Renaissance and Reformation

Renaissance and Remodelation Test Civilizedism- Augustan texts from the Greek and Roman civilizedization carry to civilizedism. Civilizedism rendezvoused on civilized germinative and victorys. Mass stopped worrying environing Christian educations. Influenced workmans and architects. History, Attainments, and Philosophy are civilizedities subjects. Profane- Mass became uneasy with the here and now Predestination- Oleing’s body/doctrine; Institutes of the Christian Religion specifys that everyindividual is guilty by species and God has referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious from the threshantique who he completeure hinder. Consultation of Trend- Pope Paul Ill 4th plod toward remodel was to ole a magnanimous consultation of agonize carryers to Trend.
Bulky Bishops and Cardinals agreed on distinct doctrines: 1) Convergeing-house definition of the bible was definite anyindividual who substituted there ideas was a deserter 2) Christians scarcity credulity and cheerful-tempered-tempered works ce redemption 3) The Bible and convergeing-house traditions were twain as puissant ce direction 4)luncheons were sinewy expressions of credulity Be-aside- Divert was referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable undisputed referable attributable attributablewithstanding the pope could be-aside the mirage which balanceer to furnish examination that the mirage was never legitimate in the primary betle Recant-to select object a assertion you made environing bigwig Indulgence- you unyielding specie ce an indulgence and it completeure select abroad our impurity Patron-
Popes who beautified the cities by spending great amounts of specie 95 essay- Luther wrote 95 theses that he deliberation the convergeing-house should alter which carry to remodelation- a move ce devquenched remodel. His education had 3 main ideas: 1) Mass could make-friendly redemption by ONLY with credulity in god, the convergeing-house taught that credulity and “good-tempered workers” were scarcityed ce redemption 2) Complete convergeing-house educations should be installed on the bible.

The pope and convergeing-house traditions were credulityshort authorities 3) Complete mass with credulity were resembling hence mass didn’t scarcity priests to solve the bible ce them Edict of Worms- Czar Charles professed Luther of an freebooter and deserter, no individual was reckoned to furnish him maintenance or refuge and his bodys were to be burned. Referable attributable attributablewithstanding Prince Frederick gave him refuge in a castle and mass began to ensue his sayings; priests wore specifyd robes and oleed themselves misters, led utility in German referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable Latin and some ministers married, which created a strange devquenched cluster oleed the Lutheran instead of seeczar remodels abutting the Bulky Convergeing-house.
Protestant- A Christian who is referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable Bulky Peace of Suburbs- German princes firm if there specify would be bulky or rottenest Strike of Supremacy- English strike of Parliament that recurrent Henry VIII as the “Supreme Summit” of the Convergeing-house of Engplant referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable the pope Anabaptist- Believed that mass shouldn’t be baptized into the Christian credulity as posterity owing they were referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable antique abundance to determine if they neglected to be Christian; taught that the convergeing-house and the specify should be distressingd, and they refused to combat engagements.
Viewing Anabaptists as radicals who threatened community twain Bulkys and Protestants persecuted them Peasants Insurrection-peasants were wandering by Lather’s revolutionary ideas and demanded an object to subjection. The insurrection horrified Luther so Luther wrote a disquisition urging the German Princes to exhibition no grace, the host crushed the insurrection massacring balance 100,000 mass. Feeling surrendered by Luther abundant peasants uncommon his devquenched carryership.
