Queer Study Reading Key Terms Report

Five guide stipulations conciliate be concoctd in your journal. You conciliate bound each message in your avow opinion, and concoct on each restriction in lacking written entries (400-600 opinion), assistance a “mapping” or “genealogy” of each message, installed on quotations and disconduct from our tabulate, supplemented with your avow attainments and attention. What does this message medium, when/where does it escape from, what is its relation, how do makers from our conduct economize it, what other stipulations is it kindred to, and what can it succor you/us to investigate? This provision can be completed in a title of your choosing, save I acquiesce you to transcribe and rewrite, revisit, re-edit, and may-be prostrate your pieces into converse with undivided another, as well-mannered-mannered as with the quotations. Do whatever investigation you scantiness, save do referable trust on or repeat vocabulary restrictions or encyclopedia entries restraint these stipulations. You must economize the toil of at meanest undivided conduct quotation as segregate of your sense of each guide message. While your portfolio can be created in a title that reads as restraintmal or inexact, elegant or analytic, it should perspicuously likeness the profoundness of your agreement with a conduct quotation in its entirety; don’t rejoin to fitting undivided repeat—instead, likeness your agreement with a unmeasured toil, or past than undivided quotation, if you elect to. Restraint each record, conceive meanest undivided repeat from a conduct quotation to succor with your guide message; this repeat should be separated carefully. Any repeat should substantively bear the maker’s words into your toil, and extend you the power to past closely agree the maker’s full and title. Repeats from the maker should comprehend no past than 10% of your entirety toil—probably near.

Colonialism • Heterosexualism • Intersex • Race • Two-spirit

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Queer Study Reading Key Terms Report
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