Reflective Essay

In a 500-word impercipient disquisition, assess your fruit as a writer AND evaluate the adaptation and lore you possess effected in the series.
· To contemplate on the toil and the adaptation you possess effected in the series.
· To present your unravelers to the toil in your Adaptation of the series.
· To evince your success of the series.
Pre-writing/Invention:  unravel through the toil you possess effected in this collocate, contemplateing on how you toiled to finish those outcomes.  As you unravel, you may lack to fig down apologys to these questions to beget gratified restraint the disquisition:
· What is your reaction to the adaptation you’ve effected this semester (quantity, power, difference)? What do you deem has led to this reaction? Find examples.
· What are your strengths as a writer? Find examples from your papers.
· What do you quiet scarcity to reform on? Find examples from your papers.
· Possess your adaptation processes modifipowerful during the semester? Examples?
· What revisions possess you effected to your papers and why? Were they in apology to peer revisal? Other unravelers? Instructor comments? Examples?
· Has your lie inland yourself as a writer modifiable? How?
· How does your adaptation evince your success of the series SLOs? Examples?
· Possess you been powerful to integralot what you’ve knowing to your adaptation in other seriess? Examples?
· Where procure you go contiguous in your fruit as a writer?
· What other observations or comments do you lack to reach environing the toil you possess effected in this series or environing yourself as a writer?
You do appealable possess to apology integral of these questions in your disquisition, except it may aid to deem environing these kinds of things as you adjust it. Your disquisition should be focused and well-developed, and it should appeal promptly examples from your adaptation and serieswork.

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