please send me the matlab code by taking any real time example

 A feature drudgery consists of three undertakings. Undertakings A and B are to be manufactured contemporaneously. Undertaking C can initiate barely when twain undertakings A and B are thorough. The opportunitys required ce the undertakings are TA, TB, and TC, respectively, and perfect opportunitys are vague shiftings. TA has an exponential classification with a balance of 10 hours, TB, has a regular classification that ranges betwixt 6 and 14 hours, and TC has a regular classification with a balance of 10 hours and a criterion gap of 3 hours. The opportunity to thorough the device, Y, is a vague shifting that depends on the undertaking opportunitys as Y = max{TA, TB} + TC. Once your regulation is started to counterfeit your chosen environment, you gain produce postulates that you gain excite, identifying such advice as natural or discrete, balance, criterion gap, cumulative classification administration, verisimilitude density administration, pattern of classification, etc. As courteous as other questions, such as ce plan 1: what is the verisimilitude of submissive 7 or over assemblies in individual day? Or, ce plan 2: What is the verisimilitude that the promised drift opportunity of 20 hours is inhalation? 

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please send me the matlab code by taking any real time example
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