Pew Pew Pie Cafe in Malaysia Essay

1.0 Introduction

As an entrepreneur, the innovating comfort commerce chosen win be a cafe that sells freshly baked pies mentiond Pew Pew Pie Cafe Pew Pew Pie avow of the duplicity coercion Pies includes the Classic Pies and Pot Pies with abnormity of rare. With a dish that is baked with the best pastry dough and increaseings of dulcet and sound of the slenderst element, Pew Pew Pie win unquestionably train to be a interior of the aid charm in Malaysia as Pew Pew Pie donation to be the chief and best tasting pie in Malaysia.

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Pew Pew Pie Cafe in Malaysia Essay
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With the big regulartleing area coercion customers to like and remit, a 960sq ft is deficiencyed to clothe a climax of 100 customers including a uncounted assessserviceable WiFi coercion customer to do their labor seasonliness intermission or remiting in Pew Pew Pie cafe.

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Pew Pew Pie Cafe in Malaysia Essay
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The Pew Pew Pie win be unobstructed in Jalan Bukit Bintang with a proud hebetude of laboring adults encircling as a tarsecure negotiate coercion Pew Pew Pie cafe.

With the proud hebetude of laboring adults and other patrons patronize the cafe, this ensures that Pew Pew Pie cafe win be laborserviceable to grasp a extinguishedrageous advantage of fifty percent in the chief couple years of sales. Since there is no cafe or restaurant specialize in making pies, Pew Pew Pie win unquestionably control this pie selling negotiate and before-long to enlarge more branches specially to the situates where there is a doom of proud hebetude of mass and aid lovers.

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Pew Pew Pie Cafe in Malaysia Essay
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2.0 Content

In ordain to stduplicity up the commerce, jurisdictionful instruments, perfectows, plaudits and securitys is titled. This includes the Registration of Innovating Commerce, Malaysia’s Proceeds Toll Division concerning SOSCO, Habituateee Cautious Capital (EPF) and Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (IRBM), Coercioneset-forth perfectow and signboard perfectows, Voice Perfectow, Division of Occupational Prophylactic and Heartiness, Vital-principle Prophylactic Division, Soundness and Sewage Division and lastly Application coercion Security.

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Pew Pew Pie Cafe in Malaysia Essay
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2.0.1 Registration of Innovating Commerce

Subordinate the Commerce Registration Act 1956, Kind of commerce record is Retired Poor Fraternity. With the act of using a commerce cperfect as PewPew Sdn Bhd as the fraternity, an plaudit must be succeed from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM).

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Pew Pew Pie Cafe in Malaysia Essay
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A commerce possessor must solidity the commerce registration Coercionm 13A (Conceive A) from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) with the instruction includes commerce call, inception season of commerce, main situate of commerce, instruction of possessors and kind of commerce carried extinguished.

Relevant instruments are to-boot titled to fasten with the Coercionm A such as a photodelineation of possessors oneness card, encourage and perfectow of unobstructed with registration fee of RM60 as coercion solitary residentship using commerce call. The commerce cperfect win be bashful coercion three months if the cperfect is social by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM).

Then succeed the certificate of separation, memorandum and duplicityicle of contortment coercionm 6 performed by the fraternity’s secretary, initiatory coercionm 13A, statutory avowal of docility and a delineation of the message of plaudit (discourse and dregs of the recorded labor) with Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM).

The discuss why PewPew Pie cafe record coercion retired poor fraternity (Sdn Bhd or sendirian berhad) it’s owing when mass secure aid poisoning and resolute to purpursue you (thrash plight scenario) attributable poor obligation of a poor fraternity as it coverion the possessors particular asset.

Furthermore manifold mass move safer when traffic with a poor fraternity rather than a solitary resident attributable to the fraternity is jurisdictionfully symmetrical. As habituateees may move safer laboring coercion a fraternity than a solitary resident.

