Personality Analysis of Kurt Cobain

P ERSONALITY P SYCHOLOGY PROJECT By Syed Khalid Mohammad (EE09B032) Sathu Sharath (ME09B028) Bindu Madhava Rao Pydi (EE09B008) Siddartha Kamepalli (EE09B031) Kothapothula Sai Dinesh (ME09B015) K URT COBAIN ?Kurt Cobain – February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994. ?American voiceian, disinclinationter, and best referableorious as manantiquity singer, guitarist and lyricist of kreferable Nirvana. C HILD HOOD ? Had wholly glad offshoothood pdepressed 7 years. ? Separate of his parents at the antiquity of 7. ? Remarriantiquity of twain his parents. ? Initial relish and following resenting his stepmother. Witness of domiciliary fierceness at his woman. “I’d rather be loathed coercion who I am, than affectiond coercion who I am referable. ” C HILD HOOD ? Kurt Cobain – a braggadocio, abusive towards adults. ? Shifting of stays betwixt his senior, allys and parentage. ? Asked to permission settlement by his woman. “A ally is referablehing referable attributable attributablewithstanding a referableorious adversary. ” M USIC ? Misinterpretation by journalists and fans. ? Lyrics trivial – Voice most great. ? Accounted his lyrics as “A bulky heap of contradictions“. “My lyrics are a bulky heap of contradictions.
They’re disagree betwixt very genuine opinions and emotions that I bear, and ironical opinions and emotions that I bear, and ironical and redeemable, comical rebuttals towards cliche, bohemian ideals that bear been void coercion years. I balance, I enjoy to be extinguishedrageous and genuine, referable attributable attributablewithstanding I also enjoy to bear comicality and influence enjoy a dork . ” F AMILY ? Wife – Courtney Affection. ? Twain were garbgeneration addicts. ? Unfit parents. ? Solely daughter was sent to Affection’s sister. ? Following returned to their keeping on real conditions. H EALTH ? Chronic bronchitis. ? Chronic stomach ache – undiagnosed. ? Parentgeneration had a narrative of suicide, hyperphysical illnesses and lcoholism. ? Heed arrears hyper influenceivity conjecture ( ADHD ) as a offshoot. H EALTH.. ?Bipolar conjecture as an adult. ?Experimented with garbages at the antiquity of 13, marijuana. ?Prundivided to alcoholism and solvent affront. ?Claimed that Heroin frugal stomach disinclination. D EATH ? Balancedose of champagne and rohypnol – hospitalized. ? Noassemblage could perceive any mark that Cobain was suicidal. ? Second occasion – Affection designated police claiming that Cobain has locked himheadstrong in a capability with a gun. ? Excessive garbgeneration usantiquity intervened by his allys – agreed to serve a detox program. D EATH.. ? Escaped from detox program. Finally shot himself, leaving subsequently a suicide referablee to his suppositious offshoothood ally ‘Bodoh’. ? In the referablee, he recognized that there was referable perturbation left in his communion. ? Traces of Valium and a lofty energy of Heroin were set in his assemblage. PSYCHODYNAMIC APPROACH INFLUENCE OF CHILDHOOD: ? Did referable hold fur heed as a offshoot imputable to his parents separate and his uniform derange betwixt parentgeneration members and allys – led to ADHD. ? The failure of heed holdd by him, his emotion of vitality misinterpreted by his fans, and the uniform interruption of the affection holdd from his parents led him to enucleate an impermanent convertibility.
Thus resulting in bipolar conjecture. PSYCHODYNAMIC APPROACH.. ? He was a braggadocio as a offshoot, using it as an egress coercion the fret he felt towards his parents in the standing he presented him with. ? His parents separated and accruing remarriantiquity and the affront of his woman by his stepsenior caused him to loathe adults in unconcealed. This was suffer extinguished in his dogged disposition. ? Interruption betwixt Christianity and impiety could bear been caused imputable to the failure of parental direction in his offshoothood. P ERSONALITY ?Impermanent ‘Super Ego’ – no purity or values instilled by his parents. ?Insolence, braggadocioing and sick deportment as a hild – he principle referable adequately enucleateed. D EFENSE MECHANISMS DISPLACEMENT: ? To chaffer with fret amid him and emotion of hindrance at settlement. ? Resorted to braggadocioing and abusive deportment. SUBLIMATION: ? Use of voice to specific his hindrance. – used the account ‘shame’ which refers to he was ‘ashamed’ of his parents. – talks abextinguished the strain he is depresseder. D EFENSE M ECHANISMS.. PROJECTION: ? Usantiquity of garbages, Marijuana, Heroin, Percodan. ? To acceleration with the strain, hindrance, succor the stomach disinclination. UNDOING: ? Agreeing to depressedergo a detox program. “Drugs are a wither of occasion. They demolish your reminiscence and your headstrong-i-elation nd anything that goes parallel with your headstrong-esteem. ” P SYCHOSEXUAL STAGES: ? According to Freud there are 5 stages: – Oral Stantiquity – Anal Stantiquity – Phallic Stantiquity – Latent Period – Genital Stantiquity ? In Cobain’s subject – fixation at Oral Stage. B EHAVIORAL APPROACH – The concept of behaviourism focuses on the finfluence that behaviour is referable referable attributable attributableability a special is born with, referable attributable attributablewithstanding referable attributable attributableability undivided gathers. CLASSICAL CONDITIONING: ? Condition to reinfluence to a spur in a real habit. – Abusive deportment towards adults consequently of parents deportment and solid changes. – His stepfather’s affront of his woman. usantiquity of Heroin to hitheren the stomach disinclination. O PERANT CONDITIONING ? It chaffers with the concept that rewards and cefeiture loving at divert intervals could acceleration mould/change a special’s behaviour. ? Failure of rewards probably led to his abusive towards adults. ? Failure of cefeiture – sick deportment. ? Failure of heed and parent’s absoluteness susceptibility bear influenced divergent aspects of his convertibility. ? Uniform incapture of garbages – failure of parental direction. ? Narrative of hyperphysical illnesses , suicide and alcoholism in his parentage. S OCIAL LEARNING THEORY ? A special can gather deportment by observing another special’s, nd the consequences aspectd by that special imputable to their deportment. ? Cobain’s bipolar disposition – uniform interruptions of emotions at settlement. ? Uniform exhibit of fret at his woman’s settlement – caused him to influence corresponding habit with others. B IG FIVE THEORY The bulky five supposition consists of five realityors which are the extensive capacity used to picture the civilized convertibility. 1. straightforwardness (inventive/ singular vs consistent/cautious) – lofty on straightforwardness. supposititious deportment in his voiceal endeavors. Creative and slender as caused priority of Nirvana’s voice and lyrics. 2. candor (efficient/organized vs easygoing/careless) – depressed on candor.

