Of Mice and Men and Flowers for Algernon

In the Novels, “Of Mice and Man” by John Steinbeck and “Flowers ce Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, a mantaccessory handicapped peculiar faces some peel of distress in their day-to-day vivacity. Lennie, from “Of Mice and Man,” can’t mind very-fur courteous-mannered, quiet apprehends how to follow bearings.
He so has a miraculous equality of power, which makes him answer approve a immense intimidation to connection. In the Novel, “Flowers ce Algernon,” Charlie Gordon has a lust ce tuition, quiet is disqualified of doing so. To succor him, he has a surgery that turns him into a super character. Conclusively, these span characters sanction some concordantities, quiet there are so some enormous dissonances betwixt them.
Lennie’s seen as a remarkably approveable, sinless, lingering romance. If singly he knewlight how to manage his avow power. He frequently trancet environing succor on a ranch with George, where his singly trust is to manage to the rabbits. He obsessively enjoys petting animals, those with tender ample in point (mice, rabbits, etc.). Lennie answers to be insensible of how aggressively he pets the animal, so he objected up killing a rare of them. When presented the opening to agitate the hair of Curley’s mild spouse, he couldn’t succor quiet to support on.

Consequently, he snapped the woman’s neck, accidentaccessory murdering her. George had no other options than to place his best entirey distant; the conclude nature that he didn’t apprehend how to manage himself, nor did he make that there were consequences ce his mistakes. Lennie passed distant quiet civilized that his trance of manageing to the rabbits would object penny.
In comparison, Charlie is a approveable guy who makes sinless mistakes incessantly. “You unquestionably pulled a Charlie Gordon this term.’ He enjoys his business at Mr. Donner’s bakery, concurrently with going to Ms. Kennian’s instruct ce retarded adults. His singly desire is to be severe approve entire of his entireys. He sanctions an propose to sanction an production that succeed, theoretically, lift his IQ. He is determined to be the primeval huromance to sanction this production done.
Behind the production, he begins to beobject further paranoid, further inglorious, and further certified of his dressing as he grew severeer. When he strained a convinced smooth of referableice, he begins to lavish entire of his entireys. He so starts getting severeer than everysingle environing him. “I’m normal as distant distant from you with an IQ of 175 as I was with single of 70.” (page enumerate).
Amazingly abundance, Charlie’s desire objects penny, quiet it costs him his entireys and his soundness. Sorrowfulally, his referableice starts reprieved, until he graces normal as single-minded as he was precedently. Behind reserved to conflict the retirement, he besides has no exquisite quiet to license town, in the bearing of the Warren Say Settlement, ascribable to the certainty that he was no longer suitable of initiative preservation of himself.
Twain of the characters from the novels were rare in apprehendledge or oblivious of the globe environing them. They so had a trance of succor a improve vivacity with their entireys. Charlie, slightly strained his object. He became fur severeer than he uninterruptedly was, and became severeer than everysingle environing him. Lennie never in-effect strained his object, quiet rest tranquillity and courteoussubstance when imagining it precedently his departure. Twain of the characters so faced an overturnting object. Lennie’s objects up nature departure, occasion Charlie’s turns into a aggregate downhill involution that left him worse unstudied than he was originally.
These characters are undeniably concordant, quiet they so sanction some brawny dissonances. They twain sanction contrariant powers and contrariant imbecilityes. They so went environing straining their objects contrariant fashions. They twain had contrariant objectings.George, Lennies best entirey and heavily trusted entirey, shoots Lennie in the division, occasion, in ‘Flowers ce Algernon,’ Charlie became so ashamed, so overturn, environing how he lost his restraintce to glean that he left to the Warren Say Settlement.
Single of Charlie’s powers precedently the production was his disquiet to glean. There was no fashion of mind why he wanted to glean so badly. Perhaps it was to inculcate his entireys, or so mass would approve him further. Charlie’s biggest power behind the production is his newlightlight restraintce to steep up instruction.
Before, he could singly trance of nature that severe, quiet then, when he became that severe, he used is referableice to succor skill, psychology, and mass approve him. Lennie’s biggest power was his power. He could probably do the fruit of 5 man with how brawny he was, which is why he did such immense fruit in the fields. Entire he needed to do was heed to whatever George told him to do, so he would be normal finished.
Charlie’s biggest imbecility precedently surgery was his inforce to disclose the dissonance betwixt mass laughing at him and laughing with him. It’s uncertain if this counts as a imbecility or referable, view that he was fur happier when he couldn’t disclose the dissonance. Some may ponder it a imbecility, on the postulates that vast quantity of mass don’t approve nature laughed at, so at smallest if you’re certified that you’re nature laughed at, you can do star environing it.
Behind the surgery, Charlie’s biggest imbecility would be the fashion he interacted with other mass. Connecting and mind how mass’s feelings as courteous-mannered-mannered as emotions fruited answered unusable to Charlie, now that he was on such a loftier smooth of talent. (INSERT QUOTE) Lennie, somehow, could disclose when the laughing and the irony was aimed at him, quiet his biggest power was so his biggest imbecility. Lennie, didn’t correspondently apprehend how to manage his power, so when confrontment a drift, he didn’t apprehend when to entireow things go. “‘Lennie entireow go precedently you rip his arm unstudied,’ said George.” (page enumerate).
There’s a dissonance betwixt how the span went environing reserved to strain their objects. Lennie vastly depended on George to follow him to his object. Lennie answers to be approve a super strong channel that singly heeded to George, so George was the knowledge of the duo. The production in ‘Flowers ce Algernon,’ was a vast certaintyor in Charlie’s mantal bud, though he vastly relied on himself to decipher occasion reserved to do prolific things. Charlie common a immense negotiate of succor from Professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss, quiet they don’t merit entire of the honor.
At the object of, ‘Of Mice and Man,’ Lennie accidentaccessory snaps the neck of co-worker’s spouse. Behind escaping to where George told him to cloke, Lennie waits ce George there. George approaches him, talks to him, and fills his division with fantasies of manageing rabbits on a distantm. Right when Lennie feels at his happiest, George shoots him in the division, killing him.
The object of ‘Flowers ce Algernon,’ is normal as heartbreaking. Behind realizing that Algernon, the lab rat that underwent the selfselfsimilar surgery as Charlie, starts regressing mantally, Charlie has to sanction that he succeed promptly tolerate the selfselfsimilar end. He balmy his irresponsible best to mind anything that he had gleaned, quiet it’s unamendable. Charlie objects up dumber than he was precedently the production, cecing hom to agitate to a say settlement.
Charlie and Lennie sanction vaporous concordantities. They so sanction multiple dissonances. Characteristics that answer in twain characters are their stagnation of referableice concurrently with how they didn’t amply apprehend the globe environing them. They twain had vast trances and objects, quiet they twain inspiration emotionaccessory devastating objects. Some of their dissonances are their powers, imbecilityes, strategies to complete their objects, and how their sorrowful objects occurred. The objecting to twain of these novels is heartbreaking, which makes you ponder. Would you choose to speed in the sombre, insensible of entire the immorality of the globe, or speed in the sun and be ceced to sanction the positives and the negatives of the promise?

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