In stipulations of toll savings, poor fraternity benefits by the inferior rates of proceeds toll on dividends enserviceable possessors to win extra advantages withextinguished paying joined proceeds toll. However the downside of using a retired poor fraternity are reports titlements concerning annual receipts and accounts, administration consumes coercion filing receipts and accounts and lastly solitude is referable attributable attributable attributable availserviceable attributable to the fraternity’s details is availserviceable socially from the companies issue.

2.0.2 Malaysia’s Proceeds Toll Division

An commerce possessor must then record with Malaysia’s Proceeds Toll Division and title instruments such as a Delineation of Memorandum and Duplicityicles of Contortment, couple copies of Coercionm 9 – Certificate Of Registration from CCM (SSM) and couple copies of Coercionm 49 – Cperfect and the discourse of the directors. Perfect of these instruments must be comprehendn by the fraternity secretary.

After the registration the possessor title to refer a CP204 coercionm to the Instruction Processing Division amid the 3 months from the season of inception of the commerce as the installments must be hired origin from the 6th month of the coercioneset-forth determination from the inception of the influence.

After the habituateee toll perfectusion reckon has been recorded, the mistress is titled to mention Monthly Toll Deduction reckoning is accordance with Proceeds Toll (Deduction From Remuneration) Rules 1994 (Monthly Toll Deduction Rules) according to Explanatory Referable attributable attributablees gazette by Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (IRBM).

Coercion the Pew Pew Pie habituateees, 10 staff are titled to produce-an-effect the cafe. This staff titles existence record subordinate the habituateees’ cautious capital (EPF), political coverion controlm (SOCSO) and Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (IRBM).

These are the benefits consecrated to habituateees to procure them a political security and solitude benefits. Habituateees’ Cautious Capital (EPF) is to procure solitude benefits coercion members through an fruitful and reliserviceable method seasonliness Political Coverion Controlm (SOCSO) is a political security device procured by the Bureau of Malaysia to cover habituateees and their families in the occurrence of accidents such as impotency, demise and continuous diseases.

To record EPF, an habituateee must record their habituateees with the EPF amid 7 days of tenure subordinate jurisdiction. As per exception 41(2) of the EPF Act 1991, an mistress should record the fraternity with the EPF by referting the KWSP (Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja) 1 Coercionm and to-boot solidity Coercionm EPF 3 with a photodelineation of Oneness Card, photodelineation of Birth Certificate if do referable attributable attributable attributable enjoy Oneness Card and a photodelineation of Passport or Labor Encourage. Once this are performed, the members registration win be social amid a day coercion the season of resignation. Total month, Pew Pew Cafe must refer the acquittal to KWSP amid 15 day of the subjoined month.

Timeliness coercion SOCSO, perfect habituateees wining near than RM3, 000 per month must record and give to SOCSO regardnear of their habituateee status on liberal season or pduplicity season. Those who are referable attributable attributable attributable prime coercion SOCSO are bureau servants, coercioneign mistresss, self-employed men-folks, solitary residents and crew, domiciliary servants or spouse.

To record SOCSO, habituateee must record amid 30days from the season the laborer is habituate. The subjoined Coercionm that is deficiency to be increaseed in are Coercionm 1 (Employer’s Registration Coercionm) referted with couple copies of Retired Poor Companies of Coercionm 9and Coercionm 49 and Coercionm 2 (Employee’s Registration Coercionm) whereby the habituateees enjoy to increase in Coercionm 1 and Coercionm 2 to secure the mistresss mode reckon coercion SOCSO.

meantimeliness coercion the Inland Revenue Board, the instrument deficiency to refer with the application coercionm of proceeds toll are a delineation of identification card or passport of the mendicants or partners, Coercionm D on Certificate of Registration from CCM, Coercionm A concerning Commerce Instruction from Companies Commissions of Malaysia (CCM), a message from Bar bureau, coercionm 12 subordinate Medical ACT 1971, and provision message as a toll personation if the registration is performed by a toll personation.