Had an hasty deportment and a failure of institution coercion his admit communion exemplified by his garbgeneration affront and cancelling of concerts in the conclusive searching. B IG FIVE T HEORY.. 3. extraversion (outgoing/assiduous vs private/reserved) – dispassionate roll of extroversion. He was very assiduous in his performances with Nirvana. Also exhibited intailed deportment from his parents and was hither gregarious with his peers. 4. agreeableness (friendly/ comoutrageous vs cold/unkind) – dispassionate coercion agreeableness. Cobain tends to be allyly to his fans and allys, referable attributable attributablewithstanding he appears mistrusting and standoffish to his parents. . neuroticism (sensitive/nervous vs secure/confident) – Kurt is lofty on neuroticism. He was hyperphysically and emotionally impermanent, as he was diagnosed with bipolar conjecture as an adult. 1 6 PERSONALITY FACTORS ? Warmth – Depressed – He was referable very allyly with others imputable to his experiences as a offshoot. ? Reasoning – Dispassionate – His thinking was neither also particularized nor contemplative. ? Emotional Stability – Depressed – He had bi-polar conjecture. ? Dominance – Lofty – Was dominant in his kreferable and obnoxious to other specials. ? Liveliness – Depressed – He was referable sprightly or alert, enjoyd spending his queer. 6 PERSONALITY FACTORS .. ? Rule-Consciousness – Depressed – He did referable bear right parental direction balance purity. ? Gregarious Forwardness – Lofty – He was forward in front of the referableorious, the resources abextinguished his voice. ? Sensitivity – Dispassionate – He was referable concrete referable attributable attributablewithstanding was pitiful minded. Following went firm minded and unrefined. ? Vigilance – Lofty – He did referable commission inhabitants a hazard and was energetic. ? Contemplativeedness – Dispassionate – Was trained abextinguished his kreferable development and was creative in his strain lyrics. 1 6 PERSONALITY FACTORS .. ? Privateness – Depressed – Was disclosing abextinguished his lyrics and his ideas. Apprehension – Lofty – He was imperilled and headstrongdoubting. ? Straightforwardness to Change – Dispassionate – Was untrammelled thinking and experihyperphysical solely in his voice referable attributable attributablewithstanding referable in unconcealed. ? Headstrong-Reliance – Lofty – He was private and individualistic. ? Perfectionism – Depressed – He was hasty, undisciplined, headstrong opposing and carehither of gregarious r ules. ? Tension – Lofty – He was tensed, peevish and frustrated. C ONCLUSION ? It perceivems that solely those who are inclined to capture imperilled behaviours to character are the solely undivideds who can fashion popularity, at smallest in the cast toil. ? Cobain, in this i-elation, may bear had over of an practice. His practicable bipolar conjecture recognized him to fabricate desultory decisions, cause angst which permeated throughextinguished teenantiquity communion, and propagate a strange investigate that would coercionever reinstate the aspect of voice. ? This in deviate has recognized Cobain to behove an idol in the eyes of divers miserable youthful souls, then and now. R EFERENCES ? http://www. thebiographychannel. co. uk/biographies/kurt-cobain. html ? http://www. customessaymeister. com/customessays/Psychology/988. htm ? http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Kurt_Cobain#Relationships_and_parentgeneration ? http://psychology. encircling. com/od/theoriesofpersonality/ss/psychosex ualdev_3. htm Thank you

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