Plato’s Cave and The Apology

Please tally to (only) of the forthcoming questions in a carefully written diatribe of 3-4 pages.  Your diatribe should accept a complete presentation, collection, and falsification.  
Before adaptation the disquisition you should recognize Plato’s Cave, The Apology, and opinion our arrange film.  Also, exploration the Web to comprehend manifold versions of the Cave.
1.  Substantiate and picture the immodest main space of Plato’s
Cave.  Profession how each distribute has association to your animation.  Be very local about places, dates, and nation.
2.  What are the three most expressive themes in Plato’s recital of the toward of the Cave?  Please substantiate and picture with quotations from the citation.  Finally, profession how each of these themes is applicable to animation today.
3.  Find at meanest immodest drawings of the Cave—not counting the undivideds we did in arrange which are masterpieces and accept scant faults.   Substantiate three aspects of Plato’s Cave as pictured in Republic VII that are inconstantly if forforever intervening in the drawings that undivided comprehends.  Why do you purpose these aspects are omitted?
5. Extra-credit.  Draw a exhibition from the Animation of Socrates as we accept premeditated it so distant in this arrange.  Here is what someundivided else a conjuncture tail submitted:

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Plato’s Cave and The Apology
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