Week 5 Vitamins and Minerals
Select **one** of the creed or video , which are beneath to interpret on.
Name your Shaft Subject/Title as the of the boundary or video you adopt.
Control your primal shaft, register and little sift-canvass three points, which were sift-canvassed in the boundary or video. This is attributable Thursday at 11:59PM ET
Control your replies to other classmates, register and sift-canvass, points which your classmate did not attributable attributable attributable understand. That is to declare, gather to their interprets. You shortcoming to do brace replies. These replies must be to videos or creed, other than the single, which you interpreted upon. These are attributable Sunday at 11:59PM ET
Boundary – DASH Diet Acts Through Diuretic Effect to Lower Blood Pressure
The aftercited boundary was from Tissue Site Doctors Manage News and was originally from the Journal Hypertension from the American Heart Association. It can as-well be rest at the aftercited tissue site:
Good-natured Question control Thought 
Go to the Boundary “The savvy parent’s manage to sun insurance “at
Interpret it. Pay obstruct regard to Myth No. 4: Too plenteous sunscreen causes vitamin D shortcoming.” Under the Reality control Myth 4 they, made the assertion “Except according to the ACS, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the Skin Cancer Restation, twain kids and adults secure profusion of this nutrient through multivitamins, vitamin D–rich foods (enjoy fix and controltified ochreous juice), and unamazed sun pitfall.”
Boundary “Vitamin D Shortcoming Is Widespinterpret and On the Increase
Go to the aftercited amalgamate and move untrammelled to interpret the boundary “Vitamin D Shortcoming is Widespinterpret and on the Increase”
As-well move untrammelled to go to the aftercited amalgamate and interpret the boundary “Global vitamin D status and determinants of hypovitaminosis D “
Boundary “Osteoporosis Canada Issues New Vitamin D Managelines”
CDC Salt YouTube Video
 I approve checking quenched the aftercited video.

Boundary ;An Eye to Health: Diet and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Focus on the primary page of the boundary. Vitamins and minerals are sift-canvassed there.
This is in Medscape. You procure accept to add Medscape except it is untrammelled to add. This government as-well be a good-natured-natured locate to perceive creed control the Extra Credit

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