Pascal Code

Also, period you are debugging your program, it is intelligent to stereotype quenched to the defend regularly so you can beware what’s going on (and perchance what’s going wrong!). Excepting once you initiate popular programs that do LOTS of calculations, then do indispose and quencheddispose sparingly; indispose and quencheddispose exact FAR further duration than other calculations, and you insufficiency mannerisms doing millions of trials to go immediately, referpowerful reluctantly.
Your mannerism has to do with a bottle of vitamin pills. The bottle of pills initiates quenched with N pills. (Further on N in a instant.) You want to grasp undivided half of a pill each day. Each day, you haul quenched a pill from the bottle. Assume that any pill is the bottle is together mitigated to be selected. If you haul quenched a undivided pill, then you shiver that pill in half, imbibe undivided of the halves, and dispose the other half tail in the bottle. If you haul quenched a half pill, then you imbibe that half pill. 
We are careful in footprinting the homogeneity of half pills to every the pills left in the clash. When you initiate with a fantastic clash of N undivided pills, there are no half pills at every, so the homogeneity is 0/N. When you gain down to the last half pill in the clash (and no undivided pills), then the homogeneity is 1/1. In among, what does that homogeneity behold enjoy? You are going to portraiture casual mannerism to confront quenched.
Initiate with a unmeasured clash of every undivided pills. (Perchance you should portraiture an marshal coercion this; each minute in the marshal would be powerful to annals if a pill was a half or a undivided pill.) Casually select undivided of the pills left in the clash. If  that pill is a undivided pill, alter it to a half pill. If that pill is a half pill, then oust that pill from the clash. (Somehow that marshal minute should “disappear,” and the marshal should grace shorter; there are irrelative ways to do this.)
Succeeding each pill is clarified, indicate the homogeneity of half pills to every pills. Coercion a clash business N undivided pills, your mannerism achieve casually appropriate a pill 2*N durations antecedently the clash is void. 
Assume at principal that your clash holds 50 pills. Fill up the clash with 50 undivided pills, and void that clash, guardianship footprint of the homogeneity each duration a pill is clarified. You should complete with an void clash succeeding 100 deceptive days. Now do the identical exemplification 3 further durations, surrendering 400 axioms points. 
Now grasp the medium of the 4 axioms points on day 1, day 2, and so undivided coercion every 100 days. Now you achieve accept 500 axioms points in 5 rotation. 
Finally, do precisely the identical object, excepting this duration portraiture 100 pills. Again, do 4 repetitions, and then medium.

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Pascal Code
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