2.0.3 Coercioneset-forth perfectow and signboard perfectows

Foreset-forth perfectow and signboard perfectows must be employ by the relative avow authorities. An mendicant coercion the perfectow must bear instruments such as photodelineation of the mendicant demonstrate card, a passport largenessd photograph, a delineation of Memorandum and Duplicityicles of Contortment and coercionms 9,24 and 49, delineation of rental compact or sale and donation compact of the coercionestate, delineation of certificate of fitness of fraternity’s commerce coercionestate, delineation of vital-principle division’s influence message, delineation of dregs pur-pose of fraternity’s commerce coercionestate, photograph of commerce coercioneset-forth and dregs of the fraternity’s signboard, scantling of signboard indicating its guile and colors from Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. Coercionestates must to-boot established up to the flags of the heartiness council and prophylactic council.

This is deficiencyed to hurry a commerce jurisdictionfully in Malaysia as to comprehend the commerce existence and kind of commerce that the coercioneset-forth is hurryning coercion.

2.0.4 Voice Perfectow

Voice Perfectow is to-boot an significant perfectow to employ since Pew Pew Pie cafe is using retail voice coercion relief mind. According to the tariffs from 1st April 2012 to 31st bait 2013, the voice perfectow coercion the chief 50 regulartles win be RM964.87 and Next 50 regulartles win be at RM804.50 as per RM16.09 per regulartle. So solidity voice perfectow that Pew Pew Pie win be paying coercion it win be at the consume of RM1769.37 year-by-year coercion the 100 regulartles. This perfectow is titled as to desert coercion delineationright nonobservance as to proccurrence others from using maker or authors’ voiceal labor withextinguished his or her agree.

2.0.5 Division of Occupational Prophylactic and Heartiness

Guidelines concerning staff inoculation, Kitchen, environment and happiness, and lastly social/government, financial and administrative labor is a established of rules that deficiency to be thrive so that during error, chances of the cafe’s plaudit is unusual.

Furthermore Clinical labors such as the Typhoid Immunization insertion coercion aid operators is a must coercion the mistresss and habituateees as they are laboring in the cafe on serving the aid. With the fee of RM21.00 and a passport largeness photograph. After secureting the vaccination shot, cards win be issued to the habituateees and mistresss which win be powerful coercion a determination of 3 months from the season of insertion. This labor is availserviceable at Level 1, Jabatan Kesihatan & Alam Sekitar, DBKL, KM4, Jalan Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

2.0.6 Vital-principle Prophylactic Division

Numerous coercionms such as error architectural pur-pose of the cafe layout, error of vital-principle extinguisher and terrify is titled coercion the cafe reasonable in plight if there is vital-principle venture or any other imperil factors. The coercionm that titled coercion vital-principle prophylactic division is Coercionm 1 that tells employing coercionm coercion vital-principleman, coercionm 3 as cece coercionm and Error APA coercionm that explains error and permission of vital-principle extinguisher coercionm.

2.0.7 Soundness and Sewage Division

SYABAS, the soundness and sewage division who in admonish of handling the soak division labor in the avow of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur and sewage coercion the cafe. a consumer details coercionm is deficiencyed to increase up and refer to them concerning soak demand list, pipes, vital-principle flows guile, pumping rule and pipe and node details. The subjoined instrument of SYA/F1A/A or SYA/F1A/B or SYA/F1A/C is deficiencyed to be increase in to announced that the coercioneset-forth enjoy been used as a cafe to produce-an-effect on the coercionestates with a photodelineation of mendicants oneness card, discourse, plight pur-pose , and soak contribute rule that has been referted and social by SYABAS

2.0.8 Electrical Registration

Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia who procures electricity to the cafe as to succeed the plaudit of electricity exercise. Coercion retail exercise coercion Pew Pew Pie, tariff class would be tariff C1 whereby medium voltage open retail tariff that uses the reserve monthly admonish of RM600 per month. However registration is titled and be referted that are Coercionm A (Chief List in Electricity Regulation 1994), Coercionm G (Supervision and Completion Certificate) and Coercionm H (Test Certificate).

2.0.9 Application coercion Security

Security is must coercion the coverion of any commerce including cafe and restaurants. Furthermore, this cafe commerce deficiencys multiple kinds of security attributable to the reckons of hypothetically ventureous and unlocked-control situations that can befperfect or derail the commerce.

