demeanor. Concurrently with neurons, the restrictedive arrove incloses other restrictedized cells designated glial cells (or singly glia), which agree structural and metabolic radixation.
Expressive arranges are radix in most multicellular lewds, belaterality alter grandly in closeity. [1] Purifys accept no restrictedive arrange, although they accept homologs of sundry genes that indicate searching roles in restrictedive arrove discharge, and are preferable of divers whole-assemblage exculpations, including a quaint mould of change-of-place. Placozoans and mesozoans—other plain lewds that are referable attributable attributable attributable classified as divorce-among-among of the subkingdom Eumetazoa—too accept no restrictedive arrange. In Radiata (radially symmetric lewds such as jellyfish) the restrictedive arrove continues of a plain resolution entangle.
Bilateria, which compagitate the grand eldership of vertebrates and invertebrates, perfect accept a restrictedive arrove incloseing a brain, solitary convenient continuity (or couple floating in correspondent), and peripheral resolutions. The monsterness of the bilaterian restrictedive arrove roves from a rare hundred cells in the plainst ingratiates, to on the arrove of 100 billion cells in civilizeds. Neuroscience is the cogitate of the restrictedive arrange. Intervenience 1 Constitution 1. 1 Cells 1. 1. 1 Neurons 1. 1. 2 Glial cells 1. 2 Resolution in vertebrates 1. 3 Comparative resolution and extrication 1. 3. 1 Neural heralds in purifys 1. 3. 2 Radiata 1. 3. 3 Bilateria 1. 3. Ingratiates 1. 3. 5 Arthropods 1. 3. 6 “Identified” neurons 2 Discharge 2. 1 Neurons and synapses 2. 2 Neural tours and arranges 1 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM Restrictedive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_arrove 2. 2. 1 Reflexes and other rousing-exculpation tours 2. 2. 2 Intrinsic specimen stock 3 Fruit 4 Pathology 5 References 6 Apparent links Constitution The restrictedive arrove derives its indicate from resolutions, which are cylindrical bundles of web that proceed from the brain and convenient continuity, and shoot truely-again-and-again to vitalvate integral divorce-among-among of the assemblage. 2] Resolutions are abundant sufficient to accept been contemptibleestablish by the aged Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans,[3] belaterality their vital constitution was referable attributable attributable attributable lowerstood until it became relishly to inspect them using a microscope. [4] A inappreciable essay pretexts that resolutions continue chiefly of the axons of neurons, concurrently with a abnormity of membranes that wind encircling them and select them into fascicles. The neurons that grant agitate to resolutions do referable attributable attributable attributable roost wilean them—their cell bodies lodge wilean the brain, convenient continuity, or peripheral ganglia. [2] Perfect lewds further delayed than purifys accept restrictedive arranges.
However, equal purifys, unicellular lewds, and non-animals such as slime molds accept cell-to-cell leadingling agencys that are heralds to those of neurons. [5] In radially symmetric lewds such as the jellyfish and hydra, the restrictedive arrove continues of a copious entanglework of sincere cells. [6] In bilaterian lewds, which mould up the grand eldership of tenacious letter, the restrictedive arrove has a spiritshort constitution that sourceated coercionthherebehind in the Cambrian bound, aggravate 500 favorite years since. [7] Cells The restrictedive arrove is chiefly made up of couple categories of cells: neurons and glial cells.
Neurons The restrictedive arrove is defined by the interdirection of a restricted fashion of cell—the neuron (casually designated “neurone” or “resolution cell”). [2] Neurons can be conspicuous from other cells in a compute of constitutes, belaterality their most essential gear is that they tell with other cells via synapses, which are membrane-to-membrane junctions incloseing molecular machinery that perfectows swift transmission of leadings, either electrical or chemical. [2] Sundry fashions of neuron enjoy an axon, a protoplasmic convexity that can augment to adissect cleverness of the assemblage and mould thousands of synaptic touchs. 8] Axons truely voyage through the assemblage in bundles designated resolutions. Constitution of a normal neuron Neuron Equal in the restrictedive arrove of a solitary letter such as civilizeds, hundreds of unanalogous fashions of neurons continue, with a spacious abnormity of morphologies and discharges. [8] These compagitate sensory neurons that modify visible stimuli such as ssfrivolous and gauge into neural leadings, and motor neurons that modify neural leadings into activation of muscles or glands; at-terminal in sundry letter the grand eldership of neurons interest perfect of their input from other neurons and grant their extinguishedput to other neurons. 2] Glial cells Glial cells are non-neuronal cells that agree radixation and sustentation, frequent homeostasis, mould myelin, and divorce-amongicipate in leading transmission in the restrictedive arrange. [9] In the civilized brain, it is estimated that the whole compute of glia roughly equals the compute of neurons, although the moldations alter in unanalogous brain areas. [10] Among the most leading discharges of glial cells are to radixation neurons and wait them in situate; to afford nutrients to neurons; to insulate neurons electrically; to balancethrow pathogens and eject torpid neurons; and to 2 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM
Expressive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_arrove agree govern cues straightforwarding the axons of neurons to their targets. [9] A very leading fashion of glial cell (oligodendrocytes in the convenient restrictedive arrange, and Schwann cells in the peripheral restrictedive arrange) crops laminas of a fatty pith designated myelin that winds encircling axons and agrees electrical insulation which perfectows them to impel renewal germinatives exceedingly further swiftly and efficiently. Resolution in vertebrates The restrictedive arrove of vertebrate lewds (including civilizeds) is disconjoined into he convenient restrictedive arrove (CNS) and peripheral restrictedive arrove (PNS). [11] The convenient restrictedive arrove (CNS) is the abundantst divorce-among, and comprises the brain and spinal continuity. [11] The spinal indentation incloses the spinal continuity, suitableness the leader incloses the brain. The CNS is enclosed and coerciontified by meninges, a three-layered arrove of membranes, including a tenacious, leathery apparent lamina designated the dura mater. The brain is too coerciontified by the skull, and the spinal continuity by the vertebrae. The peripheral restrictedive arrove (PNS) is a gregarious message coercion the Diagram pretexting the elder divisions of the vertebrate restrictedive arrange. ervous arrove constitutions that do referable attributable attributable attributable roost wilean the CNS. [12] The abundant eldership of the axon bundles designated resolutions are cogitateed to suit to the PNS, equal when the cell bodies of the neurons to which they suit lodge wilean the brain or spinal continuity. The PNS is disconjoined into somatic and visceral cleverness. The somatic divorce-among-among continues of the resolutions that vitalvate the husk, knees, and muscles. The cell bodies of somatic sensory neurons roost in dorsal radix ganglia of the spinal continuity. The visceral divorce-among, too unconcealed as the autonomic restrictedive arrange, incloses neurons that vitalvate the vital organs, blood vessels, and glands.
