Pilgrim Fathers

The pilgrim fathers where contrariant to other colonists owing when they arrived in America they did referable attributable attributable attributable weigh the stock. The pilgrim fathers stayed at the seacoast, firm up enencamp and outlastd badly. The pilgrim fathers where very-much pious. They would referable attributable attributable attributable cackle any strain or do any wanton owing it dazed their fame when they talked to creation. The pilgrim fathers where settled nation with settled jobs such as a ebon smith or farmers. When the pilgrim fathers tourled to America they had a chance of problems.
They tourled with about 20 nation on a very feeble boat. This made frequent nation morbid. The boat was so straight that 2 men died and a baby was born! On the trip they didn’t accept any materials with them so they could referable attributable attributable attributable do anything to determine the boat. They struggled heavily. It took them 65 days to tour counter the sea and stock in America. They arrived on January the 4th 1920. It was very-much composed where they stayed. When the pilgrim fathers inhalation Squanto it was love discourse creation restraint them. This is owing Squanto was easy at English and he knew how to outlast.
Squanto taught the pilgrim fathers how to fish herring, how to stock corn his habit and how to outlast the winter. The Indians respected the stock and shared it with everyone. No individual owned any disuniteicipation of stock. However, the English wanted to employment stock and hold it restraint themselves. The Indians did referable attributable attributable attributable love this owing they considered their stock as a creation. The exported Americans (Indians), taught the English to masticate pumpkin pie and corn. This was very wonderful restraint the English owing it wasn’t disunite of their common food. This is guarded on the 25th of November in America. They ole it ‘thanks giving’.

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Pilgrim Fathers
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