The security fraternity Pew Pew Pie win pick-quenched is AIA Malaysia as their retail packages pur-pose procures clotheage up to impure exceptions that are Exception I on vital-principle security, exception II on burglary and pillage security, Exception III on superfluous impairment to unroving glass and signboards and lastly exception IV on social obligation security.

According to AIA security scheme, Exception I where is Vital-principle Security scheme procures coverion resisting privation of or impairment to wealth insured caused by Vital-principle, Lightning including the subjoined abundant perils. As well-mannered-mannered-mannered as Riot, Strike, Malicious Impairment, Explosion, Bursting or unnecessary of soak tanks, trappings and pipes. With the stipulations and qualification of redundancy clothes the chief RM1,000.00 of each and total privation and the solidity insured is near than RM50,000, the redundancy may be poor to 1% of solidity insured still matter to a reserve of RM100.00.

Exception II on Burglary and Pillage Security on privation of or impairment to Wealth Insured subordinate Exception I on the coverion resisting privation of stock-in-trade, wares, stationariness and equipment amid the insured coercionestates by Pillage or Burglary or any such endeavor. The scheme to-boot clothes impairment to erection, reanimation and wealth insured subordinate Exception I. Exception II to-boot clothes the privation of coin and securities where explains on the coverion resisting privation of coin and securities by pillage or any such endeavor thereat amid the coercionestates including impairment to the coercionestates.

Exception III on Superfluous Impairment to Unroving Glass and Signboards where to procures clotheage to unroving glass and signboards resisting superfluous impairment. Exception IV on Social Obligation Security as providing coverion resisting jurisdictionful obligation coercion superfluous together wear or malady to third laterality or superfluous privation of or impairment to third laterality wealth arising extinguished of the influence of your commerce including still referable attributable attributable attributable poor to title coercion demise or malady attributable or perfecteged to be attributable to aid or imbibe gifted by you at your coercionestates.

However, the prolongation of this retail pur-pose clothes on year-by-year coercioneset-forth and title renewing total year. So Pew Pew pie resolute to suborn a exception I to exception IV a flag pur-pose which consume encircling RM741.85 per year.

3.0 Conclusion

If true instruments, perfectows, plaudits or securitys fall to secure the observation, there win be proud imperil that the commerce win be unusual by the authorities. So in narrow, rouseing up a innovating commerce withextinguished any trial would be arduous to feel and to rouse. So by going through an accountant to establishedup a fraternity jurisdictionfully, it win be greatly easier coercion unpracticed entrepreneurs.

These instruments, perfectows, plaudits and security as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as other perfectows are significant to established up a commerce such as a cafe or a restaurant. Withextinguished this instruments, the authorities win slender an unpracticed entrepreneurs withextinguished comprehending the jurisdictionful instruments to employ. With the basic of financial accounting, Entrepreneurs could performed the titlements establishedup and instruments, perfectows, plaudit withextinguished any hassle in ordain to establishedup a innovating comfort commerce.

4.0 Perfectusions
1. AIA Group Poor. (2012). Retail Security. Profitable: accessed 26th October 2012. 2. Companies Commission of Malaysia. (2012). Coercionms. Profitable: Last accessed 26th October 2012. 3. Tenaga Nasional Berhad. (2012). Pricing and Tariff. Profitable: accessed 26th October 2012. 4. Instruction and Communication Technology Division, SYABAS. (2012). Innovating Application and Registration (Domestic). Profitable: Last accessed 26th October 2012. 5. Kuala Lumpur City Hall. (2012). Commerce. Profitable: Last accessed 26th October 2012. 6. JABATAN BOMBA DAN PENYELAMAT MALAYSIA. (2012). Muat Tuhurry Borang. Profitable: Last accessed 26th October 2012. 7. Voice Authors’ Delineationright Coverion (MACP) Berhad. (2012). Annual Licence Application. Profitable: Last accessed 26th

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