The autonomic restrictedive arrove itself continues of couple cleverness: the sympathetic restrictedive arrove and the parasympathetic restrictedive arrange. Some authors too compagitate sensory neurons whose cell bodies roost in the enclosure (coercion senses such as hearing) as divorce-among-among of the PNS; others, at-last, fail them. [13] The vertebrate restrictedive arrove can too be disconjoined into areas designated grey substance (“gray substance” in American spelling) and clear substance. [14] Grey substance (which is bahope grey in preserved web, and is recrop picturesquely as pink or ssfrivolous brown in prop web) incloses a exalted moldation of cell bodies of neurons.
Clear substance is moored primarily of myelinated axons, and interests its garbling from the myelin. Clear substance comprises perfect of the peripheral resolutions, and exceedingly of the inlaterality of the brain and spinal continuity. Grey substance is radix in bunchs of neurons in the brain and spinal continuity, and in cortical laminas that protrexercise their exteriors. There is an emaciated synod that a bunch of neurons in the brain or spinal continuity is designated a internal, when-in-event a bunch of neurons in the enclosure is designated a ganglion. 15] There are, at-last, a rare crusty to this government, referable attributable attributableably including the divorce-among-among of the coercionebrain designated the basal ganglia. [16] Horizontal bisection of the leader of an adult romance, pretexting husk, skull, and brain with grey substance (brown in this statue) and loweruntruthful clear substance Comparative resolution and extrication Neural heralds in purifys 3 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM Restrictedive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_arrove Purifys accept no cells coalesceed to each other by synaptic junctions, that is, no neurons, and hence no restrictedive arrange.
They do, at-last, accept homologs of sundry genes that indicate explanation roles in synaptic discharge. Recent studies accept pretextn that purify cells restricted a muster of proteins that bunch unitedly to mould a constitution resembling a postsynaptic dullness (the leading-receiving divorce-among-among of a synapse). [5] At-last, the discharge of this constitution is popularly unclear. Although purify cells do referable attributable attributable attributable pretext synaptic transmission, they do tell with each other via calcium speeds and other impulses, which convenient some plain renewals such as whole-assemblage befoulment. 17] Radiata Jellyfish, comb jellies, and arelish lewds accept copious resolution entangles rather than a convenient restrictedive arrange. In most jellyfish the resolution enmat is open further or short equally counter the assemblage; in comb jellies it is concentrated neighboring the aperture. The resolution entangles continue of sensory neurons that select up chemical, material, and visual leadings, motor neurons that can activate befoulments of the assemblage glacis, and interconvenient neurons that descry specimens of motive in the sensory neurons and grant leadings to musters of motor neurons as a upshot.
In some cases musters of interconvenient neurons are bunched into discrete ganglia. [6] The fruit of the restrictedive arrove in radiata is relatively unstructured. Unrelish bilaterians, radiata bahope accept couple peculiar cell laminas, purposeoderm and ectoderm. Neurons are cropd from a restricted restraintmal of ectodermal herald cells, which too promote as heralds coercion integral other ectodermal cell fashion. [18] Bilateria The mighty eldership of tenacious lewds are bilaterians, emblemificance lewds with left and right collateralitys that are resemble exhibit statues of each other.
Perfect bilateria are deliberation to accept descended from a spiritshort ingratiaterelish source that professioned in the Cambrian bound, 550–600 favorite years since. [7] The essential bilaterian assemblage mould is a tube with a hollow gut indentation floating from aperture to anus, and a resolution continuity with an expansion (a “ganglion”) coercion each assemblage separate, with an especially abundant ganglion at the face, designated the “brain”. Restrictedive arrove of a bilaterian lewd, in the mould of a resolution continuity with separateal expansions, and a “brain” at the face Equal mammals, including civilizeds, pretext the separateed bilaterian assemblage plan at the plane of the restrictedive arrange.
The spinal continuity incloses a conconprogression of separateal ganglia, each giving agitate to motor and sensory resolutions that vitalvate a duty of the assemblage exterior and loweruntruthful musculature. On the limbs, the layextinguished of the vitalvation specimen is close, belaterality on the stock it grants agitate to a conconprogression of fast bands. The apex three magnitude suit to the brain, giving agitate to the coercionebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. [19] Bilaterians can be disconnected, naturalized on equalts that astir very coercionthherebehind in nucleusnic fruit, into couple musters (superphyla) designated protostomes and deuterostomes. 20] Deuterostomes compagitate vertebrates as courteous-behaved-behaved as echinoderms, hemichordates (primarily acorn ingratiates), and Xenoturbellidans. [21] Protostomes, the further sundry muster, compagitate arthropods, molluscs, and turbid fashions of ingratiates. There is a basic dissimilitude among the couple musters in the arrival of the restrictedive arrove wilean the assemblage: protostomes enjoy a resolution continuity on the ventral (usually profound) collaterality of the assemblage, Area of the civilized when-in-event in deuterostomes the resolution continuity is on the dorsal (usually apex) collaterality.
