Provinces of the Philippines and Spanish Influence Origin

SUBMITTED BY: Vince Carlo M. Payumo II-St. Martin Submitted To: Ms. Fatima Mallari NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION (NCR) * ARAY TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Ermita, Fictionila PRONUNCIATION: (ah-RAHY) The Aray is a Filipino contrive of the Spanish jota accompanied by subsistly steps. The leap, itself, is flirtatious and involves the induceive truth of tambourines by women. * PASIGIN TYPE: Arcadian Folks ORIGIN: Pasig Pasigin came from the expression Pasig that is fictiontioning the spectry of the large stream. The leap was interpreting and enlivening the participation of the fishermen. * PAYPAY DE MANILA TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Fictionila
A leap executed by amiable adolescent ladies propeling balmy inflames and flirts with adolescent fiction with canes and straw hats. Ladies leaps their fashion to the benevolence of the fiction they yearn through the truth of a inflame. Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) * BANOG TYPE: Cordillera Leap ORIGIN: Ifugao This leap depicts hunters protecting their hen and chicks in Binaylan from a spare sell. The hunters stratagem the sell and destroy it in the purpose. * BENDAYAN TYPE: Cordillera Leap ORIGIN: Benguet This is a foe leap, which is entity executed to honor the arrival of auspiciousheadhunters. It is too jewelly unconcealed as Bendian. * DINUYYA
TYPE: Cordillera Leap ORIGIN: Ifugao PRONUNCIATION: (dih-NOOH-yah) This is a carousal leap from Lagawe. It is executed by the Ifugao fiction and mother during a greater carousal. Accompanying the leap are three gangsa or gongs: the tobtob, a impudence gong environing ten inches in transaccount and played by beating with notorious palms, and the sundry hibat or gongs played by beating the interior demeanor with a cleave of softwood. * LUMAGEN TYPE: Cordillera Leap ORIGIN: Kalinga PRONUNCIATION: (looh-MAH-gehn) A leap executed at Kalinga festivals to honor Blessing and occasions suchas the lineage of a primeval-born slip, victories in encounter, and wedlock. SALIP TYPE: Cordillera Leap ORIGIN: Kalinga PRONUNCIATION: (SAH-lihp) A Kalinga nuptials leap that depicts a protector claiming his bride presenting her with a nuptial blanket. The mother responds by balancing various remains pots upon her leadership. * SALISID TYPE: Cordillera Leap ORIGIN: Kalinga A process leap entity fictionufactured to symbolize a rooster enigmatical to induce the care of a hen. This is executed and portrayed by twain male and dowagerish which serves as the rooster and hen respectively. The leap starts when each of them are given a ingredient of cloth unconcealed as “ayob” or “allap” * TAKILING TYPE: Spanish Bias

ORIGIN: Lubuagan, Kalingga The homecoming of exultant leadership hunters behind a auspicious kayaw of headhunting, fictionufactured to visit the dissolution or misfortune fictionufactured to a lineage constituent or not-absolute is honord with the unreserved of exceptional gongs designated gangsa. The minger or auspicious protectors are honoured by their dowagerish not-absolutes with gift of prize of lawi,beads or bongon and colorful g-string s named ba-ag. Victory lays are sung by the by the villagers continuance the minger leap with close fists continuance the bodan or the unauspicious constituents of the leadershiphunting collocation are demoted to unreserved the gangsas. * TAREKTEK
TYPE: Cordillera Leap ORIGIN: Benguet A woodpecker process leap which imitates the movements of the birds, with a colorful blanket control a restation. * UYAOY / UYAUY TYPE: Cordillera Leap ORIGIN: Ifugao PRONUNCIATION: (OOH-yah-OOHY) An Ifugao nuptials carousal leap, which makes truth of gongs and is usuallyexecuted by the wealthy wealthy people. Those who own executed this leap areentitled to the truth of gongs at their dissolution. Ilocos Region (Region I) * LA SIMPATIKA TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Pangasinan Simpatika instrument sober, bias, and tempting, which are the qualities of asenorita deeply in kindness.
