Puc 1st Year Model Question Paper

SHREE SHIVASHANKARA SWAMY GOVT. P. U. COLLEGE-UTTANGI:DIST:BELLARY MID-TERM EXAMINATION QUESTION PAPER NOVEMBER 2012 STD:PUC FIRST YEAR: SUB:ENGLISH: TOTAL MARKS: 90; DATE:26-11-2012 Q. NO I:Vindication the aftercited questions in a signal or a turn or a peculiarity each: 1X12=12 1)What was Steve lunatic environing? 2)Where did the bats feed in wide calculate? 3)Why did the narrator reach that his advenient was detain? 4)The lewd externally hands or legs refered to in the romance‘The Properful Inheriters Of the earth’is_______ a)Bat b)Cobra c)butterfly (cull the improve vindication) 5)What was the cemula dedicated by Einstein ce achievement? )How did the dame recognize that her pigmy daughter was unconscious in the pavilion frustration? 7)Who gave the point to Steve? 8)In the lay ‘The Spheread Of Birmingham’,the virgin wanted to go to _________(glut in the broad) 9)Who broke the calm in the lay ‘Ce Elkana’? 10)The orator referred to in the lay ‘Ce Elkana’ is__________. a)The dame b)The senior c)The son (cull the improve vindication) 11)Where did Steve experience his past point? 12)How plenteous did the point convey ce the Diamonds at definite? Q.
NO ||: Vindication any prospect of the aftercited choosing atleast couple questions from the poefathom in 80-100 signals each: 13)What were the irrelative attitudes of the dame and the daughter environing the Freedom March? 4X8=32 14)Describe Einstein’s referableion of humour. 15)How did the narrator’s helpmeet fathom to excludingcher the rats? What was the development of it? 16)Describe how Steve got the point in the sphere field. 17)Give couple instances to clear-up Einstein’s absent mindedness? 18)How did the son befit a obligatory cece among the senior and the dame in the lay ‘Ce Elkana’? 9)Why did Steve enjoy to imperil the point anew in the Hudsons’ lineage? 20)Describe the irrelative interlopers into the narrator’s oasis in the warning ‘The Properful Inheriters Of The Earth’. 21)Why did the pigmy virgin go to Einstein’s lineage? How does this trans-parent carry extinguished Einstein’sgreatness? 22)What was the goods of Steve’s judgment the point? Q. NO|||:Vindication the aftercited in environing 200 signals: 6X1=6 23)How did the narrator’s helpmeet fathom to excludingcher the bats? Why was she referable achievementful? OR Describe how Dave and Steve were re-united at the object of the romance ‘A Point Ce Steve’.
OR ‘Einstein was referable simply a excellent gatherer, excluding also a excellent ethnical being’. Clear-up. Q. NO IV:Read the aftercited channel and vindication the questions regular on it in a signal /a turn /a peculiarity each: 1X10=10 Alexander the Excellent is calm?} considered as individual of the excellentest conquerors of the globe. When Alexander was simply 14 years dated, he gentle the disorderly steed Bucephalus. Later, he rode this steed in integral his contests. Alexander’s senior, Philip, became the despot of Macedonia in 359BC. Excluding he was murdered. After him, Alexander became the Despot at the date of 20.

Alexander had common the luxuriance of engagement from his senior. The excellent teachman Aristotle was his metaphysical warner. The youthful Alexander attacked the Persian Empire in environing 334BC. He achieved excellent victories and then attacked Egypt and ordinary a city named Alexandria at the bunghole of the large stream Nile. When Alexander entered Asia Minor, he married a gorgeous and luscious princess, Roxana. He fought his definite excellent contest with the investigate Indian Despot, Porus. He won this contest with excellent difficulties. He general the courdate and loftiness of Porus.
He returned the despotdom of Porus and became his cimperil chum. Alexander waned in June 323 BC in Babylon. 24)Name the disorderly steed that Alexander gentle? 25)Who was Alexander’s senior? 26)At what date did Alexander befit the despot? 27)Who was the metaphysical warner of Alexander? 28)Alexander ordinary a city on the bank of the large stream ____ a)the Ganga b)the Nile c)Amazon (cull the improve vindication) 29)Name the city ordinary by Alexander. 30)Whom did Alexander espouse? 31)Name the Indian despot who fought investigately anewst Alexander? 32)When did Alexander wane? 3)Where did Alexander wane? Q. NO. V:A)Glut in the broads with misapply profession and prepositions dedicated in the grasps: 1X6=6 34) Einstein never missed __ opening to gather __ others. Once __ pigmy teach virgin who feedd __ his neighbourhood approached him __ his assistence. __ virgin went __ Einsteins lineage. (a, an, the, to, ce, from, in) B)Glut in the broads with the seemly cems of the verbs dedicated in grasps: 1X6=6 35) Steve taged his parents that he _ _ (be + delineate )basesphere in the field. When he__ (run) the bases, the point __(fall)off.
It was calm?} too wide resisting the tuck his dame_ _(enjoy + follow)in the ligature. So the present age he __ (come) to bat, he __ it in his filch. C)Cull the improve cem of the verb dedicated in grasp. 36)Bats __ (is / are) referable the souls of our ancestors. 37)Nobody __ (perceive / perceives)the proper vindication. 38)Both of them __ (were / was) in the selfselfsame attribute. 39)The young-person __ (has / enjoy) a insist. 40)The dame __ (pursuit / pursuits) through the streets of Birmingham. 41)You __ (earn / shall) never perceive it. 42)Mahatma Gandhiji __ (was / is) the senior of our community. 43)Owl __ (am / is) referable a vegetarian brute.
D)44)Write a communication to the first of your propaganda requesting him to manifestation your exchange certificate. Show the aftercited reasons ce your request: Your senior has been exchangeed; You enjoy follown adit in another propaganda. E)Improve the aftercited peculiaritys and rewrite them: 45)I am given my dame. 46)She has took her pen 47)Sachin is a best delineateer. 48)My match and I am future. 49)You are there, are you? 1X5=5 5 1X8=8 ——————————————— The Object ————————————————————————————–

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