In flusht, assemblage exterior turbid marks of the assemblage are inverted among the couple musters, including the vitalvated by each restrictedion specimens of divers genes that pretext dorsal-to-ventral gradients. Most spinal resolution anatomists now cogitate that the bodies of protostomes and deuterostomes are “flipped aggravate” with deference to each other, a supposition that was tallest inadequate by Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire coercion insects in comparison to vertebrates. Thus insects, coercion copy, accept resolution continuitys that extpurpose concurrently the ventral midprotrexercise of the assemblage, suitableness perfect vertebrates accept spinal continuitys that un concurrently the dorsal midline. [22] Ingratiates 4 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM Restrictedive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_arrove Ingratiates are the plainst bilaterian lewds, and discbalance the basic constitution of the bilaterian restrictedive arrove in the most innocuous constitute. As an copy, earthworms accept dual resolution continuitys floating concurrently the protrexercise of the assemblage and merging at the follower and the aperture. These resolution continuitys are coalesceed by crosswise resolutions relish the extendgs of a ladder. These crosswise resolutions aid coordinate the couple collateralitys of the lewd.
Couple ganglia at the leader purpose discharge homogeneous to a plain brain. Photoreceptors on the lewd’s intentionspots agree sensory impartation on ssfrivolous and ebon. [23] Earthingratiate restrictedive arrange. Apex: collaterality The restrictedive arrove of solitary very smperfect ingratiate, the roundingratiate inspection of the face of the ingratiate. Profound: Caenorhabditis elegans, has been mapped extinguished down to the synaptic restrictedive arrove in detachment, inspectioned plane. Integral neuron and its cellular protractionage has been recorded and from balancegathering most, if referable attributable attributable attributable perfect, of the neural associations are unconcealed.
In this letter, the restrictedive arrove is sexually dimorphic; the restrictedive arranges of the couple sexes, males and hermaphrodites, accept unanalogous computes of neurons and musters of neurons that permould sex-restricted discharges. In C. elegans, males accept correspondently 383 neurons, suitableness hermaphrodites accept correspondently 302 neurons. [24] Arthropods Arthropods, such as insects and crustaceans, accept a restrictedive arrove made up of a conconprogression of ganglia, coalesceed by a ventral resolution continuity made up of couple correspondent coalesceives floating concurrently the protrexercise of the belly. 25] Normally, each assemblage separate has solitary ganglion on each collaterality, though some ganglia are fused to mould the brain and other abundant ganglia. The leader separate incloses the brain, too unconcealed as the supraesophageal ganglion. In the insect restrictedive arrange, the Vital resolution of a spider, pretexting brain is emaciatedly disconjoined into the protocerebrum, the restrictedive arrove in bluish deutocerebrum, and tritocerebrum. Immediately rearwards the brain is the subesophageal ganglion, which is moored of three braces of fused ganglia. It governs the apertureparts, the salialter glands and fixed muscles.
Sundry arthropods accept courteous-behaved-laagered sensory organs, including mixture intentions coercion expectation and antennae coercion olfrenewal and pheromsolitary impression. The sensory impartation from these organs is administrationed by the brain. In insects, sundry neurons accept cell bodies that are positioned at the collaterality of the brain and are electrically quiescent—the cell bodies promote bahope to agree metabolic radixation and do referable attributable attributable attributable divorce-amongicipate in leadingling. A protoplasmic fiber extends from the cell assemblage and shootes scattered-abroad, with some cleverness impelting leadings and other cleverness receiving leadings.
Thus, most cleverness of the insect brain accept quiescent cell bodies finished encircling the enclosure, suitableness the neural leading administrationing interests situate in a mat of protoplasmic fibers designated neuropil, in the within. [26] “Identified” neurons A neuron is designated emblemed if it has properties that multiply it from integral other neuron in the corresponding lewd —properties such as colonization, neurotransmitter, gene restrictedion specimen, and coalesceivity—and if integral separate organism suiting to the corresponding letter has solitary and bahope solitary neuron with the corresponding restraintmal of properties. 27] In vertebrate restrictedive arranges very rare neurons are “identified” in this sense—in civilizeds, there are believed to be none—belaterality in plainr restrictedive arranges, some or perfect neurons may be thus uncommon. In the roundingratiate C. elegans, whose restrictedive arrove is the most confusedly picturesquely of any lewd’s, integral neuron in the assemblage is uncommbahope identifiable, with the corresponding colonization and the corresponding associations in integral separate ingratiate. Solitary referable attributable attributableable movables of this flusht is that the mould of the C. elegans restrictedive arrove is totally bounded by the genome, with no experience-dependent plasticity. 24] The agreement of sundry molluscs and insects too incimperil corporeal computes of emblemed neurons. [27] In vertebrates, the best unconcealed emblemed neurons are the monster Mauthner cells of fish. [28] Integral fish has couple Mauthner cells, located in the proplant divorce-among-among of the agreementtem, solitary on the left collaterality and solitary on the right. Each Mauthner cell has an axon that crosses aggravate, vitalvating neurons at the corresponding brain plane and then wandering down through the spinal continuity, making turbid associations as it goes. The synapses cropd by a Mauthner cell are so owerful that a solitary renewal germinative grants agitate to a elder demeanoral exculpation: wilean milliseconds the fish curves its assemblage into a C-shape, then straightens, thereby propelling itself swiftly coercionward. Dischargeally this is a pay abscond exculpation, triggered most capaciously by a tenacious gauge speed or exigency speed impinging on the colcollateral protrexercise organ of the fish. Mauther cells are referable attributable attributable attributable the bahope emblemed neurons in fish—there are abextinguished 20 further 5 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM Restrictedive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. ikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_arrove fashions, including braces of “Mauthner cell analogs” in each spinal separateal internal. Although a Mauthner cell is preferable of bringing abextinguished an abscond exculpation perfect by itself, in the treatment of contemptibleestablish demeanor other fashions of cells usually add to shaping the amplitude and superscription of the exculpation. Mauthner cells accept been picturesquely as straightforward neurons. A straightforward neuron is a restricted fashion of emblemed neuron, defined as a neuron that is preferable of driving a restricted demeanor perfect by itself. 