Plagiarism Free Policy

Plagiarism Free Policy

Plagiarism is the wrongful use of author’s publication. We know that most of the colleges and universities world wide have great concerns for students copying other students and authors work from the internet and pasting them to their work. Submitting such work to the college platform would earn them a zero score.

Varsity Papers takes students work every seriously. We have trained our writers to ensure that they produce 100% original custom papers. To achieve this end product, Varsity Papers uses accredited plagiarism checkers to run students work before making the final submission. One of the software that Varsity Papers relies on This is one of the most ant-plagiarism software used in colleges globally. Therefore, we ensure that the amount of similarity detected is within the recommended amount.

We also ensure that the publications used are correctly cited and published. This is in accordance to the client’s preferred formatting style. Our writers are perform excellent task in ensuring that students conform to the different styles as their tutors directs them. We urge our clients to state these styles in the ordering form so that our writers can work according to the instructions issued.

Feel free to ask our support team concerning plagiarism at the chat box.      


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