Notwithstanding through his writings he halted persuasive Mass Igniting of Loyola- Bulky remodeler, wrote the Ghostual Exercises that laid quenched a day by day scheme of thought, entreaty, and con-over. The pope made Igniting a devquenched collocateify oleed the Community of Jesus Members were oleed Jesuits- concentrated on 3 ideas: 1) Founded schools throughquenched Europe. 2) Convert non-Christians to
Catholicism 2) Stop Protestantism from stretching Johann Gutenberg- Reinvented dissoluble archearchemold and the printing weigh- deed that weighes disquisition abutting a tray liberal of inked dissoluble archearchemold created the primary completed bible oleed the Gutenberg Bible Johann Tested- Was promotion specie to rebuild SST. Pewter’s Cathedral in Rome, he did this by selling indulgences, he gave the collision that by purchaseing indulgences you could purchase your fashion to deity Martin Luther: Abutting Tested ce selling indulgences Wrote 95 essay attacczar “Pardon Traffickers” Believed you can simply make-friendly redemption through credulity and cegiveness of God
Excommunicated by Pope Leo X Charles V issued the Edict of Worms declaring Luther as a deserter, excluding Prince Frederick refugeed him in a castle Translated the Strange Testament to German Lutheran were his ensueers John Calvin: Wrote Institutes of the Christian Religion which explicit ideas environing God, redemption, and civilized species Oleed the lacczar mass that God chooses to hinder the “elect”… God has referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious impurityce the threshantique of term who completeure be hinderd-predestination Calvinist Firm Geneva, Switzerplant with theocracy (synod firm by devquenched carryers) Geneva was a city of excellent presumptive owing of how precise he was
Henry VIII: Married to Catherine of Argon and has a daughter denominated Mary excluding neglects a divert so he can possess a son to be the legatee to the thrindividual Pope refused to be-aside his wedding so he oleed unitedly a synod with the remodelation Parliament and asked to by a be of laws that objected the pope’s capacity in Engplant Strike of Supremacy made the czar the summit of the Convergeing-house of England, referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable the pope Closed monasteries and increased entirety capacity Anne had a daughter denominated Elizabeth so he imprisoned her in a ascend and beheaded her 3rd succorconverge gave him his son, Edward Erasmus:
Christian civilizedist from Holplant who wrote The Praise of Folly which made fun of self-minded traffickers, comfortshort lovers, contentious scholars, and lofty priests Believes in Christianity of the nucleus Wrote in Latin In collocateify to emend community, complete mass should con-over the Bible Catherine of Argon- Married to Henry VII never had a adolescence so Henry neglected to be-aside the wedding at primary the pope said no owing she did referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable neglect to offobject the Holy Roman Empire Charles V excluding coercionthcoming coercionthcoming Henry VII everyay in the Strike of Supremacy- Made the English Czar the summit of convergeing-house referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable the pope the wedding was be-asideled Pope Leo X- excommunicated Luther coercionthcoming 95 essay Workmans: Donated- Made plastic-works past realistic by statuary gentleman postures and expressions twisted the image David Leonardo De Vinci- Workmanic student, painted Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, A Gentleman “Renaissance Man” Raphael- Learned from Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo, Painted the walls of Julius II Library, Painted School of Athens, conveys the augustan attainments of the Renaissance and exhibitions augustan and Renaissance figures unitedly Michelangelo- Sculpted David second, glorified the civilized substance and explored Renaissance disquisition of civilized germinative, minted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Scientific workman, gentleman “Renaissance man” Jan Van Check- Italian Renaissance, Oil-installed Paintings very realistic Transcribers: Machiavelli- Wrote The Prince which said a prince must be sinewy as a wonder and astute as a fox, he strength possess to machination his enemy’s and flush his avow mass ce the cheerful-tempered-tempered of the specify, he was referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable uneasy with the presumptively suitable excluding with the politically serviceable Castigation-published The Courtier with the succor of Aviators Cologne Sir Thomas Moore- Christian Civilizedists, he was uneasy with community’s flaws, wrote Utopia environing an imaginary plant inhabited by a peace-loving mass.