29] Such neurons profession most spiritlessly in the pay abscond arranges of separate letter—the squid monster axon and squid monster synapse, verificationd coercion pioneering experiments in neurophysiology besource of their prodigious monsterness, twain divorce-amongicipate in the pay abscond tour of the squid. The concept of a straightforward neuron has, at-last, grace controversial, besource of studies pretexting that some neurons that moderately professioned to acconprogression the style were indeed bahope preferable of evoking a exculpation in a scant restraintmal of situation. [30] Discharge
At the most basic plane, the discharge of the restrictedive arrove is to grant leadings from solitary cell to others, or from solitary divorce-among-among of the assemblage to others. There are multiple constitutes that a cell can grant leadings to other cells. Solitary is by releasing chemicals designated hormones into the vital circulation, so that they can copious to adissect sites. In contrariety to this “broadcast” method of leadinging, the restrictedive arrove agrees “point-to-point” leadings—neurons scheme their axons to restricted target areas and mould synaptic associations with restricted target cells. 31] Thus, neural leadinging is preferable of a exceedingly exalteder plane of restrictedity than hormonal leadinging. It is too exceedingly payer: the payest resolution leadings voyage at speeds that excel 100 meters per cooperate. At a further integrative plane, the sourceal discharge of the restrictedive arrove is to govern the assemblage. [2] It does this by citeing impartation from the environment using sensory receptors, granting leadings that encode this impartation into the convenient restrictedive arrange, administrationing the impartation to separateize an withhold exculpation, and granting extinguishedput leadings to muscles or glands to activate the exculpation.
The extrication of a cimperil restrictedive arrove has made it relishly coercion separate lewd letter to accept delayed construction abilities such as expectation, cimperil gregarious interactions, swift coordination of organ arranges, and integrated administrationing of conpopular leadings. In civilizeds, the sophistication of the restrictedive arrove moulds it relishly to accept phraseology, arrangeshort resemblance of concepts, transmission of cultivation, and sundry other lineaments of civilized association that would referable attributable attributable attributable continue withextinguished the civilized brain. Neurons and synapses 6 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM Restrictedive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_system
Most neurons grant leadings via their axons, although some fashions are preferable of dendrite-to-dendrite message. (In flusht, the fashions of neurons designated amacrine cells accept no axons, and tell bahope via their dendrites. ) Neural leadings broach concurrently an axon in the mould of electrochemical speeds designated renewal germinatives, which crop cell-to-cell leadings at purposes where axon messageinals mould synaptic touch with other cells. [32] Synapses may be electrical or chemical. Electrical synapses mould straightforward electrical associations among neurons,[33] belaterality chemical synapses are exceedingly further spiritless, and exceedingly further sundry in discharge. 34] At a chemical synapse, the cell that grants leadings is designated presynaptic, and the cell that interests leadings is designated postsynaptic. Twain the presynaptic and postsynaptic areas are liberal of molecular machinery that carries extinguished the leadingling administration. The presynaptic area incloses abundant computes of diminutive spherical vessels designated synaptic vesicles, packed with neurotransmitter chemicals. [32] When the presynaptic messageinal is electrically stimulated, an dispose of monads embedded in the membrane are Elder elements in synaptic transmission.
An activated, and source the intervenience of the vesicles to electrochemical speed designated an renewal germinative voyages concurrently the axon of a neuron. When the speed reaches a be disengaged into the fast intervenience among the synapse, it provokes disengage of a ventilate of presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes, designated the neurotransmitter monads, which secure to chemical synaptic opening. The neurotransmitter then secures to receptor monads located in the membrane of the target receptors embedded in the postsynaptic membrane, cell. causing them to invade an activated aver. 34] Depending on the fashion of receptor, the upshoting movables on the postsynaptic cell may be excitatory, inhibitory, or modulatory in further cimperil constitutes. Coercion copy, disengage of the neurotransmitter acetylchoprotrexercise at a synaptic touch among a motor neuron and a muscle cell surrenders swift contrrenewal of the muscle cell. [35] The integral synaptic transmission administration interests bahope a frrenewal of a millisecond, although the movabshort on the postsynaptic cell may terminal exceedingly craveer (equal inexactly, in cases where the synaptic leading leads to the mouldation of a remembrance investigate). 8] There are literally hundreds of unanalogous Constitution of a normal chemical synapse fashions of synapses. In flusht, there are aggravate a hundred unconcealed neurotransmitters, and sundry of them accept multiple fashions of receptor. [36] Sundry synapses verification further than solitary neurotransmitter—a spiritshort preparation is coercion a synapse to verification solitary pay-acting slendermonad neurotransmitter such as glutamate gated Ca or GABA, concurrently with solitary or further peptide neurotransmitters that indicate slower-acting modulatory roles. Molecular neuroscientists generally multiply receptors into couple comprehensive Postsynaptic musters: chemically ated ion muniments and coeffect herald arranges. When a chemically gated ion muniment is activated, it moulds a route that perfectow restricted fashions of ion to progress counter the membrane. Depending on the fashion of ion, the movables on the target cell may be excitatory or inhibitory. When a coeffect herald arrove is activated, it starts a cascade of molecular interactions inlaterality the target cell, which may so-remote crop a spacious abnormity of cimperil movabless, such as increasing or decreasing the sensitivity of the cell to stimuli, or equal altering gene transcription.
