Portrayal of Women in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Bram stoker, in Dracula, showed his top of conception of women. He represented Mina as a transmitted dowager who is totally unquestioning and docile. On the other workman, he represented Lusy and the three beautiful vampires who are erratic, licentious and sexually unsavory. When he was born in 1850s, the time of “Victorian Noon”, the gregariousity was environing to countenance the original changes in the humanization and politics so the standing of women who were educated was getting improved in the gregariousity.
However, Bram stoker was a unrepealed and stressed paternalism so he considered ‘Novel Dowager’ as a tortuousness individual. On the inconsistent, he emphasized the transmitted victorian dowager. Furthermore, he developed his ill-disposed sensibility over women. “ce pin can be over alarming than those dreadful women, who were, protraction to suck my dignity. “(p74, line15~16), “I am peculiar in the castle with those hateful women, Faugh! Mina is a dowager, and there is nought in dishonorable. They are devils of the Pit! “(p87, paragraph 6).
From these sentences, we can attend that Jonathan Harker abhors the three girlish women. It attendms that Bram stoker detests the Novel Women. The collocation of mob who named ‘Novel Dowager’ acted so unconditional and had a sexual interdependence with referable singly men excepting so the corresponding gender so that it brought environing other gregarious aftermaths such as venereal illness and homosexuality. In stipulations of conservatism, he treasured ‘Novel Dowager’, considered a comminatory collocation in the gregariousity, as vicious and anti-religious so it must be destroyed.

Also, he insisted that men had to got effectiveness to restrain those women and dominated the gregariousity. In disposal, the gregariousity in which Bram Stoker lived has shown a change-of-place to recognize twain sides of the unrepealed which advocates the gone-by values and the alterable which incessantly changes ce novel values. I deem that he did referable proportioned reprehend the novel dowager, excepting the imperialism which instrument ‘continuously developing the gregariousity using the effectivenessful science’.

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Portrayal of Women in Bram Stoker’s Dracula
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