The odor and comsituation of La Simpatika centers on kindnessexploits of gentlefiction suitors who are behind the kindness of their participation. In the Philippineswhere virtuous governments are severe and styptic, participation calls control the ladies to be impeccablysober and gentlefiction to be self-conscious and restationer. * MANMANOK TYPE: Cordillera Leap ORIGIN: Ilocos Norte PRONUNCIATION: (mahn-mah-NOHK) A leap featuring commonalty roosters from the Bgindividual Commonalty competing control the care of Lady Lien. They truth blankets contrived with colorful plumes as a instrument to induce her. * OASIWAS TYPE: Christian Leaps ORIGIN: Pangasinan PRONUNCIATION: (wah-SEE-wahs)
Behind a cheerful clutch, fisherfiction of Lingayen would honor by drinking make-friendlye and bydancing, swinging and circling a lighted lamp hence the spectry “Oasiwas,” which in the Pangasinan language instrument “swinging. ” This unique and colorful leap calls control sdestroy in balancing an grease lamp on the leadership continuance circling in each laborer a lighted lamp wrapped in a permeable cloth or fishnet. The waltz-style hush is resembling to that of Pandanggo sa Ilaw. Cagayan Valley (Region II) * JOTA CAGAYANA TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Cagayan This leap beginningated from Spain and rest its fashion into divers places in the islands.
Although it is “Filipinized” in divers fashions, Jota Cagayana quiet displays the affection and madness of its Europe an beginning. It is executed by the Ibanags situated in the Cagayan Valley. The steps are resembling to that of the far-famed European leap steps such as the mazurka, polka, gallop and waltz. * JOTA ISABELA TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Isabela An Ilocano leap executed by Ilocano settlers of the woodrank of desire-standing Isabela. * TURAYEN TYPE: Cordillera Leap ORIGIN: Cagayan Gaddang beginningated from the expression ‘ga’ and ‘dang’ which instrument ardor and burned respectively. The Gaddangs subsist in the intermediate of the Cagayan Valley.
Their language is resembling to that of the Ilokanos. Most of them are Christian converts and into tillage. In this leap, the Gaddang imitates the birds induceed to tobacco trees. Accessible Luzon (Region III) * HABANERA JOVENCITA TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Zambales PRONUNCIATION: (ah-bahn-NYER-rah deh hoh-vehn-SEEH-tah) A induceive and fresh habanera leap usually executed at a women’s debut or nuptials. Jovencita instrument “adolescent lady” in Spanish. CALABARZON (Region IV-A) * ABARURAY TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Quezon PRONUNCIATION: (ah-bah-ROOH-rahy)
The spectry of this leap came from a contraction of the expressions Aba and Ruray. Such leap is executed by the lasss who balances the glass of make-friendlye on their leadership from which the adolescent fiction drinks. * BALSE TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Rizal PRONUNCIATION: (BAHL-seh) Derived from the Spanish expression “valse,” that instrument waltz, the leap was jewel in Marikina and Rizal department during the Spanish spaces. Balse was executed behind the Lutrina – a religious procession, and the hush that accompanied the leaprs was played by the musikong bungbong or musicians using instruments made of bamboo. MAGLALATIK TYPE: Arcadian Folks ORIGIN: Laguna PRONUNCIATION: (mahg-lah-lah-TIHK) A exported leap, which makes truth of coconut shells as restations. Entire the male leaprs were using harnesses of coconut shells situationed on their backs, chests, hips and thighs. * MALAGUENA TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Quezon A jewel leap of the mob from Laguna and Quezon during the Spanish spaces. * POLKABAL TYPE: Christian Leaps ORIGIN: Atimonan, Quezon PRONUNCIATION: (POHL-kah-bahl) A leap biasd by couple distinct European styles: polka and valse. SUBLIAN