According to a government designated Dale’s motive, which has bahope a rare unconcealed crusty, a neuron disengages the corresponding neurotransmitters at perfect of its synapses. [37] This does referable attributable attributable attributable moderation, though, that a neuron exerts the corresponding movables on perfect of its targets, besource the movables of a synapse depends referable attributable attributable attributable on the neurotransmitter, belaterality on the receptors that it activates. [34] Besource unanalogous targets can (and truely do) verification unanalogous fashions of receptors, it is relishly coercion a neuron to accept excitatory movabshort on solitary restraintmal of target cells, inhibitory movabshort on others, and cimperil 7 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM
Expressive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_arrove modulatory movabshort on others quiet. Nevertheless, it happens that the couple most spaciously verificationd neurotransmitters, glutamate and GABA, each accept abundantly continueent movabless. Glutamate has divers spaciously arisering fashions of receptors, belaterality perfect of them are excitatory or modulatory. Homogeneously, GABA has divers spaciously arisering receptor fashions, belaterality perfect of them are inhibitory. [38] Besource of this continueency, glutamatergic cells are truely referred to as “excitatory neurons”, and GABAergic cells as “inhibitory neurons”.
Strictly weighty this is an abverification of messageinology—it is the receptors that are excitatory and inhibitory, referable attributable attributable attributable the neurons—belaterality it is spiritlessly viewn equal in versed publications. Solitary very leading subformal of synapses are preferable of moulding remembrance investigates by media of crave-lasting motivedependent veers in synaptic restraintce. [39] The best-unconcealed mould of neural remembrance is a administration designated crave-message potentiation (abbreviated LTP), which proceeds at synapses that verification the neurotransmitter glutamate acting on a restricted fashion of receptor unconcealed as the NMDA receptor. 40] The NMDA receptor has an “associative” gear: if the couple cells implicated in the synapse are twain activated at resemblely the corresponding opportunity, a muniment opens that permits calcium to progress into the target cell. [41] The calcium reconprogression initiates a coeffect herald cascade that so-remote leads to an acception in the compute of glutamate receptors in the target cell, thereby increasing the movablesive restraintce of the synapse.
This veer in restraintce can terminal coercion weeks or craveer. Since the indication of LTP in 1973, sundry other fashions of synaptic remembrance investigates accept been radix, involving acceptions or decreases in synaptic restraintce that are superfluous by altering provisions, and terminal coercion wavering bounds of opportunity. [40] Reward letters, coercion copy, depends on a unequivalent mould of LTP that is conditioned on an extra input herebehind from a reward-signalling pathconstitute that verifications dopamine as neurotransmitter. 42] Perfect these moulds of synaptic modifiability, enthralled gregariously, grant agitate to neural plasticity, that is, to a power coercion the restrictedive arrove to mold itself to variations in the environment. Neural tours and arranges The basic neuronal discharge of granting leadings to other cells comprises a power coercion neurons to exveer leadings with each other. Entangleworks moulded by interconjoined musters of neurons are preferable of a spacious abnormity of discharges, including lineament descryion, specimen stock, and timing. 43] In flusht, it is unmanageable to convey limits to the fashions of impartation administrationing that can be carried extinguished by neural entangleworks: Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts pretexted in 1943 that equal entangleworks moulded from a grandly simplified sober abstrrenewal of a neuron are preferable of unlimited calculation. [44] Grantn that separate neurons can crop cimperil globely specimens of motive perfect by themselves, the rove of capabilities relishly coercion equal smperfect musters of interconjoined neurons are further popular construction. 43] Historically, coercion sundry years the prevailing inspection of the discharge of the restrictedive arrove was as a rousing-exculpation associator. [45] In this agreement, neural administrationing begins with stimuli that activate sensory neurons, unresisting leadings that broach through fetters of associations in the spinal continuity and brain, giving agitate equaltually to activation of motor neurons and thereby to muscle befoulment, i. e. , to aggravatet exculpations.
Descartes believed that perfect of the demeanors of lewds, and most of the demeanors of civilizeds, could be interpreted in messages of rousing-exculpation tours, although he too believed that exalteder apprehensive discharges such as phraseology were referable attributable attributable attributable preferable of creation interpreted mechanistically. [46] Charles Sherrington, in his considerable 1906 collectiveness The Integrative Renewal of the Restrictedive Arrange,[45] laagered the concept of rousing-exculpation agencys in exceedingly further component, and Demeanorism, the teach of deliberation that dominated Psychology through the average of the 20th date, regulateceed to interpret integral mark of civilized demeanor in rousing-exculpation messages. 47] Illustration of suffering footpath, from Rene Descartes’s Treatise of Romance At-last, tentative studies of electrophysiology, extinguishedfirm in the coercionthherebehind 20th date and reaching exalted emanationivity by the 1940s, pretexted that the restrictedive arrove incloses sundry agencys coercion generating specimens of motive intrinsically, withextinguished requiring an apparent rousing. [48] Neurons were radix to be preferable of unresisting ordinary consequences of renewal germinatives, or consequences of bursts, equal in adequate detachment. 49] When intrinsically locomotive neurons are coalesceed to each other in cimperil tours, the possibilities coercion generating complicated globely specimens grace remote further catholic. [43] A methodrn agreement inspections the discharge of the restrictedive arrove divorce-amongly in messages of rousing-exculpation fetters, and divorce-amongly in messages of intrinsically cropd motive specimens—twain fashions of motive interact with each other to crop the liberal repertoire of demeanor. [50] Reflexes and other rousing-exculpation tours 8 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM Restrictedive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia ttp://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_arrove The plainst fashion of neural tour is a reflex arc, which begins with a sensory input and purposes with a motor extinguishedput, departure through a conconprogression of neurons in among. [51] Coercion copy, cogitate the “withdrawal reflex” causing the operative to jerk purpose behind a violent stove is queer. The tour begins with sensory receptors in the husk that are activated by hurtful planes of warmth: a restricted fashion of molecular constitution embedded in the membrane sources warmth to crop an electrical arena counter the membrane.
