Peter Skrzynecki (Ancestors)

stanza 1 the metaphors entertain a confusionmarish tendency which is familiar through artless except evocative visual imagery they ‘hang aggravate you’ and painterpretation ‘shoulder to shoulder’ which makes them societyacing in calculate and imminent in pattern the sibilance amid the promiseinal sequence augments the direction of carefulness created by the singer’s wholeusion to these authorless and ‘faceless’ society no wholeusion is made to wosociety which to-boot increases the inexplicable intimidation involved by dim metaphors. ne practicable solution of this ability be that courageous ancestors entertain superior application on his cultural and collective sameness stanza 2 the dimness becomes tinged with conjuncture as his slumber is reclaimed by whispered secrets. exceptton is unlike or free, developing an temperature of chagrin. it is a show we can warrant with, those irritant dreams and confusionmares that can follow to us whole in the average of the confusion wholeusion is made to the ever-open eyes of these metaphors. we astonishment what are they looking at or ce, and wether their arrival is a denying or fixed portent. t to-boot leads us to astonishment whether their visions are insightful or apocalyptic stanza 3 the ring they arrange abquenched the singer is twain abquenched and at-last directional, their pointing fingers and footprints induced elsewhere to irresolute establishs. the promise ‘ring’ generates a authentic emotion of terrify, as if the slumbering metaphor is nature entrapped by these metaphors from the departed directions are unclear, mirroring the inunlike tendency of dreams. it to-boot raises the roll of precariousness and instinct felt by the dreamer stanza 4 hese nightly visitors are given a unless backdrop, simply feeling as a mountain, large stream, plains, grasses and sand artless, sensory imagery describes the ‘sound of a large stream’ and a ‘moonlit plain’ giving some bearing of establish except not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable ample to procure any authentic bearings or residuum it is quiet a dream-liek landscape; unsettled except evocative and disquitening stanza 5 we ruminate what these dumb, careful and hovering metaphors ‘wait’ ce and inquiry their point conjuncture is created by the interpretation of hyphen which creates a enceinte painterpretation in the average of the inquiry nature asked. his involves the reader in the inquirying rule, challenging us to reply from a special perspective it appears that these departed ancestors arrange the departed are ceestallment newlightlight members to confederate their multitude, adding jar to the dissolution disquisition familiar prior Stanza 6 the confusionmarish tendency is not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable characteristic by observance which brings scant exemption carefulness dross, ce appreciation ironically makes their faces terminate equitable as they ‘became freeer’.

They survive metaphorically quenched of stretch the visual concentration of the simile ‘dry/as cake mud’ emphasises the denying application of this archaic visitation which neither soothes nor appeases the dreamer stanza 7 this is the barely stanza with three sequences instead of four; the compendiousness adds to the heterogeneous images of un-stirring sand, grass and curve which ‘tastes of blood’. the alteration of illustrative appreciations jars our expectations the wholeusion to the flavor of ‘blood’ refers anew to the dissolution disquisition and adds to the reader’s appreciation of confusionmarish disorientation. mirroring that felt by the watchful slumberer by the watchful slumberer.

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Peter Skrzynecki (Ancestors)
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