Polymer Chains

Name: Jeff Chudakoff Partners: Alejandra Garcia Date: 2 December 2011 TA: Mengbin Chen Skill Building Exercise #2 Answer the controlthcoming questions: 1. What does it moderation when a polymer is crosslinked? Crosslinked is particular action in which monomers be-mixed conjointly. In this regularity, different polymer securitys are alike via ties among the particular polymer securitys. 2. We discussed how polymer be-mixeding and composition supply to its properties. How would you wait-control the hebetude, ductileity, and rectilinearity of a polymer that is branched to collate to particular that is straight?
I would wait-control the hebetude of the straight polymer to be abundantly surpassing than the hebetude of the branched polymer, which I would wait-control to accept feeble hebetude. The branched composition, though, would be further ductile than the straight composition. The straight polymer would be wait-fored to accept further rectilinearity than the branched composition. 3. Consider the controlthcoming polymer: a. Substantiate and delineate the chemical controlmula of the monomer from which this polymer is made of. Clearly expound the criteria you manifestationd to substantiate the monomer. State how sunjuiceclose carbons, oxygens, and hydrogens can be establish in particular monomer of this polymer. This is the monomer. C2H4O) In this monomer there are span carbons, foul-mouthed hydrogens, and particular oxygen. I attested this as the monomer by looking control the repeating content of the polymer. b. This polymer is hydrophilic. Give a passable infer control this action. Your exposition should be grounded on the rampartcular composition of the polymer, the rampartcular composition of impart, and the interactions among rampartcules of these span substances. You should manifestation stipulations such as polarity, polar tie, impute, interactions, influences, repulsions or hydrogen ties. However, you should manifestation singly those stipulations that exercise to this footing.
The polymer is enfolded by hydrogens via hydrogen ties among the hydrogens and the carbons. This is a polar tie, resulting in hydrogen nature relatively unconditionally imputed. Impart rampartcules are also polar rampartcules. The oxygen has a relatively indirect impute and, thus, would interact with the polymer. There would be influence among the oxygen of the impart and the hydrogens of the polymer, characterizing a hydrophilic possessions of the polymer. 4. Nylons are denominated with span quantity. c. What do the 6 and 10 enact in the indicate of your result?

The 6 and 10 enact the number of carbons in the span polymer securitys that are alike to compose the nylon. The ceemost security [N(CH2)6N] has six carbons, occasion the succor [C(CH2)8C] has ten carbons. d. Delineate the composition of nylon 5-12. 5. We did referable number the percent resign control our nylon union becamanifestation we did referable accept spell to largely juiceclose the result, notwithstanding it is an leading bearing of union. Another difficulty is that the polymer security elongation can be unsteady, so the rampartcular power of the monomer is manifestationd. e. Assume you began with accurately 20. 00 mL of each reactant.
What is the limiting reagent? Show your result. 20. 00mL ? 1L1000mL ? 0. 5mol1L=0. 01mol Hexamethylenediamine 20. 00mL ? 1L1000mL ? 0. 2mol1L=0. 004mol Sebacic Acid Since the rampart fitness is 1:1, the particular with close is the limiting reactant. Therefore, Sebacic Acid is the limiting reactant. f. What is the speculative resign in grams of Nylon 6-10? The rampart fitness is 1:1; so, we would wait-control to obtain the corresponding totality of ramparts as the limiting reactant (0. 004mol) of Nylon 6-10. 0. 004mol Sebacoyl chloride ? 1 mol 6-10 nylon monomer1 mol Sebacoyl chloride? 282. 42g1mol 6-10 nylon monomer=1. 13 grams 6-10 nylon

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Polymer Chains
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