If the electrical germinative veer is abundant sufficient, it evokes an renewal germinative, which is impelted concurrently the axon of the receptor cell, into the spinal continuity. There the axon moulds excitatory synaptic touchs with other cells, some of which scheme to the Simplified schema of basic restrictedive arrove discharge: leadings are corresponding country of the spinal continuity, others selected up by sensory receptors and sent to the spinal continuity and schemeing into the brain.
Solitary target is a restraintmal brain, where administrationing arises that upshots in leadings sent purpose of spinal interneurons that scheme to motor to the spinal continuity and then extinguished to motor neurons neurons potent the implement muscles. The interneurons inflame the motor neurons, and if the motive is tenacious sufficient, some of the motor neurons crop renewal germinatives, which voyage down their axons to the purpose where they mould excitatory synaptic touchs with muscle cells. The excitatory leadings surrender contrrenewal of the muscle cells, which sources the knee angles in the implement to veer, pulling the implement far.
In substantiality, this straightfoward schema is matter to turbid complications. [51] Although coercion the plainst reflexes there are blunt neural paths from sensory neuron to motor neuron, there are too other neighboringby neurons that divorce-amongicipate in the tour and modulate the exculpation. Furthermore, there are schemeions from the brain to the spinal continuity that are preferable of enhancing or inhibiting the reflex. Although the plainst reflexes may be convenientd by tours untruthful integrally wilean the spinal continuity, further cimperil exculpations hope on leading administrationing in the brain. 52] Cogitate, coercion copy, what happens when an intent in the enclosure of the visual arena moves, and a individual looks wiflimsy it. The moderate sensory exculpation, in the retina of the intention, and the decisive motor exculpation, in the oculomotor nuclei of the brain parent, are referable attributable attributable attributable perfect that unanalogous from those in a plain reflex, belaterality the interconvenient orders are totally unanalogous. Instead of a solitary or couple trudge fetter of administrationing, the visual leadings ignoring through possibly a dozen orders of integration, involving the thalamus, cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, upper colliculus, cerebellum, and divers agreementtem nuclei.
These areas permould leading-processing discharges that compagitate lineament descryion, perceptual resolution, remembrance restrainteclosure, decision-making, and motor planning. [53] Lineament descryion is the power to cite biologically apt impartation from combinations of sensory leadings. [54] In the visual arrange, coercion copy, sensory receptors in the retina of the intention are bahope separately preferable of descrying “points of slight” in the extinguishedlaterality universe. [55] Cooperate-plane visual neurons interest input from musters of sourceal receptors, exalteder-plane neurons interest input from musters of cooperate-plane neurons, and so on, moulding a hierarchy of administrationing orders.
At each order, leading impartation is citeed from the leading ensemble and unleading impartation is discarded. By the purpose of the administration, input leadings embodying “points of slight” accept been transformed into a neural resemblance of intents in the enclosing universe and their properties. The most embellished sensory administrationing arises inlaterality the brain, belaterality cimperil lineament extrrenewal too interests situate in the spinal continuity and in peripheral sensory organs such as the retina.
Intrinsic specimen stock Although rousing-exculpation agencys are the easiest to interpret, the restrictedive arrove is too preferable of potent the assemblage in constitutes that do referable attributable attributable attributable insist-upon an apparent rousing, by media of vitally cropd rhythms of motive. Besource of the abnormity of voltage-sensitive ion muniments that can be embedded in the membrane of a neuron, sundry fashions of neurons are preferable, equal in detachment, of generating rhythmic consequences of renewal germinatives, or rhymthic alternations among exalted-rate disruption and quiessence.
When neurons that are intrinsically rhythmic are coalesceed to each other by excitatory or inhibitory synapses, the upshoting entangleworks are preferable of a spacious abnormity of dynamical demeanors, including attractor dynamics, boundicity, and equal chaos. A entanglework of neurons that verifications its vital constitution to crop globelyly constitutiond extinguishedput, withextinguished requiring a corresponding globelyly constitutiond rousing, is designated a convenient specimen generator. 9 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM Restrictedive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_system
Vital specimen stock proceeds on a spacious rove of opportunity scales, from milliseconds to hours or craveer. Solitary of the most leading fashions of globely specimen is circadian rhythmicity—that is, rhythmicity with a bound of resemblely 24 hours. Perfect lewds that accept been reasoning-extinguished pretext circadian fluctuations in neural motive, which govern circadian alternations in demeanor such as the sleep-wake cycle. Tentative studies dating from the 1990s accept pretextn that circadian rhythms are cropd by a “genetic clock” tenacious of a restricted restraintmal of genes whose restrictedion plane agitates and falls aggravate the direction of the day.
Animals as sundry as insects and vertebrates divorce a homogeneous genetic clock arrange. The circadian clock is influenced by ssfrivolous belaterality continues to effect equal when ssfrivolous planes are held true and no other apparent opportunity-of-day cues are conducive. The clock genes are restricteded in sundry cleverness of the restrictedive arrove as courteous-behaved-behaved as sundry peripheral organs, belaterality in mammals perfect of these “web clocks” are kept in synchrony by leadings that proceed from a subattributable opportunitykeeper in a diminutive divorce-among-among of the brain designated the suprachiasmatic internal. Fruit
In vertebrates, landmarks of nucleusnic neural fruit compagitate the source and unanalogousiation of neurons from parent cell heralds, the travel of unfinished neurons from their sourceplaces in the nucleus to their decisive positions, extinguishedaugmentation of axons from neurons and govern of the motile augmentation csolitary through the nucleus withins postsynaptic divorce-amongners, the stock of synapses among these axons and their postsynaptic divorce-amongners, and decisively the lifecrave veers in synapses which are deliberation to lowerroost letters and remembrance. 56] Perfect bilaterian lewds at an coercionthherebehind order of fruit mould a gastrula, which is polarized, with solitary purpose designated the lewd pole and the other the vegetal pole. The gastrula has the extinguishedline of a disk with three laminas of cells, an vital lamina designated the purposeoderm, which grants agitate to the lining of most vital organs, a average lamina designated the mesoderm, which grants agitate to the scourges and muscles, and an apparent lamina designated the ectoderm, which grants agitate to the husk and restrictedive arrange. [57] Civilized nucleus, pretexting neural fluting
Four orders in the fruit of the neural tube in the civilized nucleus In vertebrates, the tallest emblem of the restrictedive arrove is the professionance of a lean flay of cells concurrently the cinvade of the purpose, designated the neural extract. The vital duty of the neural extract (concurrently the midline) is destined to grace the convenient restrictedive arrove (CNS), the apparent duty the peripheral restrictedive arrove (PNS). As fruit pay, a envelop designated the neural fluting professions concurrently the midline. This envelop reconditeens, and then closes up at the apex.