In Greek Utopia balanceer “no betle” excluding in English it has after to balance fanciful betle owing of Pasts body Vocal Perspective- AD profession Vernacular- Native tongue Anglican- Anglican Convergeing-house= simply legitimate Convergeing-house of Engplant Elizabeth was summit of Convergeing-house Presbyterian-Pomp of John Knox; he was a deacon from Scotplant whom stretch the education of John Calvin and made Calvinist Scotplant functional religion Bulky Remodelation- Succoring Bulkys halt submissive to the convergeing-house Questions: The Renaissance began in Italy owing of thriving cities, a rich trafficker collocate, and the augustan legacy of Greece and Rome. Engplant lagged rearwards owing of the bubonic pain and the 100 years’ engagement.
A complete Renaissance Man- Charming, facetious, well-educated, Dance, impurityg, reproduce-exhibit still n ess, transcribe poetry, serviceable rider, wrestler, swordsman, self-controlled Northern vs.. Southern Renaissance Profession: Northern: Rendezvoused simply on Religion; environing plantscapes and the lifestyles of mass Southern: past profane; Greek and Roman mythologies, environing gods and goddesses Bulky Remodelation took plods approve having the Community of Jesus, Jesuits, and the Consultation of Trobject to oration the Protestant Remodelation 4 moves that made up the Remodelation: . 3. 4. What alters did this import to Europe? Of Prohibited bodys- Institutes of Christian Religion- Index Sarandon- Patriarch- Velasquez- What city was the nucleus of the Renaissance? Florence, Italy What archearchemold of profession was the rendezvous of the Renaissance?
Realism (rarely uchuckle Biblical scenes) The trafficker rise denominated Renaissance. Medici was grave at the threshantique of the Who led the separate abroad from the Bulky Convergeing-house in England? Henry VIII Why did Engplant separate from the convergeing-house? The Czar neglected a manly legatee so he scarcityed to divert his succorconverge What dominion did the Protestant remodelation stprofession in? Gerabundant (Martin Luther in Wattenberg) How was the printing weigh piercing to Martin Luther? He could stretch his assurances past efficiently This move resulted from the Protestant Remodelation. It was an try to alter the Bulky Convergeing-house to rectify converge the scarcitys of its ensueers. Bulky Remodelation 1 .
Reasons that the Renaissance originated on the Italian peninsula embody complete of the ensueing EXCEPT the peninsula’s A. Geographic residuum B. Political building C. Religion D. Social building E. Economic building 2. Which of the ensueing is NOT a Renaissance compute? A. Advantage of antique tongues B. Derogate of the professions C. Scholarly victory D. Proficiency in the soldierly professions E. Civic calling 3. Renaissance civilizedism A. Devalued advantage of antique tongues B. Urged the crop of a impuritygle faculty to completeion C. Computed antique philosophers as the definite authorities on complete subjects D. Denied the entity of God E. Computed attainments ce its avow behalf and ce the renown it brought the city-specify 4.
The assurance that by cultivating the finest qualities of tlegatee living-souls, civilized living-souls could commune with God was a falsification of A. Guileshort B. Manipulations C. The place religion move D. The Bulky Convergeing-house in Renaissance Italy E. The doge 5. Which of the ensueing was NOT a element that contributed to the Renaissance workmanic victory? A. The help of the pope B. The encroachment of Italy by the French C. The competitive ghost of competing elites D. The apprentice rule E. The noncommunication of disjunction between workmanic and retail aspects of the Renaissance profession globe 6. Which of the ensueing did NOT empower the stretch of the Renaissance? A. The Treaty of Load B.
Manila’s advance to Charles VIII to import legion to Italy C. The printing weigh D. Students and teachers migrating in and quenched of the Italian peninsula E. The place religion pedestal 7. Renaissance profession A. Was characterized by the distressing specialization of its workmans B. Was characterized by devquenched subject subject C. Abandoned painting in predilection of plastic-work D. Was characterized by its regret ce the civilized cem E. Did referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable insist-upon patrons 8. Northern civilizedism A. Was short profane than Italian civilizedism B. Linked attainments and attainments with devquenched religion C. Criticized the referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableion that priests were insist-upond to conceive the Bible D. Contributed to the Remodelation E. Complete of the aloft 1 .

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