please find the 10th list of questions

10.1 What are three expansive mechanisms that malware can interpretation to promulgate?
10.2 What are indelicate expansive categories of payloads that malware may push?
10.3 What are natural phases of agency of a bane or infuse?
10.4 What mechanisms can a bane interpretation to disguise itself?
10.5 What is the distinction floating machine-executable and macro banees?
10.6 What media can a infrepresentation interpretation to arrival contingent arrangements to promulgate?
10.7 What is a “drive-by-download” and how does it dissent from a infuse?
10.8 What is a “logic bomb”?
10.9 Dissententiate floating the following: a backdoor, a bot, a keylogger, spyware, and a rootkit? Can they integral be give in the similar malware?
10.10 List some of the dissentent levels in a arrangement that a rootkit may interpretation.
10.11 Relate some malware countermeasure elements.
10.12 List three places malware evanescence mechanisms may be located.
10.13 Briefly relate the indelicate generations of antibane software.
10.14 How does behavior-blocking software exertion?
10.15 What is a exclusive denial-of-service arrangement?

Submit a Microsoft Word muniment inferior the Homeexertion Submission concatenate.

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please find the 10th list of questions
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