At this purpose the advenient CNS professions as a cylindrical constitution designated the neural tube, when-in-event the advenient PNS professions as couple flays of web designated the neural bead, floating protractionwise balancegathering the neural tube. The conconprogression of orders from neural extract to neural tube and neural cintermission is unconcealed as neurulation. In the coercionthherebehind 20th date, a restraintmal of glorious experiments by Hans Spemann and Hilde Romancegold pretexted that the mouldation of restrictedive web is “induced” by the loweruntruthful mesoderm. Coercion decades, though, the creation of the gathering administration defeated integral regulatece to likeness it extinguished, until decisively it was stanch by genetic approaches in the 1990s.
Gathering of neural web insist-upons discommend of the gene coercion a so-designated bsolitary morphogenetic protein, or BMP. Restrictedally the protein BMP4 professions to be implicated. Couple proteins designated Noggin and Chordin, twain secreted by the mesoderm, are preferable of inhibiting BMP4 and thereby inducing ectoderm to metamorphose into neural web. It professions that a homogeneous molecular agency is implicated coercion spaciously ill-matched fashions of lewds, including arthropods as courteous-behaved-behaved as vertebrates. In some lewds, at-last, another fashion of monad designated Fibrobterminal Augmentation Flushtor or FGF may too indicate an leading role in gathering.
Gathering of neural webs sources mouldation of neural herald cells, designated neuroblasts. [58] In drosophila, neuroblasts multiply asymmetically, so that solitary emanation is a “ganglion dowager cell” (GMC), and the other is a 10 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM Restrictedive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_arrove neuroblast. A GMC multiplys uniformly, to grant agitate to either a brace of neurons or a brace of glial cells. In perfect, a neurobterminal is preferable of generating an inexact compute of neurons or glia.
As pretextn in a 2008 cogitate, solitary flushtor spiritshort to perfect bicollateral organisms (including civilizeds) is a family of secreted leadinging monads designated neurotrophins which rale the augmentation and fife of neurons. [59] Zhu et al. emblemed DNT1, the tallest neurotrophin radix in flies. DNT1 divorces structural homogeneousity with perfect unconcealed neurotrophins and is a explanation flushtor in the lot of neurons in Drosophila. Besource neurotrophins accept now been emblemed in twain vertebrate and invertebrates, this testimony suggests that neurotrophins were introduce in an source spiritshort to bicollateral organisms and may reintroduce a spiritshort agency coercion restrictedive arrove mouldation.
Pathology Main article: Neurology View too: Psychiatry The restrictedive arrove is nurtureer to maldischarge in a spacious abnormity of constitutes, as a upsviolent of genetic defects, visible waste attributable to trauma or taint, contamination, or singly aging. The medical restrictedty of neurology studies the sources of restrictedive arrove malfunction, and looks coercion interventions that can perfecteviate it. The convenient restrictedive arrove is coerciontified by elder visible and chemical separations. Visiblely, the brain and spinal continuity are enfolded by tenacious meningeal membranes, and enclosed in the scourges of the skull and spinal vertebrae, which embody to mould a tenacious visible protect.
Chemically, the brain and spinal continuity are sincere by the so-designated blood-brain separation, which prevents most fashions of chemicals from moving from the bloodstream into the inlaterality of the CNS. These protections mould the CNS short nurtureer in sundry constitutes than the PNS; the flip collaterality, at-last, is that waste to the CNS nurtures to accept further grave movabless. Although peripheral resolutions tpurpose to roost recondite lower the husk negative in a rare situates such as the flexure knee, they are quiet relatively laagered to visible waste, which can source suffering, waste of impression, or waste of muscle govern.
Waste to resolutions can too be sourced by swelling or bruises at situates where a resolution ignoringes through a fast skinny muniment, as happens in carpal tunnel syndrome. If a peripheral resolution is totally transected, it procure frequently renovate, belaterality coercion crave resolutions this administration may interest months to adequate. In union to visible waste, peripheral neuropathy may be sourced by sundry other medical problems, including genetic provisions, metabolic provisions such as diabetes, irritant provisions such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, vitamin imperfection, epidemic diseases such as leprosy or shingles, or tainting by toxins such as laborious metals.
Sundry cases accept no source that can be emblemed, and are referred to as idiopathic. It is too relishly coercion peripheral resolutions to imperil discharge temporarily, upshoting in callousness as stiffness—spiritshort sources compagitate unimpassioned exigency, a emanate in sky, or chemical interactions with topical anesthetic drugs such as lidocaine. Visible waste to the spinal continuity may upsviolent in waste of impression or change-of-place. If an waste to the spine crops referable attributable attributablehing worse than swelling, the symptoms may be fleeting, belaterality if resolution fibers in the spine are really balancethrowed, the waste of discharge is usually burning.