TYPE: Arcadian Folks ORIGIN: Batangas Subli came from couple Tagalog words, the “subsub” instrument stooped or in a crouching situation and “bali” instrument reclaimed. The leap was primeval seen divers years gindividual in the barrio of Dingin, Alitagtag, Batangas. It was fictionufactured during the town and barrio fiestas in the month of May. This is inviolable and leap as imposing adore executed in fealty to the Holy Cross that referred to Mahal na Poong Santa Cruz. MIMAROPA (Region IV-B) * JOTA PARAGUA TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Palawan PRONUNCIATION: (pah-RAHG-wah)
A leap beginningating from Zamboanga which makes truth of Philippine bamboo castanets entity held incorrectly and displays steps with very sound Castillian bias. * KARATONG TYPE: Muslim Leap ORIGIN: Palawan The annual display of San Agustine includes the solemnization of fair fictiongotrees that gain-ground easily on the island of Cuyo, the contriveer cardinal of the Palawan department. Starting at the temple patio and purposeing at the town plaza, collocations of ladies sfashion their colorful “bunga fictionga,” which are meant to portray the flowers of the fictiongo tree continuance the fiction insert subsistly, syncopated beats with their karatong.
Bicol Region (Region V) * PANTOMINA TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Bicol A leap imitating the close stages of kindness and process. This is too a jewel leap at any gregarious bunch. Western Visayas (Region VI) * GAYONG GAYONG TYPE: Muslim Leap ORIGIN: Aklan, Capiz In arcadian bunchs, this leap impromptuers fur fun. Gayong is a dandle spectry control Leodegario. According to the legpurpose and to the expressions of the lay, Gayong and Masiong (dandle spectry control Dalmacio) uninterruptedly lively a carousal commemorating the dissolution of a alien. Continuance eating, Masiong choked on a ingredient of Adobo so he designated, “Gayong! Gayong! to beseech control succor to cast a bindividual from the Adobo moderation from his throat. In this leap, Masiong’s liking control carousals and the outcome of his voracity are held up to vivacious jeer * PASEO DE ILOILO TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Iloilo PRONUNCIATION: (PAH-say-oh deh eeh-loh-EEH-loh) The most undulating process and flirtation leap of the Spanish Era. This leap portrays the fiction competing opposing each other in regulate to make-friendly the benevolence of a adolescent lady. Accessible Visayas (Region VII) * MAZURKA BOHOLANA TYPE: Spanish Bias ORIGIN: Bohol Mazurka Boholana is a Spanish-revealed ballroom leap from the Bohol department of the Philippines.
The country was inferior the government of Spain control balance than three hundred years, during which space summitical refinement was markedly biasd. Although the mazurka is the Polish national leap, it was wildly jewel throughout Europe in the 19th continuance and equal in colonized rank balanceseas. The Philippine leap is ordinarily executed by fiction and mother partners. Eastern Visayas (Region VIII) * ALCAMFOR TYPE: Muslim Leap ORIGIN: Leyte PRONUNCIATION: (ahl-kahm-FOHR) This is a stranger’s leap in which the lass holds a laborerkerchief laced with camphor grease, a pith that supposedly induces fiction. * MALAKAS AT MAGANDA
TYPE: Tribal Leap ORIGIN: Leyte This is a legpurpose and oldfashioned romance leap wherein it has been said that a weary bird perched on a bulky bamboo becatruth it heard some odd noises within. It pecked the bamboo, separate notorious and there came from the within, ‘Malakas’ the primeval fiction and ‘Maganda’ the primeval mother. Malakas (The Sound) and Maganda (The Fresh) are the parents of entire the mob of the island. * TIADOT TYPE: Christian Leaps ORIGIN: Samar A South American revealed leap. Gaily-dressed strangers pretence impromptu the fashion of the continuance, desire tailed skirts and American Serrada suits.
Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX) * PANGALAY TYPE: Muslim Leap ORIGIN: Zamboanga del Sur PRONUNCIATION: (pahng-AH-lahy) A jewel carousal leap in Sulu. This is a romanceal fingernail leap entity executed at nuptials solemnizations held by the wealthy families. Northern Mindanao (Region X) * DUGSO TYPE: Tribal Leap ORIGIN: Bukidnon PRONUNCIATION: (DOOHG-soh) A blessing leap from the Talaindig Commonalty. Davao Region (Region XI) * BAGOBO RICE CYCLE TYPE: Tribal Leap ORIGIN: Davao del Norte A tribal leap from the Bagobo Commonalty which portrays the cycle of course and harvesting of rice.
SOCCSKSARGEN (Region XII) * KADAL TAHAW TYPE: Tribal Leap ORIGIN: South Cotabato A T’boli bird leap. This is entity fictionufactured to honor the cheerful course and harvesting which simulates the flights and hops of the tahaw bird. * KAPA MALONG MALONG TYPE: Muslim Leap ORIGIN: Cotabato PRONUNCIATION: (KAH-pah MAH-desire MAH-long) A romanceal Maranao leap executed by mother wearing a malong, shawl, fictiontle or a leadership-ingredient seeing the men’s account truths a sash or waist-band, shorts or bahag, and a leadership-gear or a turban which can too be truthd continuance established in the fields. * SAGAYAN TYPE: Muslim Leap
ORIGIN: Cotabato A Maranao hostilities leap executed by wild protectors. They propel a shelter elaborately painted with curlicues, rounds, twirls and mirrors. This is too executed antecedently any solemnization or bunch as a instrument to push afashion the misfortune spirits as well-behaved-behaved as to pleasing the cheerful controltunes or badge. Caraga Region (Region XIII) * BINAYLAN TYPE: Tribal Leap ORIGIN: Agusan PRONUNCIATION: (bih-NYE-lahn) This is a devotional leap, which beginningated from the Bagobo commonalty stay in the accessible uprank of Mindanao, imitating the movements of a hen, her banog or baby chicks, and a sell.
The sell is inviolable and is believed that it has the power balance the well-behavedentity of the commonalty. The sell tries to seize individual of the baby chicks and is destroyed bythe hunters. * ITIK-ITIK TYPE: Arcadian Folks ORIGIN: Surigao del Norte PRONUNCIATION: (EEH-tihk-EEH-tihk) This leap is executed at a baptismal verge held in the department of Surigao del Norte. Such leap improvises the movements and steps that is natural of how an itikor the submerge acts and walks. Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) * ASIK TYPE: Muslim Leap
ORIGIN: Lanao del Sur PRONUNCIATION: (ah-SIHK) A Bagobo Carousal leap wherein the lass wears desire metal fingernails continuance employment an umbrella and posing in doll-like motions. * PAGAPIR TYPE: Muslim Leap ORIGIN: Lanao del Sur This leap is entity executed by the ladies of the magnificent affect in provision control an essential equalt. These ladies induceively fictionipulate the Apir or inflame continuance doing smentire steps or the so-named “kini-kini” which control them is a badge of having a cheerful upbringing. * PANGALAY HA PATTONG
TYPE: Muslim Leap ORIGIN: Tawi-Tawi PRONUNCIATION: (pahng-AH-lahy-hah-pah-TOHNG) A leap executed by a magnificent stranger balancing on summit of bamboo poles and imitating the movements of a southern boat with colorful sails or the so-called “vinta”. * PANGALAY SA AGONG TYPE: Muslim Leap ORIGIN: Sulu A Tausug’s romanceal leap wherein couple protectors cope opposing each other control the care of a adolescent mother. They truth gongs to pretence th eir valor and expertness. * PANGSAK TYPE: Muslim Leap ORIGIN: Basilan

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