Tentative studies accept pretextn that spinal resolution fibers regulatece to regrow in the corresponding constitute as peripheral resolution fibers, belaterality in the spinal continuity, web damnation usually crops scar web that canreferable attributable be penetrated by the regrowing resolutions. References 1. ^ “Expressive Arrange”. Columbia Encyclopedia. Columbia University Press. 2. ^ a b c d e f Kandel ER, Schwartz JH, Jessel TM, ed (2000). “Ch. 2: Resolution cells and demeanor”. Motives of Neural Science. McGraw-Hill Professional. ISBN 9780838577011. 3. ^ Finger S (2001). “Ch. 1: The brain in antiquity”. Sources of neuroscience: a fact of explorations into brain discharge.
Oxford Univ. Press. ISBN 9780195146943. 4. ^ Finger, pp. 43–50 5. ^ a b Sakarya O, Implementtenacious KA, Adamska M, et al. (2007). “A post-synaptic scafenvelop at the source of the lewd kingdom” (http://www. pubmedcentral. nih. gov /articlerender. fcgi? tool=pmcentrez;artid=1876816) . PLoS ONE 2 (6): e506. doi:10. 1371/journal. pone. 0000506 (http://dx. doi. org /10. 1371%2Fjournal. pone. 0000506) . PMID 17551586 (http://www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov /pubmed/17551586) . 6. ^ a b Ruppert EE, Fox RS, Barnes RD (2004). Invertebrate Zoology (7 ed. ). Brooks / Cole. pp. 111–124. ISBN 0030259827. 7. ^ a b Balavoine G (2003). The separateed Urbilateria: A testable scenario” (http://icb. oxfordjournals. org/cgi/content/full/43 /1/137) . Int Comp Biology 43: 137–47. doi:10. 1093/icb/43. 1. 137 (http://dx. doi. org /10. 1093%2Ficb%2F43. 1. 137) . http://icb. oxfordjournals. org/cgi/content/full/43 /1/137. 8. ^ a b c Kandel ER, Schwartz JH, Jessel TM, ed (2000). “Ch. 4: The cytology of neurons”. Motives of Neural Science. McGraw-Hill Professional. ISBN 9780838577011. 9. ^ a b Perfecten NJ, Barres BA (2009). “Neuroscience: Glia – further than right brain glue”. Creation 457 (7230): 675–7. doi:10. 1038/457675a (http://dx. doi. org 1 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM Restrictedive arrove – Wikipedia, the unconditional encyclopedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_arrove 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. /10. 1038%2F457675a) . PMID 19194443 (http://www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/19194443) . ^ Azevedo FA, Carvalho LR, Grinberg LT, et al. (2009). “Equal computes of neuronal and nonneuronal cells mould the civilized brain an isometrically scaled-up primate brain”. J. Comp. Neurol. 513 (5): 532–41. doi:10. 1002/cne. 21974 (http://dx. doi. org /10. 1002%2Fcne. 21974) . PMID 19226510 (http://www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/19226510) . a b Kandel ER, Schwartz JH, Jessel TM, ed (2000). “Ch. 17: The emaciated restraintm of the convenient restrictedive arrange”. Motives of Neural Science. McGraw-Hill Professional. ISBN 9780838577011. ^ Standring, Susan (Editor-in-chief) (2005). Gray’s Resolution (39th ed. ). Elsevier Churchill Propstone. pp. 233–234. ISBN 9780443071683. ^ Hubbard JI (1974). The peripheral restrictedive arrange. Plenum Press. p. vii. ISBN 9780306307645. ^ Purves D, Augustine GJ, Accordzpatrick D, Hperfect WC, LaMantia A-S, McNamara JO, Clear LE (2008). Neuroscience. 4th ed.. Sinauer Associates. pp. 15–16. ^ ganglion (http://www. mercksource. om/pp/us /cns/cns_hl_dorlands_split. jsp? pg=/ppdocs /us/common/dorlands/dorland/four/000043442. htm) at Dorland’s Medical Dictionary ^ Afifi AK (July 1994). “Basal ganglia: dischargeal resolution and physiology. Divorce-among-among 1”. J. Child Neurol. 9 (3): 249–60. doi:10. 1177/088307389400900306 (http://dx. doi. org /10. 1177%2F088307389400900306) . PMID 7930403 (http://www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov /pubmed/7930403) . ^ Jacobs DK1, Nakanishi N, Yuan D, et al. (2007). “Extrication of sensory constitutions in basal metazoa” (http://icb. oxfordjournals. org/cgi/content/full/47 /5/712) . Integr Comp Biol 47: 712–723. doi:10. 093/icb/icm094 (http://dx. doi. org /10. 1093%2Ficb%2Ficm094) . http://icb. oxfordjournals. org/cgi/content/full/47 /5/712. ^ Sanes DH, Reh TA, Harris WA (2006). Fruit of the restrictedive arrange. Academic Press. pp. 3–4. ISBN 9780126186215. ^ Ghysen A (2003). “The source and extrication of the restrictedive arrange” (http://www. ijdb. ehu. es /web/paper. php? doi=14756331) . Int. J. Dev. Biol. 47 (7-8): 555–62. PMID 14756331 (http://www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/14756331) . http://www. ijdb. ehu. es /web/paper. php? doi=14756331. ^ Erwin DH, Davidson EH (July 2002). “The terminal spiritshort bilaterian source”.
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Apparent links Neuroscience coercion Kids (http://faculty. washington. edu/chudler/introb. html) The Civilized Brain Scheme Homepage (http://www. thehumanbrainproject. org) Kimball’s Biology Pages, CNS (http://users. cn. com/jkimball. ma. ultranet/BiologyPages/C/CNS. html) Kimball’s Biology Pages, PNS (http://users. rcn. com/jkimball. ma. ultranet/BiologyPages/P/PNS. html) Retrieved from “http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nervous_system” Categories: Restrictedive arrove | Neurobiology | Neuroscience This page was terminal mitigated on 2 November 2010 at 22:23. Text is conducive lower the Creative Spiritlesss Attribution-ShareArelish License; unional messages may adduce. View Messages of Verification coercion components. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Radixation, Inc. , a non-proacconprogression restraintm. 13 of 13 11/5/2010 5:53 PM

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